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100 thoughts on “NINJA leaves Twitch! – WAN Show Aug 2, 2019

  1. "…like a partner like …" So bad at segues that even when a naturally perfect one shows up you just sail cluelessly past it.

  2. I never actually played Diablo. Got introduced to the series on D2 and had no desire to go that oldschool. Maybe if Blizzard does a modernized remake?

  3. I am watching this less than 72 hours later and all the elemental shirts are sold out except for one or two colors in size small.

  4. I have had it, have just UBSUBSCRIBED from the WAN SHOW..

    You guys have been wasting more and more of My time the last couple of years, You talk MORE and MORE about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY….

    I couldn't give less about how many 1000 of DOLLARS You earn EVRY month..

    You have become such CRYBABIES, don't You realize that compared to more than 50% of ALL living HUMANs You have LUXERY PROBLEMS..

    Since TECH TALK fills less and less, I'll spend My time watching other more relevant content providers…

  5. Good show (as always), but… apparently t-shorts you wanted to get rid off… I can't buy, says sold out and show was just aired! 🙁

  6. talking shit against vessel now ha u scummy af u were with them until they went to shit ,such shit channel u are nowadays

  7. HAHAHA, Oh god… the merch sale made me look at way too much skin of Linus!
    His modeling skillz are Hawwwt :3

  8. If you want to get rid of cable ties – I'd take lots of your hands. Working in a school IT we go through that many. 🙂

  9. Whenever Luke&Linus start talking to each other and making plans or doing stuff like that, it always reminds me of when I actually had friends and makes me so happy.

  10. Not gonna lie, but the last 2 days ive seen about 15 honey adverts featuring linus tech tips from the wan show.
    keep up the ads linus, soon enough i wont even be able to stand a regular episode of LTT, its beginning to drive me crazy!

  11. "I kinda like it when people watch" Linus's exhibitionism intensifies. It's been an interesting journey from when he was worried about taking his shirt off in a video to being the LMG underwear model 😂

  12. ninja getting less views now on mixer than he did on twitch, also no twitch prime, they had to pay him a lot.

  13. tbh, Mixer is pretty fucking nice. I prefer it over twitch, because it uses a much better protocol (latency is low af) and the users can easily control parts of games and stuff, which is pretty cool. In twitch such stuff usually works via some hacky stuff in the chat and isn't really integrated (maybe that has changed in the meantime?).

  14. Well… To get the free sub to Ninja, I need to make an account… to a site I never heard before… so I guess, they are trying to move lots of viewers over to this platform!

  15. Recommendation – Adjust the seat height of the hosts so they are the same height. This is a camera trick done all of the time, allows tighter camera angles, and for some reason appears more natural to the viewer. =)

  16. I seriously hope I can catch a 4 shirts for 50 deal if they ever have a shirt demand problem again. Lol. Was watching the archive after and heard that. Checked the store and to my dismay they were al sold out haha.

  17. I love the idea of Floatplane, but I'd rather see it as something like 7.99/mo for everything that gets split among floatplane/creators based on views…

  18. uh oh, sounds like im unsubbing to floatplane then. all channel separate is just too much, i mean, there are a million sub things and channels and supports, and bills. what a shame.

  19. All but the small green elemental in stock now. That was fast! Unless there's 4000 small green shirts left…

  20. This is the first wan show that I’ve watched, you fellas are freaking hilarious, going to be watching the show backwards now lol;) also will be waiting on the new bottles, they look awesome!

  21. LTX Feedback: $80 LTX tickets? No problem. $1200 for hotels? No Fscking way. Full stop.

    Another way of looking at it: option 1: Hotels for LTX, or options 2: buy a valve index. I'm suspecting the index will last longer than 3 days. Much better deal.

  22. 56:35 Lol
    1:00:56 I agree with this. I was given an elemental shirt as a gift and it is very comfy and fits well. Unfortunately only the small green is available now at the time of this writing so I can't order another one. Linus/Luke- maybe order some more??haha

  23. 51:57 diablo in the web browser << I tryed when the news landed, but nothing happened, btw WHY THE HECK upload my files ( to a NON BLIZZARD place ofc ) to play in a BROWSER ? simple use the game itself …

  24. Twitch is next to dead pair to mixer is more actice in chat side and Twitch does not have FTL and mixer does and its a from 30 sec to like 3 secs in his stream i think thats why ninja leaves twitch for mixer

  25. LTT is not equivalent to Techquickie and Techlinked so the equal pricing is not justified. And a total of. as someone said below Netflix level pricing, is not sustainable for us users.

  26. Haven't gotten any merch yet cause generally can't afford stuff like that, but that water bottle looks Nice and I'm probably going to try to get that

  27. Linus @10:14 "So, they're literally giving 2 mil? Without… zero revenue? Wouldn't it be NICE to be Microsoft?"


  28. Hey, I listen to the podcast version of the show as well. I only watch the video while cooking, else it's podcasts

  29. Ninja was made by Fortnite and he will die by it. He has already struggled with consistent subscribers and Fortnite is slowly dropping in popularity. He has made a lot of money and is probably considering still streaming but on a less intense level, where if he has a holiday he will not lose 90% of his income. Microsoft probably offered a decent amount of money that would allow him to be pretty comfy even if he does decide to lax off a bit.

  30. So THAT'S why you were just chucking cable ties (and elemental shirts) into the audience at LTX? I guess that's one way to get rid of them.

  31. Okay guys, here's what you're doing wrong. Clearly someone told that sex sells and while that's true n all you got to take into account who your customer is. Make some LTT bikinis, booty shorts, crop tops, and get some sexy ladies on that merch site! I guarantee you a huge boost in sales. Just don't forget to close the sale. Once you have they guys at your site staring at the ladies you need to give them incentive to purchase said merch for their wives, girl friends, and daughters! Yeah buddy, that's how it's done!

  32. You guys see whats going on here, right?

    Some companies are monopolizing now, [email protected]

    Microsoft has Sony on board, Microsoft has Windows & X-Box,
    but now is taking over Twitch & Mixer…

    Disney is taking over Hulu, ?Lucus Films?, & FOX…

    I mean AAA Companies are sorta in this like huge AAA War here, or something…

    Who can Monopolize & become the bigger badder company, [email protected]

    It's not about the money anymore, it's seems to be just one big Game to them now, haha…

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