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– Hey guys, Andru Edwards
here from back with another episode of Budget Tech Buys, and today I’m going to be taking a look at a way to turn your car that doesn’t have Bluetooth into a car that can work with Bluetooth. And all that takes is a
Bluetooth FM transmitter like this one. This is the Nulaxy
Bluetooth FM Transmitter and what it does, is it
connects to your phone, or your device, over Bluetooth. So this receives your Bluetooth signal and then it rebroadcasts it to your car over FM radio. So you tune this to an FM
channel that’s empty in your car. You tune your car radio
to that same channel and you’ll be able to hear all the stuff that’s streaming over Bluetooth from this device. And when I say streaming over Bluetooth, I don’t just mean playing music. This thing can also take phone calls and it even has a built in microphone so you can do it hands free. So let’s jump into the video and I’m going to tell you all about the Nulaxy Bluetooth FM Transmitter. There are a bunch of Bluetooth
FM transmitters out there, but the Nulaxy Wireless
Bluetooth FM Transmitter is unique due to a few key features that I’ll talk about in a minute and it keeps the price under 20 bucks. I’ll leave a link in the description below so you can find it easily on Amazon. So let’s get into what this thing can do. In a nutshell, a Bluetooth FM transmitter connects to your device over Bluetooth and then broadcasts the audio to your car using the built in FM transmitter. So you can pick a station in your car that doesn’t have a signal and then you tune the Nulaxy
adapter to that same station and your radio will
pick up the transmission and play whatever you’re streaming whether it’s music, podcasts,
phone calls, et cetera. This Nulaxy model in particular has a 1.44 inch LED display right up front which will show you information like the name of the
song you’re listening to, or the voltage of your car battery, caller ID if you’re getting a phone call, things like that. The dial in the center is used
for controlling the volume and can also be pushed to be used as a pause and play button. You can also plug directly into the unit with the included auxiliary cable if you want to stream
devices to your radio that don’t have Bluetooth and it also supports aux out if you’d rather plug this
directly into your vehicle rather than relying on
the radio transmission. Speaking of the radio, this will support all radio frequencies from 87.5 all the way up to 108, so you’re covered there. As for extras, you get a
built in 2.1 Amp USB charger that you can use to
charge phones and tablets. It also has a micro SD
reader here on the side that can read cards up to 32 gigabytes. You can fill that up with music, giving you another for playing music without using a dedicated device. And it’s also got a built in microphone, so you can take phone calls right on the Nulaxy Bluetooth FM Transmitter as well. Like I said, you can pick this one up. It’s pretty cheap, it’s 22 dollars and 99 cents right now on Amazon in either black or gold. But, I do have a promo
code that’ll save you 10%. I’ll leave it right here in the video, as well as in the description below. Let me know what you think of this one, would you use something like this if you have a vehicle that
doesn’t support Bluetooth? Sound off in the comments
below and let’s talk about it. Big thank you to everyone
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in the comments as well. Thanks again guys for watching, as always this is Andru Edwards and I’ll catch you in the next video. (rock music)

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21 thoughts on “Nulaxy In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter – Budget Tech

  1. if this was shown earlier. i bought mine about 3 months ago. buts its just fm transmitter but i also have a Bluetooth adapter but it sucks turning both on and charging them. i would buy this if i didnt have the other one.

  2. It actually looks pretty good if the longevity is there. I have had some that have burned out in less than 3 months before. I might just have to pick one up.

  3. I was actually looking at this the other day, there are also some that look exactly like this one but are named differently. Thought about picking this up for my other car that I use for a beater so I can listen to my 2,000+ songs on my phone .

  4. I've got one just this weekend and love it! Only problem is getting my MicroSD card in as it doesn't seem to be fitting into the slot. What's the trick?

  5. When it comes to SD card use, do you know if this device supports functions such as shuffle and playlists?

    I just purchased the T10 and T11 on Amazon made by MPOW. There are at least a dozen other brands on Amazon producing the exact same device as the one in this review. Can you explain this to me? I'm opposed to copyright laws because it stagnates products from becoming their full potential but I don't see a point in flooding the market with devices marketed under different names.

  6. 12/9/16

    2 Questions about the Nulaxy KM18 Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter

    Hello!  I have 2 questions…

    The MP3 player only works if you eject the micro SD Card and re-insert
    it every time you get into the car.  The problem with this is that the
    micro SD Card will quickly become damaged and break from wear and tear. 
    I need it to work without having to eject and re-insert the micro SD
    Card every time.  Is my Transmitter defective, or is that how they work?  Or am I doing something wrong?

    I created a huge CD Mix comprised of 35 separate folders, each
    containing approximately 100 songs.  The Transmitter won't recognize the
    data in the sub-folders.  I need it to recognize the sub-folders.  If
    it doesn't, I cannot access all of my music.

    I'm going on a road trip soon and would like to have this up and running ASAP, so your prompt response is appreciated.

    Thank you, Jaime

  7. I just got this last week from Amazon. My car came with blue tooth but stopped working and much too expensive to fix. So when I saw this last week I ordered it and it came last Sunday. I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I have put my blue tooth earpiece away for when I'm not in my car, the sound is great and the phone calls are crystal clear. Great invention

  8. Nice job in cleanly breaking down exactly what this FM Transmitter does! Might have to try one out sometime!

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