Non-Japanese subscribers Assemble

Hi,every one without Japanese people. I’m Moto Takahashi. Hopefully the idea was to record with riding. But today is rainy. Today, I ‘d like to try to speak with English. Because I find occasional comment of foreign
visitors. Yesterday, I checked the analysis of my channel. I had never seen that page. After that, I grasped my subscribers data. Suitably, a lot of subscribers is Japanese
people.96%. But 4% is not Japanese people. American,Taiwan,Korean,and German. Therefore,I try to make this movie with only
English. If you are not Japanese people, Would you
give me your comment? I speak only Japanese at all time in my movies. I think if I am you,(Maybe)I can’t enjoy to
watch these movies. What content do you like? What are you interested about Japanese road? Japanese traffic scene? or XSR900? My YB-1? Or my equipment of GoPro? If do you have any requests or Inquiry , please
let me know . I might do or speak in when I want to do. Probably. Today is that’s all. Thank you for watching my video. Bye-bye. Fxxking hot.

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6 thoughts on “Non-Japanese subscribers Assemble

  1. HI, i'm a sub from England. It's nice to see Japanese roads and scenery. Even though I only know a little Japanese, from anime. It's still nice to watch your videos. And I love the xsr 900 XD. Anyway thanks for doing a video in English.

  2. Hey Moto Takahashi! I was born in Japan, but I moved to America as a child. I visit my family in Hokkaido every other year and they live in a very small town, Shimokawa. The thing I like the most about your channel are your moto vlogs. Seeing Japanese roads is very nostalgic and hearing you talk about things is very entertaining. I just love Japan's scenery, it feels so different from America (in a very very good way). Your videos remind me of my homeland and they are very relaxing to watch. It's really nice to see you care about the content of your channel and your viewers. Hopefully your channel will continue to grow!

  3. I think your English is totally fine! Dont worry about it! I am from the Netherlands, and I normally watch your videos to practice Japanese listening, and to see the interesting Japanese roads, since they are totally different to roads here.
    Well as something i'd like to see… Ideally a vlog teaching basic Japanese hahahaha. but what might be a good idea is a mixed japanese/english vlog showing interesting sights around your hometown/area.

  4. Sub from Australia! Found you after searching for xsr900 vids that weren't just another review. English speech or even English subs would be awesome! keep up the great work, mate!

  5. I found your videos from searching about the XSR900, because I'm pretty sure I want one. I do understand a little Japanese, but nowhere near enough to be conversational, so maybe I learn a little while watching the scenery. I agree with other commenters that your English is pretty good despite (….or maybe because of?) the Iron Man helmet. Also the GoPro mount was pretty clever.

    I wouldn't ask you to do anything different than you already do. Please don't try to speak English while riding unless you're comfortable with it; I think maybe it's dangerous. Motorcycle riding already requires enough brain power and attention.

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