NorthPress Fingerboards Welcome Team Rider : Benh Dulac

Like, I…i’m gon .. Gonna ,tell you the story of Even if it looks like i can’t do it with my guit’ (guitar) I’ll try. So Fingerboarding , started with a Keychain Annndd.. weel it wasnt really usable at first,you know..Wheels didnt roll and the shape..and….well Soyeah then after,It started to get more popular,Skater started to use it as an alternative and even start to simulate tricks… with it And yeah you can go see the first fingerboard video in the skateboard video called future primitive in 1985. haha Yeah..aahhh and then toy company like spin master brought the idea an comercialize it Like the dude do some poetry even if its not wanted (in french it was) Like you know , its like so like so. Thats about it Its not really a tryout for madramps. its only a joke But it could be one ,well no it isnt , But it could be one ,well no it isnt , but it could be one , no it isnt Will I stop to make the 3 same chords nope. Seriously this shit is silly and dumb , f*ck . I should do like everyone and put normal music Well nah I shouklabfgbaf;gha (i lost my words) Yea

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