Note 10 Plus from an iPhone user’s perspective

I’ve been an iPhone user ever since the
iPhone 6, and I liked it so much that I upgraded to a new iPhone every single year, up until
my iPhone XS Max, which I love! And with the release of the Note 10 Plus,
I decided to test the waters and see what differences I would notice after a few days
of use, so I could give you guys a good idea of what it’ll be like to go from an iPhone
to the Note 10 Plus. Coming from the XS Max, the build quality
of the 10 Plus feels fantastic and I’m really impressed with how thin they got the frame
on both sides of the phone. The huge curve of the back glass feels really pleasant in
the hand. All of the buttons being on one side is new
to me, and I wish the power button was a bit larger like on the XS Max, but after getting
used to it, it’s actually not too bad and easy to press. I just wish it had a physical mute switch
like on my iPhone. The 10 Plus is definitely larger than the
XS Max, so it sticks out quite a bit more in some of my jeans and shorts that have smaller
pockets, which is a bit annoying, especially since the shape is more boxy. In terms of design, I love the vertical camera
layout and the back of the phone looks really premium. The display is absolutely amazing and it packs
perhaps the thinnest bezels I’ve seen on any smartphone, thanks to a razor thin grille
for the earpiece speaker, which is a huge plus coming from the iPhone XS Max which seems
to have massive bezels compared to this Note. And the centered hole punch for the camera
has really grown on me. It feels good to not have the screen be blocked by the iPhone’s
large notch. The hole punch just seems to fade away after you get used to it. The curved display is a little more subtle
than before, but I do sometimes still have issues with accidental touches on those edges,
and if you’re in a brightly lit room, you get distracting reflections on those edges
which you don’t get on a flat-screen iPhone. Although the speakers aren’t quite as nice
as the ones on the S10+, they’re still better than my XS Max’s speakers, and I love the
bright highs while listening to music and watching videos. The Note 9 had serious issues with balancing
audio between the earpiece and bottom speakers, but the Note 10 Plus finally nails it for
stereo audio. 1440P video in YouTube looks gorgeous on the
Note 10 Plus, something you can’t get on an iPhone, and I’ve noticed that LTE speeds
are faster than on my XS Max. Also, if you’re into watching Netflix on
your phone, the Note 10 Plus is absolutely the best phone you can buy for Netflix. And I really love the picture-in-picture mode
which is great if you need to quickly do something else without having to pause the video. I also like that notifications get larger
thumbnails, like from YouTube, but it’s quite annoying to get ads from games in your
notifications, which I absolutely never got on iOS. One thing that I missed was the customizable
tiles on the home screen tabs, like for the weather app and a very convenient google search
bar. You do get the widget tab on the iPhone but it just isn’t the same. However, I do feel like animations and the
overall speed of the system felt quicker on my iPhone XS Max. I can’t really explain
it, but the Note 10 Plus doesn’t feel as fluid. I don’t really care that the headphone jack
is gone, since my previous 3 iPhones didn’t have it anyway, and I personally use AirPods
all the time, which are fantastic, but Samsung now has their new Galaxy Buds, and they’re
honestly really good for the price. I’m also in love with the cameras on the
Note 10 Plus. They completely nailed it this year in terms of software and processing consistency.
If you wanna see why we think it’s the best camera in any smartphone, click the button
at the end of this video. I like the fact that it comes with an SD Card
slot that supports up to 1TB of extra storage, instead of paying hundreds of dollars more
to upgrade storage on an iPhone. I’m personally a mac user, both at work
and at home on my MacBook Pro, so it really sucks not have AirDrop, which literally makes
transferring photos and files to and from my Mac and other Apple devices the most convenient
thing ever. Transferring photos was a major pain with
the S10 Plus, because the Android File Transfer app would not work, no matter what I tried.
So we actually resorted to uploading comparison photos to Google Drive, and then downloading
them onto our Macs. But thankfully, the app works perfectly fine
with the Note 10 Plus, it just sucks that you can’t preview photos until you transfer
them. I absolutely love the freedom you have with
Android devices, allowing you to easily transfer music files to and from the phone, which you
can’t do on iPhones since Apple wants you to pay for Apple Music. The USB-C port is also very convenient, allowing
me to share my MacBook Pro’s charging cable with the Note 10 Plus any time I want. It also charges super quick, so much faster
than my iPhone. You get a 25W charger in the box instead of the embarrassing 5W charger
that Apple gives you. And along with the super fast charging, the
Note 10 Plus also gets really impressive battery life, mostly due to the massive 4300mAh battery. We played an hour of games on both the Note
and the XS Max, and the 10 Plus got significantly better battery life. You should definitely
check out that video if you haven’t already. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is nice
because it’s completely hidden, but it takes a bit of time to get used to the exact location
of the sensor, and it’s also not as quick as the one on the OnePlus 7 Pro. Touch ID on my iPhone 8 was much quicker,
but the home button just took up way too much space, so I’m glad Samsung put it underneath
the display. However, I still prefer Face ID most of the
time because it just happens instantly and sometimes you don’t even notice it’s there. As for the S-Pen, the main feature of the
Note 10 Plus, I honestly don’t have much use for it. The only real use-case I could think of is
signing documents, but these days, a lot of people use e-Sign for legal documents, which
automatically generates a signature and initials for you. But if you’re someone who can put the S-Pen
to good use, it’ll work wonders for you. I absolutely love the always-on display that
tells me all of the info I need to see without having to turn the display on, which is something
that’s sorely missing from iPhones. I’m also enjoying the UI that allows you
to quickly and easily fine tune the volume of the ringer, media and system sounds. As many of you know, you get a lot more options
for customization in the settings, which is something you don’t get with iOS, so tech
heads will definitely enjoy using the Note 10 Plus. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed using it over
the past few days, and it’s an excellent phone, but I honestly still can’t give up
my iPhone, and it’s because of iOS and the Apple ecosystem. Everything is interconnected and it all just
works so well together. And unlike Android, iOS was built specifically
for these iPhones and the chips inside of them. The main drawback to Android is that it has
to support many different smartphone brands at the same time, so apps and software will
never reach the level of optimization that you get with iOS. But if you could go either way or if you actually
like Android, the Note 10 Plus is literally the best phone you can buy right now. You’re
seriously gonna be so happy with it. If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure
to tap the like button and subscribe for more videos like this one. And you should definitely
check out the camera video by clicking right over there. Thanks for watching, and we’ll
see you in the next one!

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