No Man’s Sky: A Space Exploration Game

No Man’s Sky is a game unlike any other,
with a universe so vast it would literally take you 5 billion years to explore it all. The new PlayStation 4 and PC title features
more than 18 billion worlds, generated automagically by the game’s engine, and you can visit
each one. There are two main ways to get around in No
Man’s Sky: On foot, or using your trusty spaceship. You start the game without the use of the
ship, since it’s broken, and this forces you to walk the planet you’re stranded on,
mining resources that will help you get back to space. Different kinds of objects produce different
kinds of resources. Plants generally produce Carbon, for instance,
and you can get Iron and other minerals from rocks. You can use these resources to power up your
life support systems, to build upgrades, and to fuel your ship and tools. You’ll encounter strange wildlife, also
randomly generated by the game’s engine, and you’ll see a range of weird plants that
look part sci-fi, and part prehistoric. And all of it is ripe for cataloging – another
key part of No Man’s Sky gameplay. Any local flora or fauna, as well as planets
and star systems, can be tagged using your optical scanner, and then uploaded to the
No Man’s Sky servers for inclusion in the collective database created by all the game’s
players. You’re all playing in a shared universe,
working together to tackle the impossible task of fully exploring the huge game world. Mostly, though, you’re just walking or flying
around alone, feeding strange animals and zapping stuff with your mining laser so you
can trade up for better equipment and ships. No Man’s Sky is a single player experience,
and it also doesn’t have a storyline, only lore which you can pick up by learning alien
languages, speaking to system locals, and visiting planetary monuments. This lack of a plot, combined with the isolation,
is the real beauty of this game, since it doesn’t leave you feeling any sense of urgency
or stress. It doesn’t hurt that the game world itself
is beautiful; everywhere you look, there’s brightly colored landscapes, visually stunning
outer space scenes and awe-inspiring natural wonders like huge flying centipedes and delicate
horned elk-like aliens. And the best part is that what I’m seeing
will only somewhat resemble what you see, thanks to the huge universe that almost guarantees
an entirely unique experience for every player. No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4, and arrives
on PC on August 12.

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7 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky: A Space Exploration Game

  1. Could the narrator talk any quieter…jeez
    I can picture his lips barely moving like the Asian girl from Pitch Perfect.

  2. If it's free 4 play like world of tank, I might download it on PS4, but if I have to pay to buy the game, then no. I have only bought GTA V with my PS4 and then I get games monthly with PS Plus subscription which I took to be able to play GTA Online. I also play World of Tanks because it's nice and free.

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