‘Nobody says swag anymore.’

Time for the week in review…. with a few things new…. Hey that rhymes! We got an inside look at how we are showing Panama City some 5G love one year after Hurricane Michael. We caught up with the Verizon Green Team to showcase their global efforts on promoting sustainability. And we put on our game show hats to quiz fellow V Teamers on all things benefits. You know who likes quizzes more than me? The Quiz Queen herself, Rachel McMahon, who helped our customers find the perfect Mix and Match plan. This week Rachel sat down with ABC News and talked about her time with us. Now Rachel’s teaming up with Verizon, creating a personality based quiz to help the company’s customers find the best phone plan for themselves. Is this weird for you at all? You open the homepage & it’s just you at the top of it? Yea. I know her. A-plus on that Quiz, Rachel. And high marks to our V Teamers. 150 of them who were recognized by Matt Ellis and Holly Hess for their commitment to take $10B of cost out of the business. Congrats to that team! And now over to London Clark at Verizon Media, with an inside look at their Build It event. Hey everyone! I’m here at our 770 Broadway office where we just wrapped up our 3rd Build It event. The event showcased our new products and the teams who build them, as well as interactive activations of our recent product announcements. Some of the new products include a relaunch of Yahoo Mail, In the Know which is our short-form video journalism targeting Millennials and Gen-Zers and a completely reimagined Yahoo Shopping platform to reach consumers wherever they are in our ecosystem. Stay tuned for more details. Hey, that’s some pretty cool stuff for Millenials. Let’s check in with our millennial Ad Fellow Raquel, who says all that stuff is pretty swag! Andy nobody says swag anymore… Oh, sorry about that. Hey, our 3Q Earnings webcast is set for October 25th. And if you have a question for Hans submit them online, then tune in on the 25th when Hans and our leadership team share their thoughts. By the way, Business Group, stay tuned for some big news coming your way later today! That’ll do it for now, millennials… YOLO! And until next time, you’re up to speed!

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