Nutshell Customer Story: SkySpecs

Hi, I’m Andy Fowler, co-founder and CTO at Nutshell. And I’m Ben Goldstein, Nutshell content producer. Here in Ann Arbor for the past few years, we’ve been building friendly and affordable CRM software that’s focused on the needs of small business sales teams. And now we’re hitting the road to hear first-hand how Nutshell is helping our customers grow their businesses and build stronger relationships. My name is Danny Ellis, I’m the CEO and co-founder of SkySpecs. My name is Josh Goryl and I’m the Director of Business Development here at SkySpecs. SkySpecs is an automated inspection company. We develop software to automate drones to inspect large structures like wind turbines, cell towers, or power transmission lines, with the single push of a button. Yeah, before Nutshell every little thing was pretty much in spreadsheets. As soon as we had more than one customer, and had multiple conversations across phone conversations, emails, text messages, we realized that we needed something to organize that. I think Nutshell is the perfect CRM for a B2B company. I think where we’ve seen the largest value is in the long sales cycles, and you’ve got many steps in between, you’ve got many different people inside of a large organization you’re trying to deal with. One of my favorite features is the list, and being able to kind of look at an organization from the top down, being able to organize employees within an organization, and know who we’re talking to. I think one of the biggest things for us was sitting down and trying to start thinking about our sales process. Before, it was very reactive. It was, you know, we know we need to make a sale, but we didn’t really know what the next steps were going to be. One of the other features we utilize is just putting in task and reminders once we’re talking to a customer. There’s one in particular, one of our first customers. They’re a small wind farm that’s pretty local here, and it’s one that we may have forgotten about, but because it was in our CRM, we did put a reminder to follow up with them. We’ve since used them for testing, they’re one of our biggest advocates. I think Nutshell’s grown with us internally, and that’s been huge for us, especially for startups where things are constantly changing, and whether it’s kind of organizing your day and prospecting customers to really monitoring the entire sales process, it’s done everything that we need it to do.

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