NINJA leaves Twitch! – WAN Show Aug 2, 2019

Think so might wanna quick skim things. Nope, I didn’t skim anything. We’re started! Heck yeah! We’re doing it live. I should probably monitor anything anywhere Welcome to The Wan Show. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a fantastic show for you guys Yeah, I hope, yeah, we totally do. I also hope that it’s not going to Ummm, It’s not going to break the framing isn’t awesome. Yeah. Oh, yeah the camera up *inaudible noise* Andy? Can I borrow you for a minute Do you think you could center the microphone in the frame for The Wan Show? Honestly no hurry its fine, they’re chill. Its just, this is The Wan Show peeps. I mean if they can forgive constant frame drops throughout the stream. They can probably forgive the microphone. No, no, no the camera moves Yep, you’re good *laugh* You saw it here first guys, Andy’s a ninja! Ayy thats better. Speaking of ninja! Wow! Good job we did one! Ninja leaves twitch! That was a great segway! So yeah guys, we’re gonna talk about that today. We’re also going to talk about some pretty big float plane news! Yeah! Prices going up and a wack ton of Creators are joining, oh wait camino knows that yet. They have technically like signed. Oh okay, so then we own their lives anyway. yeah, perfect! Okay that worked out! Also, a way more important departure has happened this week that isn’t Ninja but is a different creator. That has more likes on twitter. Even though more people are talking about the Ninja one. Really did I miss this? Its not in the dock, I got it though its cool. Alright, we’ll talk about it later. We’ve also got what to expect from Samsung unpacked? Yes, some legitimate actual tech news, and google was ordered to halt voice recordings! Well not voice recordings, human but reviews of them. Lets talk about it after we roll that introooooo! oooooooooooooooooo I’m not actually waiting for anything I can press it anytime I wanted. It seems to be going well? Its still yellow, Oh! It just turned green! I don’t even know what that means though. So the only feedback I’m getting so far on the flow plane is, damn. It’s so crisp on footplate Dang, well, it’s nice that the floatplane streaming works again Yeah, yeah Yeah, so good. Yeah, so what we discovered? What we and the management team here Which is me I’ve discovered is that the best way to get the floatplane team which is Luke and his minions To finish something is to give them a horrendous Like task. Okay. Yeah, so you give them like a terrifying terrifying task like hey guys You’re cut off is your chair higher is the is that did the camera tilt under the weight of the lens? Hey guys, my hair is terrible today. Let’s just say my back So you give them you give them a horrendous task and like hey We’re gonna stream LTX live the whole time and it really needs to work and it goes from not working at all to actually working really well great, and we can rely on it and And it’s like magic. Yeah, and then you bring them to the office and you’re like hey, you wanna fix Wan Show? Yeah, they’re all in town right now. So yeah Yeah, show is fixed this week did did they even like do anything as far as I know? Nope, but it works great so one thing we did do was we pulled a Marathi switch out of the network that shouldn’t have mattered but but what I kind of wonder is if it was sort of misconfigured because we had some Wireless issues and Pulling it out seems to have fixed those as well Yeah, so I I wonder if we just need to take another run You know who actually offered to maybe come up and help me with our networking infrastructure LED eater Oh Which would be sick that’d be cool. Yeah, he was like, yeah, I don’t know if I’d be comfortable on camera So he’s been a long time operator on our forum Wait, quite long and super knowledgeable about stuff that I care about like he’s super heavy into Windows server and stuff So I do like using Windows server because I’m an idiot and I like having a GUI Not an idiot. I’m just On Linux servers temporarily and turn it back off not all of them like so oh, yeah, that’s probably true But you could just use a different one you could but we done sent to us has like out-of-date packages Anyway, so you just unfortunately, okay Let’s so the things that I didn’t set up the things that I allowed other people to set up for me I’m mostly running on sent to us right now, which makes my life difficult because I don’t know how to use it. Okay? so anyway, if letter came up and like Hooked me up I think we could I think we could probably have something where he could legitimately Show me how to do things and then I would be able to do them for myself after right cuz that’s the problem That’s how you end up having like an IT firm for your company forever Because they come in set it all up for you You have no idea how to properly and then you know, I think that’s how I think that’s how people end up buying jellyfishes. Oh, Okay, honestly, like honestly speaking like it’s not even this is not gonna get any better it’s not even unreasonable to go and get a jellyfish because the support is coming from people who actually It is in their best interest for you to not need to talk to them anymore So they want you actually taken care of where cuz they’re not billing you by the hour anymore. Once they sell you the thing and it’s simple enough to use that it probably won’t be broken as Our first topic today, we’re we gonna like ninja we’re gonna talk about that right away, we’re gonna tie one into right away Okay, and we’ve been doing the thing where we talk about the title right away. So we don’t screw it up later. Yeah That’s cool. Okay, so Mister Beavan’s actually did not know his real name’s not Beavan’s so you still don’t Blevens Elevens I blame that display and also I need to zoom. Okay. Why did you will remove? pinch-to-zoom on google docs, yeah Why what? possible reason You guys have didn’t work at one point, right? Yes. Yeah it did. Yeah now you have to control Plus and it’s like a whole don’t do the whole your browser’s like I Need to make it bigger. This is really hard. The whole bar at the top is way bigger now It’s because GPUs haven’t progressed in the last 30 years. I don’t know how to do this Alright so mr. Blevins better known to millions of gamers as Ninja has posted a video announcement on Twitter saying to the world that he would be leaving twitch for the Microsoft own platform mixer which is like way smaller Astronomically – it’s for some reference talk about movies around tell me about makes d9 because I don’t subscribe I don’t know anything about mixing it so it’s a Microsoft thing. Okay. It used to be called beam max. I bought it I tell the audience like they don’t know that they’ve got 69 thousand Roughly streamers on mixer they have 1.5 million Streamers on twitch. Yeah, I don’t think that is partnered streamers and get streamers in general. Sure mixer has some differences in how you can make revenue on the platform as far as I know you have to It’s not the same as the partner program that twitch has I think you just need to Cross some flags, and it kind of automatically happens You have to stream a certain amount per week certain amount per month and have an at least 2,000 followers It says and like some other things then you can make money that exception was then they can avoid people like me who are partnered on twitch, but like Yeah, never stream there if it just automatically takes it am I technically still partnered on Jan you are like anymore. You don’t even have to check. I’m gonna check already. No, I’m just you know, what? This is a useless. It’s not it’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just that is that what the check mark means? There’s that very about to verify there’s nothing to do with. Okay. So, how do you check if your partner? I don’t think you would see it here. If you were an external user who wasn’t logged into your account You would see a subscribe button. Oh I see. Okay, unless it disappeared in the last two weeks. You’re a partner. Okay, cool. Oh cool. All right Really really old partner agreements actually don’t have exclusivity clauses I think yours does I don’t think it does I think it does but not for anything other than gaming so you wouldn’t be able to like game on YouTube is that that’s like that’s what mine is like I Can’t play games on YouTube, but I can do anything else. Oh interesting through that which contract thing. So anyways, he got over 500,000 subscribers on his first stream or something insane, but it’s free to subscribe to him on mixer right now So so mixer is just begging him for subscribe I’m sure they paid him a massive like minimum contract thing Like I’m sure he s all same contract you can talk about that after Sure, but let’s just talk about the 500 thousand people that sub to him on mixer Yeah right off so channel subscriptions are $7.99 and mixer is just eating that oh yeah, yeah, I Wonder for how long to be completely honest. I bet you the behind the scenes deal is way more intense Oh, yeah, I would I mean it would have I think this is a minute here, maybe because like what is that? What does that even? Getting on my calculator here. Well, I don’t know what the split is. Not just a minute Y’all wrote the split is let’s say the split is dot dot Oh 5050. Let’s say they let’s say they haven’t learned from twitch That that’s not a reasonable split and let’s go times 0.5 times. What is it? 799? Yeah, seven eight dollars, really? Okay, so that is quite literally two million dollars a month Yeah, but at seven ninety-nine, yes there they might just be paying themselves anyways Except that people aren’t paying to subscribe to him. Yeah, right. That’s fair That’s good call so they are they are they’re just straight to mill literally Giving him to what there’s a month. Yeah for no for zero revenue. Yeah Wouldn’t it be nice to be Mike that never happens though? like as far as my understanding Goes from reading stuff online else guy stuff once you hit a certain point on Twitch you get a better deal Right, right no longer fifty-fifty. So then you’re just probably more gets better. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So here’s how it worked I don’t know if I can talk about this publicly technically vessel got purchased by like Verizon Communications or something. So I don’t think nicly they own their contracts. I suspect there’s no one who would follow this up work here so technically I have like a confidentiality agreement about The contract that we signed with vessel, but but I like wait until Nick has time to run down here to stop No, I better do it before he has time to run back. So vessel is at the bottom of the ocean. Yeah, that’s a pun And here’s how the deal worked so they came to us and they said hey, we’ve got this early access concept it’s gonna be three dollars a month for the entire site and we Yeah, that’s not that’s not sustainable anyway Before they died. They were like slashing video quality and stuff trying to keep their bandwidth down it was sad anyway, so they’re like, okay three dollars a month you get early access to your favorite creators and That was the pitch to the viewers now to the creators They were like, hey, this is a supplementary revenue stream, but people like me We’re kind of looking at it going well now hold on a minute. It’s three dollars a month per user For the entire site. So if that user watches 1/10 me and 9/10 Good mythical morning or something an Ellen or whatever then I only get at best my share of 30 cents, which is not a lot of money making matters more difficult is the fact that you actually have to convert a significant number of YouTube followers I mean, even if it was three dollars let alone 30 cents before it starts to even put a dent in things So at 30 cents a user let’s do some quick napkin math and buy napkin. I mean my computer So let’s say we got our we got our user computers in napkin. We got our 30 cents. Yeah This one actually has a touchscreen. So it’s like even more napkin you than anything else? so let’s say we converted at the time we were like a million million subscriber channel to that was 2013 I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter The point is let’s say that we managed to convert routine a lot of users. Let’s say okay twenty Twenty thousand users. That seems like a lot of users, right? That is six thousand dollars a month now six thousand dollars a month is nothing to sneeze at that’s a lot of money But in the context of running a business six thousand dollars a month is like one employee Like that’s not I mean depending because you got yours you got overhead You’ve got your your kind of pension plan. You’ve got your health benefits their equipment any software licenses They need the actual physical space they take up legged I think actually six thousand a month for what does that work out to seventy-two thousand a year that’s actually fairly conservative in terms of the total cost of sustaining an employee They need a parking spot which by the way is not free Once you get into the business world, you know free parking at the mall Enjoy that while you’re a consumer when you’re a business you pay for your parking spots so it’s not like it’s not a Game-changer and there were a lot of risks associated with taking on a service like vessel You have to pitch it to your viewers. You’re gonna piss them off And that was when this whole concept was basically unheard of you know, we were breaking the news on this No, it’s not a bad deal But back then it was it was quite weird I feel like we have we have been the like the the sand wall that has broken a lot of waves. Yeah We definitely we absorb that one yeah So you got a picture to your audience you you run the risk of splitting your audience So you’re you’re basically taking your most ardent superfans and you’re saying hey pay a few bucks a month Go watch the videos early over here Well, the unfortunate news is those are exactly the people that are likely to renege down and then watch the video Immediately when the notification hits their phone driving up the initial traction of the video telling YouTube This is a good video and that they should serve it to other people. So you’re potentially splitting your audience You’re giving this bad message to your audience. You look like a money-grubbing Butthead You know, I mean a lot of people made those comments back in the day They used they use more offensive words than Butthead though it basically sentiment around all this stuff used to be morning Yeah and was and has the potential depending on your audience to still be really negative I find that the favorite part from my perspective. Yes back then Most users just hated it now There’s a very large amount of users that are suggesting different creators going full plane because it’d be good for them. Yeah, like Sentiment changes over time isn’t that crazy? So anyway to make that make any sense the way that these contracts typically work. I’m guessing just based on stuff Is that in addition to? like a signing bonus and there is absolutely No way in God’s green earth fit ninja didn’t get a gigantic signing bonus here’s a big bag of money to take the risk of alienating your fans and Making people mad in addition to that. What is fairly typical is something called a minimum guarantee? so a minimum guarantee basically takes That math that I’ve done in my head where I go Wow, even if I convert like 20,000 people to this site at my stupid 30 cents a user I’m getting this amount of money. That really doesn’t look worth it for me. You’re relating a lot of this to YouTube It’s way easier for the twitch side. I have this many paying subscribers. Yeah. Oh, yeah, right because you’ve already even got people paying okay Okay, cool. So this is my growth rate. Yes So it’s really easy to kind of forecast what your revenue is gonna look like in the future with YouTube It’s sort of more of a risk and also you don’t have to leave behind your Adsense, which is another difference in the equation But anyway, that doesn’t change the concept the concept is called a minimum guarantee So it takes that math that you’re doing in your head going well This doesn’t make any sense for me unless I can hit these mondo astronomical numbers and it takes the guesswork out of it They basically go. Okay, even if you only manage to bring 500 people over to the platform We’re gonna pay you as though you brought over 5,000 or 50,000 or 500,000 that’s your minimum guarantee. Now, you have the potential for additional earnings on top of that Let’s say the threshold for ninja list was 500,000 if he manages to bring on 600 or 700 800 900 thousand ago he can get extra but at least that takes some of the Uncertainty out of the deal so I can pretty much guarantee that ninja has some kind of giant signing bonus as well as something called a minimum guarantee now, it’s possible that Microsoft’s deal here or that in Microsoft deal. The minimum guarantee is in the form of these free subscribers Yeah, like hey, we’ll allow up to this many people a day to subscribe for free. Apparently it’s days Two months two months for free two months two months for free. Oh, It’s also possible that that two months for free could be the signing bonus. Yeah, uh, but I I don’t know I I’m actually I you know, what? No, I take that back. I’m sure there’s just a casualty days you have to sign up for Okay. Yeah, so you get the first two months for free, but I don’t know how long you have to sign up for free Yeah, I’m actually not sure So I forget how I got onto this topic But that is probably how the deal worked and that is pretty much how vessel deals allegedly worked Allegedly allegedly Oh, do we know that or is that Yeah, okay so yeah, I don’t know if you guys can hear Nick off camera, but it’s I Mean you never sign a contract like this in perpetuity. Hey, you can’t do that. It’s illegal and B that would be super stupid because just if if ninja gets unpopular which is Possible. I mean the streaming game is one of Just meteoric Rises to stardom and then meteoric meteors Yeah See how they work So so he could get unpopular – lava tubes Mixer could just turn into a project that Microsoft eventually kind of goes. I’m sorry We’re doing what this just isn’t working We give up like I kind of bet you this was that pivoting moment you think so. Yeah, okay This was the do we give up or not? If we don’t give up, we do something super drastic if we do give up. We they’re all over the news Honestly that the App Store’s number one app is mixer right now I mean that’s why I that’s why I would go after ninja I mean I wouldn’t go after ninja necessarily for the audience because in the grand scheme of things 500 even 500 thousand active users. Okay. It’s not a lot in the modern day Can I minorly pivot us right now won’t take us completely off this topic. We come right back to the topic Speaking of I wouldn’t go after a ninja for the audience I found this Very interesting is obviously not indicative of everything also I think a lot of people didn’t like this so they might not press a like button But if you look at ninjas tweet about this the next chapter mix the dark arm slash ninja it’s his pain to tweet It’s on his Twitter right now 166 thousand likes Right. Yep, jump over 200k. You’re totally totally changing gears here. Okay over one second Let’s throw luke screen up here Brad. Whoa, toe. Okay, who is this? This is the this is the he’s been editing videos for peopie for five years. Oh this guy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, okay He just stopped working with PewDiePie. Yeah, it was a very positive on both sides is cool, but he’s not working there anymore I saw Felix’s tweet, but I actually had any time. So yeah, this isn’t Felix’s tweet. This is Brad’s Twitter 190,000 followers like it’s sizable, but it’s not PewDiePie and 85 one hundred and ninety five thousand likes Really Oh ninja just got styled on By an editor from like over there somewhere Pretty cool. Are you hating? I’m just saying I’m just saying Someone leaving a YouTube channel and going on to do their own things. It’s a departure. Yes He’s not gonna be working on things that people like anymore He’s not be working on the channel people like anymore all that kind of stuff people might work on his own things Absolutely More likes than ninjas. Okay, just say well a good job Luke Thank you investigative journalism. Thank you for contributing Dobin hard to our mansion. Absolutely. I think Brad was a big reason for PewDiePie’s shifts in content direction and all that kind of stuff and I think it’s really cool. I’m excited for his future But yeah, I just found it interesting that these are happening at like the same time. Yeah, and Ninja has quite literally 20 times as many followers 4.6 2 million followers on Twitter versus a hundred and sixty thousand 190,000 again. It’s sizable but so let’s um, let’s let’s ignore the money for a second cuz you know both you and I I mean I feel like maybe we’re being unfair. I’m really focusing on the money here Ok, let’s hear let’s hear it ninjas own words why he made the move? This is a quote here. Yeah I feel like this a really good chance to get back in touch with my roots and really Know straight face stop I Feel like this is a really good chance to get back in touch with my roots and really remember why I fell Honestly, okay. Alright, okay, give me a sec I gotta bite my cheek here I Feel like this is a really good chance to get back in touch with my roots and really remember why I fell in love He says it another time – he has a tweet that follows up the main tweet That is like oh like everything’s still gonna be cool I’m still gonna and it’s interesting how he addresses twice in the original tweet that like my win rate isn’t gonna change things are still Going to be good There is more interactions on Twitter on mixer sorry, okay. Alright, okay. Okay mixer is actually like surprisingly different Okay, and twitch all things considered they have some pretty cool things through the platform There’s some things that like no offense to the mixer team. They feel a little Jake sometimes. Yeah, but there is some interesting From an alpha. Yeah. I mean we have our own jank things – it’s cool, bro. I love you, but Like yeah, there’s there’s it’s just it is notably different Like when you first check out the site you’re like, okay, it’s a it’s a twitch car But once you use a little bit more, it’s like nah, no, it’s different Okay, so would you switch to mixer to get excuse me to really remember why you fell in love? I Liked no, probably not Okay, I’d stream in both places Which wouldn’t be like so some people have speculated that he made the jump in order to have better work/life balance He told the New York Times in December 2018 that the longest vacation he ever took was his honeymoon Which was six days in total and called it Devastating adding that it was a calculated risk He added that taking even a couple hours off means losing 200 to 300 subscribers each hour. That’s crazy. That is By contrast in addition to features on the site mixture mixer is less saturated. So there’s only 69 thousand streamers So like he’s kind of the King on twitch, but there’s some contenders and mix Well, he the God on mixer the plateau it is growing it That’s true, and there can carrot current viewer account increased by about 200 percent in 2018 So, you know, I think we’re not gonna say too much more about this But the the response from the community people are criticizing him for leaving a platform that helped him get where he is Twitch said we’ve loved watching ninja on Twitter over the years We’re proud of all he’s accomplished for himself and his family in the gaming community We should wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors But our PR PR PR PR PR PR PR, here’s my kind of take to that You know, how can you be upset with him for leaving the platform that I think? Careers allowed to be and beware and do whatever they want. Like there’s okay. So here’s the thing There is a relationship element to what we do and by we I mean online content creators. Yeah, Nick, we’re good We don’t need you to supervise me saying anything dumb about vessel anymore. Oh Why are you here? Oh You’re here for merge stuff. Oh, I thought oh he’s been he’s been standing there and I thought I felt like kind of watched like what I say cuz Okay Really yeah, it’s for sale Oh my goodness guys, okay, we’re gonna kickstart this Oh, yeah, so you buy for you get them for 50, okay, so sorry guys, I got it No, no, no, no, it’s fine. Okay. So let’s finish up the let’s finish up the mixer discussion. Oh, yeah, right So we we as online content creators on the one hand. There is an element of relationship with the platform Like I when people ask me, you know one of the first things you ask someone when you when you meet them for the first time is like What do you do? What do you do and my response is? Almost always unless they’re like really old and I don’t think they’re gonna understand what I’m talking about I am a youtuber Yeah, that’s my response It’s not I do YouTube Oh God – its I am a youtuber here’s really complicated. Just hashtag It’s complicated I am a youtuber and so I do feel like there’s something to be said for Riding the horse that got me here with that said this is business and Business is not necessarily all about money the way that I see business is is money is obviously a Component but business is about making things make sense so good business when I enter into some kind of arrangement whether it’s with Luke or a landlord or Brandon or or you our community or a partner like You know a Squarespace or something like that when I enter into a relationship it’s about making it make sense Because if it doesn’t make sense for both parties you end up with vessel DICOM Vessel signed a deal with me that didn’t make any sense. It made great sense for me, but not for them Which to be fair is not sustainable. I think everything they did didn’t make any sense like them So the thing is that in order for business to work things have to make sense for both parties So this is a case where it no longer made sense For ninja in the context of other factors that we don’t necessarily know Work-life balance could have been part of it money could have been part of it participating on a smaller platform and being a huge fish in a small pond might actually be part of it this kind of done a very cool way for him to do a kind of and I know it’s Microsoft but hear me out a little bit to do a more like kind of startup he thing He can’t do that. He’s way too big but if he goes from twitch to a new platform He might have the ability to drive the direction of the planet. He wants to reinvent himself a little bit, too We don’t know so basically what I’m saying is Don’t blame a creator for leaving a platform blame a platform and a creator for not Meeting in the middle, whatever that deal looks like, you know Just just don’t be mad at ninja don’t be mad at twitch understand that these are two Adults more at more than two Aging he’s gonna pitch their whole c-suite probably was involved in this. Yeah But these are these are adults and they’re getting a deal done or they’re not getting a deal done And if there’s no deal then you find a different deal Yeah, like I find it hilarious that Brad’s thing has more likes than the ninjas thing, but I don’t I don’t hate the move He can do whatever he wants Sounds good. Shoot. What did I say? I was gonna tell that’s one of the reasons why pho plane doesn’t have any Exclusivity things in it at all and will like help you leave if you want because we believe in creator choice Okay, actually Sorry, what did I say? I was supposed to talk about after this though merch. Oh, yeah, right. Oh, yeah. Sorry guys So LTT store comm we have a bit of a situation Um, I’m not gonna I’m not gonna blame anyone in particular as you have before. Oh, Well, no. No, I’m blaming Nick for elemental because I’m taking the blame for the cable ties So that’s how we’ve decided to split it up. The cable ties are my bad These are an overstock problem. We have a plan to try and get rid of them And like everything’s pretty good. Except this. This is the elemental shirt. I don’t know what the name means I don’t really know what we were thinking. It looks nice. It’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with it it just didn’t really resonate and we sell like I don’t know a handful of them a week normally so we have a special deal because we have like 4,000 of them or something ya know. These are like a big problem. Yeah Right now I looked for the other ones. Yeah, it was like, all right. All right, cool Very nice. Sure. It’s still an American Apparel shirt. I think honestly, I’m your biggest problem. Yeah that you made way cooler shirts I think that is the biggest problems These are some right after that’s totally fine And now you can get four of them for fifty bucks Which is actually a pretty darn good deal for American Apparel shirts All you have to do is add four of them to your cart and the discount will be automatically applied Okay, straight up just like comfy shirt shopping. That’s not bad. They’re actually really nice straight up by her cell Please take these off our head And then while you’re at it while you’re at it please buy a cable type Or or check out some of the other like actually much cooler design combinations in stock in small and large Oh, wow processors, like out of stock. That sucks. That’s a really nice shirt. I don’t know hard drive one It’s out of stock in my size. Yeah car drives are really nice I know this one Oh have a water bottle hat Stealth. We actually have a lot of products now. Okay, okay, okay I’m not supposed to show you guys this stuff, but I’m gonna I’m gonna do it Because I don’t care Yolo. You know how many times he swipes the Hangout specialists off his screen I don’t care that you’re trying to stop me from doing something terrible How many times how many times do live right once check these out? I’m gonna show these to the audience, too I have seen means. Oh you have seen these. Oh, man. Yeah. I I have no easy. I don’t have airdrop I don’t have airdrop. I have no easy way to get this picture from here to here. I’m actually you’re signed into your email there You literally have Drive on there and that’s stored in Drive There are alternative options to what you’re doing That’s fine actually looks pretty good Look at the bokeh Oh Brandon’s gonna handle it for you Oh So those actually are not here yet Those are just a picture that our supplier took for us of the circuit board ltte water bottle design in some different color combinations I am super excited because which okay, what’s your favorite one? It’s gonna ask you but I guess you have I thought you might have been doing this. I blew it out really fast. I Like black on white what? Okay, that’s my favorite one. I don’t feel it. See that’s bullcrap. That’s why you See you can ask Nick. No, you’re a weird clingy person. Uh, no. Okay. It’s like Oh, what are you gonna get? well, I was gonna get lucky pick that to like Oh, what’s your Frie oh wow. That’s my favorite book to the summer. You should both kill John Lennon Together coupon Okay rot in prison together forever. I don’t think it’s gonna be the most popular one though. I don’t think so I think the black on black and the white on white are gonna be the most popular ones if I had to wager I guess I like that one, but it’s very striking. So it was actually It was actually Project snowblind the white on white that prompted us to go back And maybe see if there’s other calm color combinations we want to explore. So I said the black and white one Yeah, and then Nick was like, okay Yeah But we think this one will do a lot bad Oh gold on black gold on black I think gold on black is gonna crush It that’s my second favorite and I I agree that it’ll crush it. I don’t necessarily think it’s my second favorite I kind of want to do both Cuz like they look so good but the minimum order quantity. Yeah, it’s like 2,000 units or something stupid like yeah, I like It’s a lot of water bottles, dude Six months later. All right guys, we’re fire sale Folks five bucks in all seriousness. Oh, that’s not gonna happen to we’re only gonna do that with like Truly desperate things, you know, what is actually moving surprisingly well The underwear dude, they’re good. I bet you I would really really really like to see stats on this because they’re decently expensive Yeah, and it’s underwear and that’s very like, you know, but I bet you return customers. Oh, yeah Earn customers for the underwear is gonna be a huge thing. They’ll buy some underwear and then like a little bit later It’s um be like, okay, maybe a couple more I think so and I bet you that’s gonna I think sounds there’s gonna happen Yeah, it’s it’s funny. We’ve actually given them away to some content creators. No obligation whatsoever. We’re just like Here’s some underwear Do nothing with it? BIRT burn it for all I care. Here’s some underwear and of their own volition, no prompting from us We’ve actually had multiple people just post on Twitter. Wow, those are actually shockingly comfortable as they are They’re really good. Did we get you any? Oh Yeah, so, uh, you know you just come and say hi to everybody So we take my c4 Sir Alex from low spec game Oh spec gaming low spec game Is that it low spec gumming? You’re gonna get it something. Yeah. Yeah Gamer actually dropped by the studio today. I didn’t know you were coming. What why are you still here? LTX ended like like five days ago. I needed a week off. Oh, I did it I’m surprised you guys they’re still like churning at it. Like it’s it’s impressive. We took two days off Blaine didn’t actually Riley didn’t at least one of the editors did and I’m pretty sure mark was here I’m pretty sure Dennis was here. Okay, there are a fair number of people that actually didn’t get any time off I’m going insane looking at my feet and realizing that every invited creator already published. He’s like Are you doing video? Yeah. Oh cool, but I’m like midway through the script I never when science studio had it like hours after event was done. I know how Even yeah, he’s crazy. He’s crazy I’ve actually been watching every single video about LTX just cuz like and feel free to say negative things to Everyone’s been super positive which has been awesome, but that’s actually not helpful Because we need to no way do better next year fair We’ll have like got like a roast so in bed at the end, okay, perfect actually sounds very helpful Anyway, he wanted to stop and watch the win show in person So I was like yeah cool good think think thanks for allowing me because they are creepily from a corner I kind of like it when people watch Anyway, you could you can you can send leave back in you should probably do our sponsor spots now I don’t know what happened on YouTube, but we dropped 10,000 viewers from 548 to 553 do you guys hate us talking about merch that much? Be a problem anymore. Oh is elemental moving? Okay Oh Nobody’s watching cuz they’re all busy buying cheap t-shirts We can’t do that Alright, thanks Nick we should probably also talk through our spawn so hold on hold on wait Okay, what you got to do this now, or should we wait and see if it’s gonna come back again? Um, let’s do it knows there’s an interesting drop here eeep off foxes in the chat says the underwear super comfy Oh good set it live in the chat. Nice. Yeah. Okay, so that leads us perfectly into some floatplane news This is kind of a big deal flow plane for Linus Media Group is getting more expensive So there’s gonna be a couple of stages of this stage one. It is going from $3 to $5 for the basic early access to Linus media group stuff There’s also some like behind-the-scenes staffs and butene videos some cool stuff like that that’s going from three to five dollars The reason for that is that three dollars just it doesn’t make sense From a content creator standpoint from a floatplane standpoint so much of that $3 It’s just going to payment processing it technically doesn’t make a difference for flow plain side of things. Oh, that’s actually true So it’s mostly for the content creators, so you know what? I think it probably I should probably just go pretty deep inside baseball in this shouldn’t I sure? Okay. So here’s the thing Flow plane is able to survive on a fairly slim take but right now we’re asking the content creator to also take a very slim take and The reason for that was because we we built that $3.00 pricing model back when floatplane was Basically broken like it would it would frequently not work AJ’s like yeah So the message to our supporters was thank you guys so much But also we’re not comfortable charging you any more than this for this service because it might be broken 10% of the time. We don’t know we’re trying really hard over here, but we know that it’s kind of jank so so that was where that pricing came from also because Linus media group and Floatplane Inc. Have some significant overlap in their investors and management You know We struck a really amazing deal where everyone kind of took one for the team And as long as we could get anyone to subscribe on it That would really help us keep our burn rate down and support the project without going out and seeking outside investment Which would have other controlling interest coming in and telling us what to do is gross really unpleasant Or you know asking our community to like kick started or something stupid like that Like we didn’t wanna do anything stupid We wanted to do a slow sustainable build and We are at the point now where we are Confident enough in the product that we are ready to roll out what we consider to be more sensible pricing So for 1080p video it’s going to be five bucks a month For all of LMGs channels. Oh, yeah, right one of the other reasons we are bringing more creators onto the platform now and LMGs content output as a 25-person team is not fair If we’re doing that at $3, it’s going to put pressure on other creators Their prices not that you should actually compare Different creators pricing on flipping that also doesn’t make it but it’s a bad look Yeah and it kind of looks like Linus Media Group has some kind of advantage like maybe it’s getting a 100 percent deal or something like that when in actuality it is not so So the e plus Fox? Science studio and ufd Tech are all signed on the Inc is hardly dry. I Yeah, yeah, there’s also other creators that are joining The only reason why we’re naming these three is these are the three that have like signed contracts and put channels on You just can’t subscribe to them yet. Yeah, epoch is like Super ready? Yeah, and in the chat right now and like hey, he’s the only we’ve just been holding him back a little bit So that LMG can do the $5 switch and stuff. So that optics aren’t a little weird That’s the only reason he’s been ready for like like two weeks now actually way longer than that He’s been on the platform for like two weeks now. Yep So so the $5 switch is to make sure that it’s not bad optics for other Creators And also make sure that I mean like the discussion we had around vessel make sure that it actually makes sense To support these kind of these two separate audiences in these two separate communities this way The second change that is going to take place is sometime in the near ish future each Lynas media group channel is going to be split out into a separate float plane channel And the reason for that again is that we don’t want to set a weird unrealistic expectation that $5 a month gets you all of the tech news you can eat all of The tech quickie you can eat and all the Linus tech tips You can eat like literally 13 videos a week of early access when that will not or 11 or whatever It works out to when that will not be sustainable for other creators so a couple of things One if you subscribe to floatplane right now in the next two days This $5 switch for lmg is going to go live on sunday night If you do it in the next two days, we will grandfather you man at the existing $3 rate Thank you for supporting the platform. Appreciate it after that. I have no idea how it works Once we split things out What I suspect is that we will leave the $3 rate, but it will probably be $3 per channel Is there a technical way for us to do that? That’s up to you guys is there a way though you core the grandfathered people only so for the grandfathered people Oh, yeah. Yeah, there’s a way we’ve been talking about it. You know what that sounds really hard. So here’s what we’re gonna do instead So if you sign up now, it’s $3 a week You get the whole LMG thing until we split it out Then it’s three dollars for just ltte And any changes to your subscription in the future are gonna be have to be at the normal rates on a per channel basis We have to make the platform sustainable for everyone and that means that we can’t really give a special deal to Ltte subscribers. I haven’t actually talked to Kyle and tech deals about this yet So, I don’t know. When do you want to roll things? So that phone so form is set up in a way that yeah We aren’t actually in between the creator and the user in terms of their agreement. So I Don’t set any price as the platform because your app right now. You’re talking is LTTE. Yes, and I’m talking as floatplane Luke. Yes whatever So as the platform, I don’t set any Prices for any craters they set whatever they want. Someone could come in and be like, yeah, I make one video every 742 days and it costs $50,000 a month to subscribe to my thing. I’d be like hey, so it doesn’t make any sense But they could do it if they wanted that’s totally up to them all right, so Can I spit some hot fire for a second? Sure, you’re totally welcome to join I just noticed you’re on nebula and I was like, oh, I don’t know what this means. So oh, yeah you don’t have to talk about it now if that’s yeah and uncomfortable just Invite us out. That’s all if you don’t want talking with it’s totally cool. We should do one more quick topic here what to expect from Samsung’s unpacked It’s August 7th in Brooklyn. I didn’t get an invite so you don’t expect me to be there But it’s gonna be the Galaxy Note 10-4 expecting a plus or a pro model with an even larger screen 6.8 inches instead of 6.3. Can I point out that 6.8 inches is dangerously close to tablet size Look at the Google Nexus tablet. Yeah Hasn’t there been tablets that are that exact size are smaller like 7 inches. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah Anyway, it’ll have a time-of-flight sensor, which is cool I guess 43 hundred million power battery 12 gigs of RAM possibly a Snapdragon 855. Plus there could be a 5g model we’re also expecting a galaxy watch active 2 with ECG detection fall monitoring and We’re expecting the removal of the spinning bezel in favor of touch Possibly we’ll get a more specific release date for the Galaxy fold as well, man Wouldn’t that have been embarrassing if they made it all the way to the next phone launch without even knowing when the fold is launching? So there’s a significant amount of 6.5 inch tablets. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh here. Hold on Ever get amounted tablets, that would be cheaper or sorry smaller than that Definitely definitely definitely a seaport. I did mean Speaking of speaking of cheaper Savage jerky, it’s not cheaper, but it’s definitely delicious. Yes savage jerky is handcrafted in small batches and uses the highest quality ingredients to create a high quality product that oh There’s a little bit of maple buffalo bacon in here a high quality product that without the need for nitrates or preservatives That’s delicious and isn’t bad for your home. There isn’t no wait. There’s one little piece. Oh, I’m so excited. Mmm They have 13 different flavors from their sweet teriyaki to their intense spicy Carolina Reaper, and they also make hot sauces barbecue sauces and even a spice rub It’s delicious stuff news offer code LTT to save 10% on their products at LM GG g savage jerky Also exciting display Yeah Make your balls look awesome with displayed Their posters but they’re made of metal. They’re three millimeters thick. They have been Tanja’s so you won’t cut yourself We’ve got a matte finish with a magnetic wall mounting system that makes it super easy to mount them make small adjustments if they’re crooked or whatever else the case may be and Swap them out for any of the other 260,000 different designs that are available over on display for each display sold They plant 10 trees they offer hassle-free returns and they are pre gift packed Use code ltte to save 15% so go to LM GG g display twin finally the show is brought to you by Pei a Private Internet access doesn’t actually pass for these spots. It’s an affiliate program. So I’m gonna go really fast It’s P ia go get it If you don’t have a VPN already five devices at once lots and lots of devices supported windows Android stuff Look at this. This has been in my talking points for P Ia for literally the entire time we worked with them, which is over a year now Yeah That’s still in there. It works on. I’m waiting – I’m actually I’ve just been waiting. I haven’t said anything I’ve been waiting to see if Colton or Johnno will ever fix it. You should get your own distro so far. No Linus Linux I Love it. Can you make can you make make it so is that the kind of thing that I can just kind of live? Okay, it sounds like more work than that. Yeah, ah, actually, I don’t really think so Well, probably not because all you have to do is just like take a bun too and just be like repackage Yeah, loo bun too. In fact, I think it’ll bun too. There’s another thing hold on a minute Yep, loo bun too is already okay then shaking his head All right, Google was ordered to halt human review of voice recordings The source here is coral I on the forum and also where the actual original source came from Yeah, so a German privacy watchdog has ordered Google to cease – I let to Manual review of audio snippets generated by its voice AI dang it put not what’swhat’s the German one. I Know attention. Let’s stop Stop in German German I should know this I really should Oh, well, we already said home. Well, it sounds the a is a little bit more. Yeah, I’m sure yeah So this fall is a leak last month of scores of audio snippets from the Google assistant service So a contractor working as a Dutch language reviewer handled more than a thousand recordings Are handed more than a thousand recordings to the Belgian news site VRT? Which was then able to identify some of the people in the clips? It reported being able to hear people’s addresses discussions of medical conditions and recordings of a woman in distress article 66 of the DD a PR to begin an urgency procedure allows a DPA to order data Processing to stop if it believes there’s an urgent need to act in order to protect the rights and freedoms of data subjects so Google says it responded on July 26th and already sees the practice taking the decision to manually suspend audio reviews of Google assistant across The whole of Europe and doing so on July 10th after learning at the data leak So you’re saying article 66 is causing voice record reviewing to cease to exist Really weird referential joke that no-one’s going to get. All right Disappointed no, I’m sorry. I actually wasn’t listening. Oh, let’s try we can order 66 joke I don’t actually know what order 66 even is. Not a Star Wars thing. Don’t leave a Jedi Alright, yeah. Okay. I’m sorry. It was a bad joke. Anyways, yeah Google says manual reviews of Google assistant queries are a critical part of the process of building speech technology that new I feel like there is stuff that they could do to properly anonymize it though What I feel like is interesting, but why don’t they just like like shift it? Like pitch shifted voice changer. Yeah Why aren’t they doing this to all the other ones why is it just Google I Don’t know that’s the weirdest thing I found on this with that said Apple is Suspending a similar human review quality control program for its Siri voice Assistant doesn’t seem to be a link to any sort of regulatory order. Okay, but Yeah, I guess it does follow a report last week that contractors working for Apple regularly hear confidential details on Siri recordings such as audio of people having sex and Identifiable financial details regardless of the processes Apple uses to anonymize the records. Yeah Apple on the other hand has actually suspended these manual reviews worldwide Okay, um, what else do we have going on here? There’s huge ads in space, which is just kind of like Silly, whoa. You can play Diablo in a web browser. Let’s do it now So hold on just a ticking minute here. This is pretty cool because it’s the demo. Oh my goodness. Look at this ad Oh Extreme tech so the other article is that there’s gonna be ads in space. So extreme tech is definitely on board without That that is not an actual book. So It’s only the demo. It’s the shareware version of the game. But if you have a copy of Diablo and you find you’re diabetic You file if you dabble and drag and drop it into the window you unlock the full game. No way Really cool. Okay. Can we can we just play this? Where’s the link just go to? Riff softs website, please. Sure. We’re there we go. Okay. We are playing we are playing Diablo right now. Where’s my backpack? You know, it’s amazing. Ella flow plane was landing in the LMG lounge after hours one night. Yeah, and we plays yeah, but one Like on this three of us not on this no. Oh my goodness multiplayer is incredible Okay, well I’m gonna have to do a sorcerer really did you play sorcerer it’s hard, oh that’s right you can’t in that No, you can’t in the demo. You can only play warrior It’s ok warriors kind of better, you know, so one thing that was brutal. We all played this friendly fire is on So the the broke actually has a bow and shoot your teammates in the back all the time. It’s really brutal. I killed you ki I Didn’t I didn’t know as possible. Wow that was shooting and I saw his character flinching but I was like, oh He must just be getting hit by something else then he died and it was definitely me. I felt really bad. I Can’t you know what? Wow That looks like about exactly how it’s supposed to look. Yeah. Hello my friends the well is poisoned already I got to go get the butcher Talk to kit what really? I don’t remember it being quite this cut down This is the shareware version. Did you play the demo back in the day? Yeah. Mmm I did before I got it I don’t remember the demo I Remember my mind being blown when I found out that you could just hold down the mouse button and you just walked towards it forever Instead of having to click all the time. Yeah one thing that kind of hurt me going back to this game So recently was that you can still do the tab thing mob loading times. Sorry, I’m listening You can still do the tab thing to permanently show your map on the screen which really helps with dungeon navigation Yeah, but I don’t think it has the show item thing I believe that was holding alt and it like named all the items that were on the ground I made it really easy to pick them up So like staves and stuff are actually really hard to see because it’s just a stick Not so, you’re really hardly I never knew about that feature at all So I always just would find stuff because I can see and I have eyes that well know that feature was I think it came In in d2. Oh Okay. Yeah that explains so I never played Diablo 2. I only play really game. Yeah d2 was really good. Yeah amazing I tried to get into it like years later and that’s probably gonna be hard It was not it was not actually a very good time Yeah back in the day though back d2 was amazing back in the day back in the day There’s my maps, you know d2 is what got me into computers right? Heli Yeah, cuz I’ve told this story a few times because the computer I used to play d2 on stopped working I was like well, okay I ought to fix that is twitch gonna kick me out of the partner program I am technically game streaming on YouTube right now. Yeah. Oh shoot Well me and abroad yeah, yeah We’re mixer. We’re done tight. Yep, 10. We’re going to mix the kids Just kidding that ain’t happenin Alright, I mean you could you already stream on three other part remember when games were hard like when you opened your inventory and like Stuff just kept attacking you and stuff. Yeah, I love when you pick up armor. That’s almost destroyed already. That’s like super awesome This is this is the best to a wager supposed to be mad Yeah. Yeah. I’m just playing Diablo 1 yo with a touchpad which by the way is not animal traits We like we like to have it set up in the land center if you just want to go play there Oh, man, I’m kind of tempted. Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on tonight, though I think I’m gonna have to like actually see my kids cuz we had LTX this weekend stuff those waters Those walking corpses cuz they’re cool deal a lot of damage, dude This game is hard this guy so my kids are never gonna watch this garbage It’s really hard we were playing in my god I died at least once just because like the other thing too is if you can cuz you’re new I Probably put are spoiled by your diablo 2. Yeah, if you’re out of health Potions and you’re go low on health. You have to walk all the way back. Yeah until you get like scrolls in town Go annoy that third or fourth. Yeah level like it’s like holy crap. Yeah, it’s pretty it’s pretty done It’s like kinda jank even with the whole press thing. Yeah, I know a little Hold press is more for like walking around in town if you can call it a town There’s like four people that live in it. Oh You have a demon problem. Why don’t you move? Yeah, but uh all six of you you build like two cards. Yep, probably good They literally have a cart that like the the peg leg boy stands next to why don’t you all just get in it? Yeah, and go somewhere else. Yeah, and why do they have such a gigantic like Church? Yeah Yeah, maybe everyone died. Oh That’s sad. All right. So thanks for tuning in to the man show. We’ll see you again next week. Same bat-time same bat-channel Russians are trying to put ads in space also alphabet overtakes Apple as the world’s most cash-rich company. Yeah. Bye see ya. Oh No, super chats. Oh did we say that? I didn’t stop yet. Nice. Nice Okay, here we go Luke, and his minions makes me sound evil Thanks QH Ti9 that doesn’t sound evil at all Marco’s Marcos MOS – looks like the guy who got hit by the truck in the Bride of Chucky movie It was good to see you and she’ll live last week at LTX, I was really far genuinely. Thanks Ya meal production says this is my first time seeing the intro. I’ve been listening on Apple podcasts for over a year. Wow, really? Interesting. You’re you’re the guy Wow Neat and now it now it’s three people. Yeah. Yeah a broken TV says you’re now two dollars closer to cashing out via adsense We get over our threshold adcentre pretty regular than so. It’s just an extra two dollars. But thank you Bruce you Jake says story Went on Vacation and took a bunch of pics went to edit pics and when I put the card into the PC it told me to format Somehow lost all pics freaked out found easy OS used it works two days later. Saw an ads thought on a vid coincidence Neat You know, what a cool story yeah, Jeremy says use this for LTX 2020 It’s 20 bucks many thanks to the entire team. You are very welcome. Robert had a great time at LTX 19 It’s grown so much from LTX 18 LC was more fun That I though it was going to be then I thought it was going to be people who are amazing highlight of LTX was driving Linus to the Convention Center after his ride left him at headquarters I saw that can’t wait for LTX company trying to find him cuz he didn’t have his car So I had like a couple different potential solutions I go outside and he’s just like hey I’m in here from the back of some random car. I’m like, okay got a ride back to the convention. Don’t get kidnapped. Have fun Gabriel says thanks for the i7 the LTX flasher. Oh, yeah. Yeah Like basically ripped off his shirt to get a core i7 What is it Nick Oh Nick has a merch update for us Sure, why don’t you tell us how many elementals we sold in last 20 minutes? Okay, I have to guess well, he already told me some people are buying like eight at a time yes, so I’m gonna say I’m gonna say 200 shirts. Oh No Way more than that. I don’t know My first number was like 1,200. Well, no We sold 600 shirts in the last twenty Straight-up, this is like an efficient use of money if you want a comfy shirt. It’s not even likewhat for comfy shirts Yeah, but seriously like they’re nice shirts. So that’s why I thought so high. It’s cuz like It’s pretty logical. Even if you’re not that into the design, it just kind of makes sense. Okay? And the design is nice. There’s nothing wrong design. It’s joy. It’s great Yeah, they’re just not quite as like really cool as the other ones. They’re cool Yeah This is great. Okay, so Tully page says LTX was awesome, very Disappointing the NVIDIA GeForce garage PC won Best in Show at a LAN when everyone else your fans brought their own computers Winner wish our runner-up was chosen judge them separate. So the Best-looking PC got a booby prize so we actually kind of did that on purpose you get a ribbon you get nothing and if I remember Credit. Oh really? Yeah. I was just a ribbon. Yeah, but it’s nice. It was Bart’s okay But yeah, we have we actually did that just to like troll them Yeah, cuz the prize was nothing everyone else got cool prizes like the janky-ass and all that other stuff So we there was a method to the madness and he was cool about it Yeah question for senpai Luke from executive How does Linus feel about his name being pronounced with the first syllable like Linux like lineThe we would Yeah, so people pronounce my name in all kinds of different ways. I don’t know why you would ask him I don’t know either. I’ve never seen you negatively react to that. I’ve seen it happen Yeah, little Li news is the French way people just say like that. Yeah Andrew says LTT. No in Vitek es city – LTX r.i.p. Ok, we are gonna invite more people next year We were so far beyond our original creator budget. It was not even funny. Yeah Corey says LTX was awesome. Hashtag VIP Bartly richard says what kind of car should I get? Wow, you aren’t totally the wrong stream dude, we said if he hates driving, um, I hate driving and being in cars with all my heart currently have a slam 2002 PT loser maybe that is what that car should have been cut like maybe that’s why you hate driving Did you sell your Lambo I would do a trade if you could be into it My lambo was no more fun than your PT loser I guarantee you that if you hate driving, maybe you should get a scooter Ok, or a moped. Nice They’re different. I’m trying. Yep Good shot Andrew why I fell in love with money in the first place. Oh, yes This must have been back when we were talking about ninja WMD 240sx, this was a super smart move by ninja he had 14,000 paying subs, which is very low for his view count Choco taco has the same number of subs and pulls in a fraction of the views that only 7,000 versus 50,000 for a ninja Okay, that’s one way of looking at it the red beard. This is an opinion here Apparently mixer equals advertisement for Azure and MS cloud business It’s not a bad. It’s not a bad way of thinking about it I don’t think so necessarily of yeah, we do want a balls looking at their service. Yeah I’m sure it does accomplish that I don’t think that’s the main goal Everett for vessel comm sends three dollars We’re not. I mean that’s part of it 20. We need all the rest Yeah, go for it guys Even if you guys sent me twenty thousand dollars I would spend it on any I would spend it on valve indexes for my staff Oh, okay. So I’m not even part of my doesn’t matter. I want them to have it. Oh wow I took it home the other day. I Haven’t tried it yet. It’s amazing. I should come over. Yes. Why you come over? Okay They said about my house to knit unless I bring the entire team. I don’t care. Okay I mean, I haven’t checked with my wife but like there they would probably love that I don’t I’m not gonna have like food. Okay, we’re gonna have to do like skip the digit order. Yeah, okay Okay. Well, this is a big plan so later. Yeah I would love to try it. I mean I’ll drag all of them along Says I was hoping for an announcement when you brought up merch about floatplane merge When do floatplane fan get the option of publicly supporting? We’ve actually been getting tons of cake quests for this We need to figure this out because technically creator warehouse is a separate company So our merch store actually runs as a separate company the idea was that at some point We could take all the lessons the hard lessons that we’re learning about running a merch business was Hard lessons and we could convert them into lessons already learned for maybe other creators or something We don’t know what that looks like Yeah, but we decided to do it as a separate company so that we would have the possibility of pursuing that in the future Yes, and that’s spoiler alert. That’s what the full plane self Kansas. So there’s technically no reason that creator warehouse couldn’t support floatplane to build a floatplane merch Pacific, but like I feel Weird maybe what we should do is like Offer anyone on floatplane the right to use the floatplane design and sell their own like their own like bit wit ex floatplane merch or something or like Plain sweet, that would be awesome. I’m super down I’m also kind of concerned about doing that though because it would have to We have to approve the design. Yes a working relationship thing with them. Yeah, but that would be cool Okay especially some of like the og creators of you don’t like the first kind of big set cuz like flow plain doesn’t need to make Money on t-shirts that’s not know. I was actually even going to say if we’d have to set up a store I would need Some shirts anyways, because I want to send shirts to creators of join the platform Okay, so like I have to hold some in stock regardless Dmitri says yo any UK merch buyers. How much was the import tax? I’ll have to leave it to some of you guys to answer Dimitri’s question there. Um Xavier says yo big apps for low spec gaming I was just gonna say it didn’t even say that they’re the guy who donated got it right wise just messed with you So apparently so you guys know I do I do know his channel name We got it wrong on the official announcement for creators that were gonna be there. We put low spec game I think did we leave off gamer? PR we left off the R. So his discord has been going nuts being like yo. Yo LMG, they don’t respect you Yo, they don’t respect you. They don’t even know your channel name they suck and it’s become kind of a meme on his discord So that’s why I’m that’s why I’m like hardcore feeding into it. I do I do know his gentlemen. Um, Robert says Linus is right cons need your feedback. Let the mill on the LTTE forum. Totally true. Uh Okay, we’re pretty close to the end so I’m just gonna do some of the bigger ones here Alex C says long time no see you guys. Hi also screw tablet-sized phones my hands and pockets are too small for them I’m sorry to hear that Justin says random Frank P is frakking awesome. Yep Is that Diablo sound effects, I think so. Oh That’s great. They weren’t working before I don’t know we get forgot that it was muted when it went to the sleep. Sweet Windows 10 is amazing. That’s what year Matthew Wu sent fifty dollars and no message Matt. You gotta type your message Oh Mark says volunteered at LTX was an incredible experience met a bunch of awesome People walked over 30 miles in three days and had a blast Wow Do we have a plan for the volunteers to feed you guys next year? I am so sorry about Not feeding you guys on Saturday night It really felt like something we should have done but there was literally no place that we could go that could accommodate all those people So next year we’re planning to just roll catering into the event hall once it closes for the night And so we’re gonna do LMG staff Creators and their Plus Ones or end or like camera crews or whatever else and our volunteers also some featured exhibitors Bob and rod didn’t manage to share a meal with us until Sunday night which Sasha And those guys have supported LT acts in so many ways. They are freaking awesome Also since the beginning since the very beginning since number one, which was a little bit. Yeah Okay, we are so far over our stream time, yeah, good night guys, we apparently have a dinner party to arrange see you next Go sub to low spec game on YouTube *Laugter*

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  1. "…like a partner like …" So bad at segues that even when a naturally perfect one shows up you just sail cluelessly past it.

  2. I never actually played Diablo. Got introduced to the series on D2 and had no desire to go that oldschool. Maybe if Blizzard does a modernized remake?

  3. I am watching this less than 72 hours later and all the elemental shirts are sold out except for one or two colors in size small.

  4. I have had it, have just UBSUBSCRIBED from the WAN SHOW..

    You guys have been wasting more and more of My time the last couple of years, You talk MORE and MORE about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY….

    I couldn't give less about how many 1000 of DOLLARS You earn EVRY month..

    You have become such CRYBABIES, don't You realize that compared to more than 50% of ALL living HUMANs You have LUXERY PROBLEMS..

    Since TECH TALK fills less and less, I'll spend My time watching other more relevant content providers…

  5. Good show (as always), but… apparently t-shorts you wanted to get rid off… I can't buy, says sold out and show was just aired! πŸ™

  6. talking shit against vessel now ha u scummy af u were with them until they went to shit ,such shit channel u are nowadays

  7. HAHAHA, Oh god… the merch sale made me look at way too much skin of Linus!
    His modeling skillz are Hawwwt :3

  8. If you want to get rid of cable ties – I'd take lots of your hands. Working in a school IT we go through that many. πŸ™‚

  9. Whenever Luke&Linus start talking to each other and making plans or doing stuff like that, it always reminds me of when I actually had friends and makes me so happy.

  10. Not gonna lie, but the last 2 days ive seen about 15 honey adverts featuring linus tech tips from the wan show.
    keep up the ads linus, soon enough i wont even be able to stand a regular episode of LTT, its beginning to drive me crazy!

  11. "I kinda like it when people watch" Linus's exhibitionism intensifies. It's been an interesting journey from when he was worried about taking his shirt off in a video to being the LMG underwear model πŸ˜‚

  12. ninja getting less views now on mixer than he did on twitch, also no twitch prime, they had to pay him a lot.

  13. tbh, Mixer is pretty fucking nice. I prefer it over twitch, because it uses a much better protocol (latency is low af) and the users can easily control parts of games and stuff, which is pretty cool. In twitch such stuff usually works via some hacky stuff in the chat and isn't really integrated (maybe that has changed in the meantime?).

  14. Well… To get the free sub to Ninja, I need to make an account… to a site I never heard before… so I guess, they are trying to move lots of viewers over to this platform!

  15. Recommendation – Adjust the seat height of the hosts so they are the same height. This is a camera trick done all of the time, allows tighter camera angles, and for some reason appears more natural to the viewer. =)

  16. I seriously hope I can catch a 4 shirts for 50 deal if they ever have a shirt demand problem again. Lol. Was watching the archive after and heard that. Checked the store and to my dismay they were al sold out haha.

  17. I love the idea of Floatplane, but I'd rather see it as something like 7.99/mo for everything that gets split among floatplane/creators based on views…

  18. uh oh, sounds like im unsubbing to floatplane then. all channel separate is just too much, i mean, there are a million sub things and channels and supports, and bills. what a shame.

  19. All but the small green elemental in stock now. That was fast! Unless there's 4000 small green shirts left…

  20. This is the first wan show that I’ve watched, you fellas are freaking hilarious, going to be watching the show backwards now lol;) also will be waiting on the new bottles, they look awesome!

  21. LTX Feedback: $80 LTX tickets? No problem. $1200 for hotels? No Fscking way. Full stop.

    Another way of looking at it: option 1: Hotels for LTX, or options 2: buy a valve index. I'm suspecting the index will last longer than 3 days. Much better deal.

  22. 56:35 Lol
    1:00:56 I agree with this. I was given an elemental shirt as a gift and it is very comfy and fits well. Unfortunately only the small green is available now at the time of this writing so I can't order another one. Linus/Luke- maybe order some more??haha

  23. 51:57 diablo in the web browser << I tryed when the news landed, but nothing happened, btw WHY THE HECK upload my files ( to a NON BLIZZARD place ofc ) to play in a BROWSER ? simple use the game itself …

  24. Twitch is next to dead pair to mixer is more actice in chat side and Twitch does not have FTL and mixer does and its a from 30 sec to like 3 secs in his stream i think thats why ninja leaves twitch for mixer

  25. LTT is not equivalent to Techquickie and Techlinked so the equal pricing is not justified. And a total of. as someone said below Netflix level pricing, is not sustainable for us users.

  26. Haven't gotten any merch yet cause generally can't afford stuff like that, but that water bottle looks Nice and I'm probably going to try to get that

  27. Linus @10:14 "So, they're literally giving 2 mil? Without… zero revenue? Wouldn't it be NICE to be Microsoft?"


  28. Hey, I listen to the podcast version of the show as well. I only watch the video while cooking, else it's podcasts

  29. Ninja was made by Fortnite and he will die by it. He has already struggled with consistent subscribers and Fortnite is slowly dropping in popularity. He has made a lot of money and is probably considering still streaming but on a less intense level, where if he has a holiday he will not lose 90% of his income. Microsoft probably offered a decent amount of money that would allow him to be pretty comfy even if he does decide to lax off a bit.

  30. So THAT'S why you were just chucking cable ties (and elemental shirts) into the audience at LTX? I guess that's one way to get rid of them.

  31. Okay guys, here's what you're doing wrong. Clearly someone told that sex sells and while that's true n all you got to take into account who your customer is. Make some LTT bikinis, booty shorts, crop tops, and get some sexy ladies on that merch site! I guarantee you a huge boost in sales. Just don't forget to close the sale. Once you have they guys at your site staring at the ladies you need to give them incentive to purchase said merch for their wives, girl friends, and daughters! Yeah buddy, that's how it's done!

  32. You guys see whats going on here, right?

    Some companies are monopolizing now, [email protected]

    Microsoft has Sony on board, Microsoft has Windows & X-Box,
    but now is taking over Twitch & Mixer…

    Disney is taking over Hulu, ?Lucus Films?, & FOX…

    I mean AAA Companies are sorta in this like huge AAA War here, or something…

    Who can Monopolize & become the bigger badder company, [email protected]

    It's not about the money anymore, it's seems to be just one big Game to them now, haha…

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