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Hey guys Brainy Here and welcome to a Brand
New Episode of Tech News!! The series on this channel where I give you
the weekly or daily rundown on some of the top trending tech news. Now this video has about 2-3 days of tech
news filled in so let’s try to get much of that out in this video. So, let’s get into it. The LG G6 was showcased earlier this week
and it looks really cool. The guiding principle behind the G6’s design,
LG says, was to make a phone with a big screen that’s easy to use in one hand. The obvious way to do that is to reduce the
bezels surrounding the screen, which LG has done to a greater extent than ever before,
but the company has also changed the shape of the screen itself. The 5.7-inch LCD has a resolution of 2880
x 1440, giving it a taller 18:9 aspect ratio — in other words, it’s exactly twice as
tall as it is wide. By increasing the height of the screen rather
than just stretching it diagonally, LG has created a phone with very manageable width
that doesn’t sacrifice the ability to display a lot of content at once. The display’s corners have also been rounded
off, evoking the softer edges of the device itself, although the curves don’t match exactly. The G6 is dominated by this screen, with the
small bezels allowing 80 percent of the front of the device to be given over to the display. I Released a video earlier this week where
I talk a bit about the G6 and give a full spec list, and that video will be the first
link below. So let’s move forward. Sony’s Playstation VR sales have been stronger
than expected. The Playstation VR headset is selling better
than the company originally anticipated. When the device went on sale last October,
Sony was cautious in its rollout. But speaking to The New York Times, it’s
now offered the first concrete numbers for how well the device has been selling, providing
a glimpse onto the overall health of the VR marketplace. The Times spoke with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s
global chief executive, Andrew House, who revealed that Sony had sold 915,000 headsets
since the product’s launch last October. Sony had planned to sell a million devices
by the middle of April this year, and is likely to pass that goal. The popularity of the headsets has meant that
the device has been difficult to find in stores. “You literally have people lining up outside
stores when they know stock is being replenished,” House explained to The New York Times. He went on to say that availability will improve
by April, and that the company is expecting to expand their sales to Latin America. The main competitors to the Playstation VR
have yet to officially release their own sales numbers, but estimates point to lower sales. HTC Vive is believed to have sold around 420,000
units, while Facebook’s Oculus Rift sold an estimated 243,000 headsets sold by the
end of 2016, according to the Times, citing figures from research firm SuperData Research. There have been indications that the Playstation
VR has been a strong seller from the onset, with Sony’s president of interactive entertainment
Europe and global sales and marketing telling CNBC in October that the device had strong
pre-sales and that they were anticipating ramping up production by the end of 2016. The Playstation VR also sells for a lower
price point and works with existing game hardware, rather than that of the Rift, which retails
for $600. In other news let’s talk a bit about youtube. YouTube launches its own streaming TV service. At an event in Los Angeles this afternoon,
YouTube announced its own streaming TV service. The offering will mix live-streams of broadcast
and cable television programming with the wealth of online video found on YouTube. It’s the latest in a surge of over-the-top
(OTT) services trying to woo consumers who never bought into traditional cable television. The service will exist as a standalone app. For $35 a month, subscribers get all four
major networks — ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC — and roughly 35 cable channels. That price covers six accounts, so each member
of the household can have a personalized account that offers recommendations tuned to their
taste. Also, if you’re a college student who lives
in a dorm and you know five other people who would benefit from this that could be an easy
price split of only 6 dollars each a month. YouTube TV, as it’s called, will be missing
channels from Viacom, including big names like Comedy Central and MTV. It also won’t have programming from Turner
Broadcasting, meaning you won’t be able to get CNN, TBS, and TNT. AMC Networks, Discovery Communications, Time
Warner and A+E Networks are also missing as of the launch announcement. Consumers are increasingly spreading their
attention across traditional television, online video, and social media. Advertisers want to spend money in a way that
reaches across those different mediums. YouTube, with its massive audience and wealth
of information on the viewers who are watching, is well-positioned to help TV networks capture
marketing dollars in this new and often confusing environment. I personally think youtube is taking a very
smart and interesting step here with this new entertainment platform and if anyone has
any thoughts on this feel free to express your feelings in the comment section below. Onto other youtube news, on Monday youtube
reported that humans watch a billion hours of YouTube every single day. Yeah. YouTube users are now watching more than a
billion hours of videos every single day, the company has announced. Put back-to-back, that’s more than 100,000
years of footage, split between the millions of YouTube users across the world. The company announced the figure in a blog
post published on Monday, but said that the billion-hour milestone was actually reached
last year. YouTube said that it was now focusing more
on the length of time people spent watching YouTube videos, rather than the overall views
a video received — an internal decision made “a few years back” that it said would
help the company understand if users enjoyed a video in question. And that in itself is not a surprise at all,
because it’s obvious that year after year online entertainment platforms such as youtube,
and facebook are becoming more and more popular and information and news are easily available
for anyone who can get online and type a few words. If youtube continues to exist and grow at
the rate it’s growing It won’t be surprising to see that number double or even triple within
a few years. Next up in the news we have something from
Evan Blass. A well known tech leak star on twitter. Earlier this week he leaked a photo of the
Samsung Galaxy S8 and it seems to be everything we expected. His new image reveals a handset that agrees
wholeheartedly with Samsung’s Mobile World Congress teaser of a device with utterly minimal
front bezels. It also features Samsung’s confirmed date
for the launch, March 29th, and gives us a good look at what’s presumably going to
be the lock screen welcoming new users when the phone is released in April. Now let’s get into the final rush of tech
news from the last 24 hours or so. Oculus is cutting the price of its Rift headset
and Touch motion controllers by $100 each, dropping the cost of a complete system to
$598. The change was announced Yesterday at GDC,
alongside a slate of new games that will be released throughout the year. It makes the Oculus Rift significantly cheaper
than its main competitor, the HTC Vive, and only $100 more than the current “budget”
headset, the PlayStation VR. There’s no retroactive discount for recent
Rift or Touch buyers, but people who purchased Touch at full price in the last 30 days will
get a $50 Oculus Store credit. Onto more news, The next iPhone won’t switch
to USB-C, but its cable likely will. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this
week that the next iPhone would feature a “USB-C port for the power cord and other
peripheral devices instead of the company’s original Lightning connector.” The poorly worded report made it seem like
Apple was planning to replace its Lightning connector with USB-C, but reliable KGI Securities
analyst Ming-Chi Kuo disagrees. “We believe all three new iPhones launching
in 2H17 will support fast charging by the adoption of Type-C Power Delivery technology
(while still retaining the Lightning port),” says Kuo in a research note obtained by MacRumors. The note appears to suggest that Apple will
switch one end of the power cord to USB Type-C instead of the regular USB connector. If accurate, this is still a big change for
the next iPhones due this year. A USB-C power cord (with a lightning connector
for the phone) would mean you could plug a new iPhone into the latest MacBook Pro, but
you’d need a different cord or an adapter to plug it into older MacBooks and PCs. And finally in the news, The new GeForce GTX
1080 Ti is Nvidia’s fastest graphics card ever. Nvidia has announced its next monster graphics
card: the $699 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled the new
card on stage at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, where he promised that the
GTX 1080 Ti not only offered “35 percent more performance” than its predecessor (the
base GTX 1080), but that it was even faster than the current king of cards — the $1,200
Titan X. The GTX 1080 Ti beats out the regular GTX
1080 in most specifications, with 11 GB of 11 Gbps DDR5X VRAM, compared to its predecessor’s
8 GB. And while the Titan X has more RAM — 12
GB — it runs at slower speeds of 10 Gbps, and falls very slightly behind the new card
in terms of bandwidth and compute power. The GTX 1080 Ti also isn’t as much of a
power hog as the $1,200 Titan X, pulling 220 watts, compared to the older card’s 250. Nvidia says the new 1080 Ti will arrive in
stores this month, and it will also bring a price cut for the older GTX 1080, reducing
it to $500. And that’s it for this video. Thank for watching and if you wanna get more
info on what I talked about here in this video feel free to check out the links in
the description below. Also, if you wanna check out previous videos
I will leave a few links below as usual that you can check out. Thanks for watching and I’ll be seeing you
next time.

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