No, Snapchat Won’t Die

*Childish Music*>>ALEX: Hey guys, I’m here, let’s get
technical. When I’m not obsessively binge watching
Casually Explained, I’ve been reading more and more articles arguing that Snapchat, and
it’s parent company, Snap Inc, will die or fail or not make it through the year. As an avid Snapchat user, I raise an eyebrow
the articles like these, and while they put forward legitimate and really interesting
arguments, I would like to provide some counter-arguments to many of the popular claims that Snapchat
will indeed fail. Proving it will be a snap! Ok, I got that out of my system, uh, let’s
begin! Also, quickly note that most of the time when I say Instagram in this episode, I mean Instagram Stories, but it should make sense from context. The first and most common argument I hear
is that Facebook is out to get it, and the logic behind the Facebook argument is that
there are things pushing people away from Snapchat and towards Instagram. Let’s take a look at what some of those
things are. One! User history. People claim that since videos and pictures
disappear, there’s nothing holding people Snapchat, however, this not true. Streaks and your Snapchat score, two things
Instagram doesn’t have, are some things holding users to Snapchat, and, even if you
didn’t care about those, your audience would hold you to Snapchat. My Snapchat audience and Instagram audience,
while about the same size, are comprised of pretty different people. Two! Bad Tech. The argument goes that Instagram’s working
software beats Snapchat’s confusing and outright non functional software, and I feel
ya! I’ve roughly estimated that Snapchat crashes
a couple times a month, and doesn’t sync up my audio and video correctly a couple a time
a week, which looks like this. Roll the clip! PUNS! Yea, I’m so funny, just roll the actual
clip. *Alex sings the Game of Thrones Theme song
but it is not synced up with the video* It’s annoying and it needs to be fixed. However, even with all of its technical shortcomings,
I still think Snapchat still has better tech than Instagram. Of course, there are bells and whistles on
Snapchat like adding links to Snaps, Bitmoji integration, and stuff like that, but, what
Snapchat nails is the Geofilters, something Instagram doesn’t have. Geofilters are such a crucial part of the
Snapchat chat culture, They were executed really well, all look beautiful, and are a
great revenue opportunity, whether that be from brands, or people hosting events who
want to pay 6 bucks for Geofilter for the evening. And hey, face filters used to be part of my
argument, but now Instagram has this. This totally isn’t Snapchat whaaaaaat? I understand that the concept of Stories can’t
be patented, but come on, how is that allowed?? Three! Userbase. *talking in posh voice* Oh, but Alex, despite
all your little pointy points, the userbase is ditching Snapchat for the IG, what do you
have to say to that? Why am I holding a wine glass with milk? Well I say, really? Is that really what’s happening? Let’s take a look at some demographics in
a segment I like to call “The Statistics Corner!” Except I’m not moving, so “The Statistics
Wall.” Except this is my usual wall, so “Wall!” Welcome to Wall. Right off the bat, Instagram is better from
brand accounts. For brands, Instagram is the perfect 1-2 punch
they need. They have a permanent lookbook on their main
account, and can also do any of the temporary stuff they want on Instagram Stories. Not to mention, according to Instragram themselves,
60% of users say they discover new products on Instagram. Compare that to only 7% of users saying the
best part Snapchat is the brands. Yes, both groups of people weren’t asked
the exact same questions, but the results are indicative of the larger point. While Instagram may be the better place for
brand accounts, arguing just that point and then claiming that Instagram has a better
userbase isn’t looking at the full picture. Get it? Get it? Because I honestly just got that now, I wrote
than in completely genuinely, and I just got, I just, man that was a great pun. Anywho, let’s look at the full picture! Snapchat not only is better for advertising,
but also has a solid number of daily active users and captures eyeballs longer. Let’s break that down. First, Snapchat is better for advertising. Their Click Through Rate, or the percent of
people who don’t just watch an ad but actually click on it or swipe up to learn more, is
5 times more than other quote “comparable platforms.” Also, Snapchat ads receive 1.5 time the amount
of visual attention as Instagram ads. Second, people seem to be looking at graphs
like this, which show Snapchat’s Daily Active Users, or DAUs, and yell OH NO Snapchat is dead! Instagram has bububgu with the bebegu! What is a bububgu? However, note that Snapchat’s DAUs are still
growing. I’m not concerned about this until they
stop growing or drop. We also don’t have enough data yet to show
that this slowdown is permanent. I wanted to quickly note here that I acknowledge
that Instagram Stories has more DAUs, however that still doesn’t negate my previous point,
and the following point will outweigh ig’s DAUs. I just used a lot of acronyms there, that
was bamboozling. Third, people are spending twice as much time
on Snapchat than on Instagram. The average Snapchat DAU spends 30 minutes
on the app every day, while Instagram is only at 15, and that’s with both Instagram Stories
and, well, Instagram. Instagram may have Snapchat beat on DAUs,
but Snapchat is killing it on usage time. And finally, free advice for Snapchat on how
to increase that sweet sweet eyeball time, wait, no that sounds really weird. Free advice for Snapchat on how to increase
usage time: send more push notifications! Have you, dear viewer, ever gotten a notification
from Instagram that looks like this? Yea, they’re trying to get on their app,
and it kinda works. So Snapchat: send more push notifications
for story uploads, and maybe even allow users to turn on post notifications for their favourite
Snapchatters. Oh, y’all know I’m gonna
plug my Snapchat at the end. psych! Imma plug it right now: @alexunickel. Follow me there. Ok, now that we’ve covered that, let’s
move on to the second main argument against Snapchat: Snapchat has made no money. This is the most legitimate argument against
Snapchat’s success, and basically goes like this: take a look at this chart of Snapchat’s
earnings vs their losses. Notice how, quarter after quarter Snapchat
almost always loses more money than they make. Oh my gerd this is hard and fast evidence
that Snapchat is dead murdered slaughtered. But, wait, let’s look a bit closer. Even though Snapchat burns money faster than
me running to the TV on July 30th, there is something that many people overlook. In the Q1 2015, Snapchat lost $95 million
dollars, and, in Q4 2016, Snapchat only lost $4 million, a $91 million dollar decrease. Heck, they actually were profitable in Q3
2016, making $4 million dollars. While Snapchat’s history does show giant
losses, Snapchat is a young company, and young companies are never automatically profitable. But, yes, if Snapchat does want to stick around,
they do have to adapt and continue the trend of closing the gap. And, they’re working on it! On top of Snapchat’s many points of advertising,
like sponsored face filters, sponsored Geofilters, and between-story ads, they’ve also gone
further in the past year with the release of Spectacles and roll-out of user-paid geofilters. And hey, if anyone over at Snapchat is watching,
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m cool paying y’all a clean $10, $20 to never
see ads again. Maybe it’s just me, but uh, Snapchat, get
on it. Also, a free pair of Spectacles would be nice. That concludes my second point, and, seeing
that I’ve negated the two arguments for Snapchat having no future, let’s move on
to the reason why the app will stay around: the ethos of Snapchat. With literally every other social media, you’re
not sharing your life, you’re curating an online persona. This forces you to be significantly more selective
in what you post, and restricts your organic storytelling and sharing of natural moments. Because Instagram posts go into your permanent
lookbook, you’re showing the world what you want them to see, but not who you are. Snapchat is different: with Snapchat, since
photos and videos disappear, users have no obligation to create an online presence, and
can, instead, focus more on sharing their life. And now, with fall of Vine and Beme, Snapchat
is on its own level with no other competitors. And don’t think that Instagram is a competitor. Even with Instagram Stories, there is still
the same level of formalness with the app. The vibe of Instagram doesn’t just go away
when users use Stories. And if you think that this is just one kid’s
opinion, we can look to how Instagram and Snapchat announce updates. Whenever Instagram sends out an update and
makes an announcement, they post it to their story. The problem: what they post to their story
is very formal. It’s perfectly crafted with just the right
pen marks and text. This sets a crazy high standard for other
Instagram story posters. Instagram makes it look like you could make
a high-quality story, and if Instagram can make it using the Stories feature, you can
and should too! Compare this to Snapchat; anytime they want
to say, for example, “Happy [Insert Holiday here],” they make an animation and send
it to all users. Snapchat doesn’t touch the formalness standard
at all simply because a user can’t make this animation in Snapchat. Rob Moore said it best in his medium article:
“People use Snapchat because it has created a channel for low-obligation communication.” And that description will never fit Instagram. I’m curious to know what you guys think
about this, so let me know in the comments section below if you agree or disagree with
me. Not to sound too much like the man, the myth,
the legend, Philip Defranco, but let’s have a conversation! Also let me know in the comments which platform
you like better and why, I’m actually really interested to find out. And hey, if you want, follow me on your favourite
platform. Or both. Please follow. Thanks for watching, DFTBA, and explore on. *Panthurr Music* I hope you liked that 🙂

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