Norwegian Encore Ship Tour and Review – 4k UHD

Ahoy there cruisers this is a full ship
tour of the “Norwegian Encore” in 4k Ultra HD. Stick with us as we take a look
around the whole ship and its unique features. Let’s start with the top sun decks. There’s two water slides that are three decks high. The “Aqua Racer” and the terrifying “Ocean Loops”. There are four hot tubs and plenty of
sun loungers. On Deck 16 you’ll find two large pools and more lounges as well as the kids aqua park and bars. The ship comes to life on a night with
deck and dance parties. The speedway now claims the longest racetrack at sea. It’s over 1,100 feet long. The cars are faster and the track hangs over the side of the ship. Behind the speedway you’ll find the
laser tag arena It’s themed around the lost city of Atlantis. Both the Speedway and the laser tag
are an extra charge. One deck below is the new
“Galaxy Pavillion” This replaces “Spice H2O”
found on other Breakaway-class ships. This area is a VR theme park. Featuring motion simulators and
Oculus virtual reality. We tried most of the rides and
it really is an awesome experience. But it comes in at an extra charge. The “American Diner” is a speciality
restaurant serving authentic American dishes. It replaces “Margaritaville at Sea”. It even has overhead heaters so you can dine whatever the weather. “Le Bistro” is the French speciality
restaurant. Ooh la la! We tried this on other ships
and it really is delicious. Don’t believe us… Then ask the… Well you know the rest. If you’re feeling fit you can visit the
“Pulse Fitness Center” and next door is the
“Mandara Spa and Salon” The “Garden Cafe” is the onboard buffet. Located at the front of the ship it’s really huge It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll find a drink station serving
complimentary tea, coffee, water and juice. For an extra charge there’s a
“Starbucks” machine and wine stations. It offers a huge array of food. As well as themed nights. Moving down one deck
we have the “The Observation Lounge”. This is our favorite spot on the ship. It’s huge and offers light bites
and drinks throughout the day. The panoramic windows at the front
offers spectacular views. Down to deck 8 we’re going to take a
look around at another favorite “The Waterfront”. It’s an outdoor promenade deck with a bar and al fresco dining
from some of the specialty restaurants. It’s the perfect place at sunset to relax and watch the world go by. “The A-list Bar” is located between two
speciality restaurants. The first is “Los Lobos” the Mexican themed restaurant. Serving Mexican favorites with a modern twist. Nextdoor is our favorite restaurant on
Norwegian ships “Cagney’s Steakhouse”. It serves premium steak and seafood dishes. It’s definitely worth a visit. Towards the center of the ship you’ll find
the photo gallery and the “Tradewinds Duty-free Shops The new rose themed chandelier covers
three decks in the center of the ship. It’s huge and really beautiful. Here you’ll find another speciality
restaurant “Ocean Blue”. It offered seafood dishes and features an outdoor seating area. Unfortunately Ben has a seafood allergy
so this one isn’t for us. However, we’re not spot for choice
on this ship. At the opposite side is the
“Sugarcane Mojito Bar”. You must try the coconut mojito. It’s really yummy. Moving along we have the
“Maltings Whiskey Bar” and the adjoining “Humidor”
cigar and smoking lounge. Just next door is “The Cavern Club”. It’s a replica of the famous
Liverpool music club. It hosts Beatles music and tribute bands. Just opposite is “The Cellers” wine bar. It also offers a
tapas style a la carte menu. “Onda by Scarpetta” is the brand-new
Italian specialty restaurant. Mamma mia we had a delicious meal here. it was much better than “La Cucina” found on other ships. Again you can choose to eat on
“The Waterfront”. “The District Brewhouse” offers an impressive array of draught beers on tap. It also includes live entertainment and tabletop games. “Food Republic” is another favorite of ours. It’s the Asian fusion speciality restaurant. You order your food here
using iPads on the table. One deck down you’ll find “The Encore Theater”. With productions including the “Choir of Man” and Broadway show “Kinky Boots”. You’re in for a treat as both shows were absolutely fantastic and some of the best we’ve seen at sea. “The Local Bar & Grill” serves
complimentary pub food 24 hours a day. It’s really tasty too. Serving dishes like fish and chips,
chicken wings and natchos. Yummy! The casino is located
in the center of the ship. We have to say
a big well done to Norwegian for placing a separate smoking section
in a confined room just off the side. At the back of the ship you’ll find the first of the three included main dining rooms. “The Manhattan Room” is an impressive restaurant with large windows all around. It also features a stage and a dance floor. For live performances during dinner. Down to deck six you’ll find “Q”
texas smokehouse. It’s another specialty restaurant offering authentic Texas style barbecue. It also features a stage
with live country music. The atrium is in the center of the ship. With live game shows, live music
and movies on the big screen. It really is the heart of the ship. You’ll also find guest services and the
internet cafe located here. You’ll also find a “Starbucks” coffee shop. Just opposite you’ll find the “Atrium Bar”. Back in the center of the ship you’ll
find “Coco’s”. It’s the onboard chocolate shop. Offering handmade crepes,
truffles and other desserts. At the other side you’ll find the “Social” comedy club and nightclub. It has a main stage area for comedians and two rooms just off to the side
with fabulous green and red themes. Towards the back is the final specialty
restaurant “Teppanyaki”. This is a super-fun dining experience. Where the talented chefs cook at your table. Further back is the art gallery this will take you to the “Mixx” bar which sits in between two of the other
included main dining rooms. The first of which is “Savour” restaurant and on the other side “Taste”
both offering the same menu. So what did we think of the “Norwegian Encore?” Well we were impressed because there’s so much an offer but with so many extra charge dining venues it’s definitely worth booking a package to
save money. And trust us when we say that dining is worth it you would pay much more on a land based vacation for this quality of dining. Bear in mind some of the activities
have an extra charge, so keep this in mind when booking. We wouldn’t hesitate to sail on “Norwegian Encore” again. If you’d like to support us further please take a look at our Patreon. That’s it till next time. Happy cruising.

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60 thoughts on “Norwegian Encore Ship Tour and Review – 4k UHD

  1. We hope you enjoyed our video. Please share as this helps us loads and consider subscribing, we have so many awesome cruise ship tours, vlogs and tips shows to come including Norwegian Encore Cabin tours! Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much for this, guys!!! I have been waiting and waiting for more info on this particular ship as DH and I are booked for a December sailing! Soooo excited watching this vid!!!

  3. Is that really a "replica" of the Cavern Club in London? It looks EXACTLY like Syd Norman's on the Getaway… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Nicely done. I donโ€™t think there are nearly enough specialty restaurants on board ๐Ÿ˜›

    Regarding your video quality, obviously you are walking around using a gimbal- can you tell me what your specific lens used was, please?

    Quality is really good.

  5. My wife and I are sailing Jan 19, our first with a balcony! We were wondering, our is an angled balcony in category BC. would this be slightly larger or smaller? Perhaps You may know or someone who has sailed in one with some pictures? Thanks again! Great Video!

  6. We are sailing on the Encore in Feb 2020. I like that Norwegian listened to non smokers about separating the casino into 2 areas

  7. So fun seeing one of my fav crew members.. Atrium bar.. he looked up at the camera. Nebojsa from Serbia. If you are on board.. give him a shout out from me (Krista). ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. 62 days until I get to see NCL Encore in person!! So excited for this ship! Thanks guys! Great job!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

  9. Bravo gentlemen, well done as usual! I'm curious about the Galaxy Pavilion, to be honest I'm kind of disappointed it's an up charge (there seems to be a lot of that) considering it replaces Spice H2O…I'm wondering what the charge was roughly and if they offer per visit show up and play or week long passes, like the race track. Glad you enjoyed the experience lads and I look forward to more of your videos! Cheers!

  10. Awesome video! Im jumping fromRCCL to NCL dont know too much about NCL so how many rest are complementary in that ship?what are tue cost for the laser tag,go karts? How it is the for kids 9,11,13 y/o program in that ship?got a lot of questions i want to know before booking this cruise

  11. So glad they kept the beautiful Observation Lounge and the Waterfront on this new ship. Does the ship have a Thermal Suite? I did not see one in this video when you filmed the spa area. The main chandelier in the atrium area looked like it had bubble wrap on it. Was someone working on it at the time?

  12. Your videos are brilliant…the quality, editing etc. You can see all the hard work & passion that goes into them. It gives a great insight into those cruise ships youโ€™ve sailed on. Thanks for all the work you do ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  13. Once again, well done on the video. So glad they replaced Margaritaville and La Cucina. The VR theme park seems super fun as well. I absolutely canโ€™t wait to sail this beautiful ship in late 2020!

  14. Yet another outstanding video guys. I really appreciate how hard you worked to get this videos
    together so quick after the ship came out without loosing quality.

    The biggest problem I have with this ship is all the extra charges. It's gone insaine! They haven't actually added anything new that is included but taken stuff away like the adults bit at the back. I also would love to see that pool area on a hot Caribbean day. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  15. Great video guys. I love the map graphic. Is there a video you have that goes over the dining packages of NCL? I think that would be the only way I would check out all of those specialty restaurants.

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  17. EmmaCruises recommended to watch your ship tour of the Encore and you have not disappointed us! What a beautiful ship. We sail in Dec of 2020 on her and can't wait. Thank you for a great tour! Subscribed so we don't missed more!

  18. I wonder why they stuck with that atrium design, itโ€™s terrible for hosting the game shows! So many want to attend, but only a handful get a chair and the rest are stuck standing and itโ€™s very difficult to see the action. Even got a seat at the bar seats surrounding the atrium once but it was uncomfortable because so many people were shoved around us trying to see the show.

  19. It's a nice ship, but I prefer the laid back cruising environment of yesteryear. If I want go karts, virtual reality, water tubes, or laser tag those are readily available on land, but I want to relax & enjoy the sea. I can see how this will appeal to younger folks and families with kids. The pool area seems very small when sailing in the Caribbean. That being said I'd still like to experience the rest of the ship to sample the many dining venues and see some of the shows. Hope NCL does well with this ship & the demographic they're shooting for.

  20. Glad ncl realized casino smoke was HUGE issue on the breakaway and escape. Ruined that whole area. Hope closed area helps.

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