Ninja Armor for Costumes and Cosplay

hi I’m Ian from and I’m Corbin why the funny voice, Ian? Well, because I look like a superhero
right now and it’s awesome I actually look pretty tough don’t I? You look awesome we actually looked pretty futuristic don’t we? We do look futuristic if the future… as depicted in the eighties urban ninja armor
urban ninja armor that’s what
we’re wearing right now is urban ninja armor it’s actually something we just
put on this site right now it’s pretty cool stuff yeah it’s really great
for costumes Yeah, what else can can you use this for? I mean like it’s good for cosplay, but– oh yeah, absolutely costumes, cosplay I would wear this in a fight cuz it’s very… the joints are very flexible and it actually does offer
some good padding like it’s a legitimate piece of equipment this is actually–I think…
I don’t know it feels kind of like… plastic Yeah, it’s plastic on a synthetic mesh but look. it’s got some metal screen details
in there that I like cuz it’s got…
what are these things called? these are called… pads Well yeah but there’s
like pads under the armor so that it’s pretty comfortable oh so there’s
the hard plastic and then there’s–
like a pattern underneath it pattern underneath it and then all this elastic yeah it’s actually very adjustable it is very adjustable
little straps here yeah and I think
it’s one size fits all considering that I am a
plus-size model here and I’m wearing my super middleweight karate gi
underneath it and actually a better demonstration than myself and chunky monkey over here in front of the black we actually have Victor… let’s just go back to chunky monkey
for a second I don’t think that
that’s fair you’re right chunky
monkey isn’t fair because monkeys have tails and considerably more hair than I have so you know whatever I’m THICC with two
c’s we’ve got Victor Victor who, if you’ve called, you
may have talked to him on the phone but we like to give everyone a
chance to show up on the website that’s right yeah he’s a shy guy from Guatemala so let’s show the feed with
Victor he’s out on the scene okay so Victor is–
oh he’s in the dojo he’s in the dojo that you see in our starting five
seconds of our videos unless you’re watching on Facebook I gave Victor some tips on
how to stand like a model can we–are we on–
can he hear us? Victor do something yeah show us like a punch do a punch or a chop oh yeah
show us your guns yeah there we go look at that there you go he works out, you know he goes to the gym every
morning and there’s the back it’s actually really cool. There’s a sort of a spine thing like a back support on this if you could do your hands on your
hips a little less femininly Boy, Victor’s pretty high energy yeah he’s had way too
much caffeine it actually looks like he
might be overdosing and about to pass out yeah, it looked like he kicked
a puppy right there. oh he’s–
the crane Oh Mr. Miyagi is gonna show him the crane yeah it’s like– oh he’s reenacting the
scene from The Karate Kid Great Good job Victor oh yeah Mr Miyagi proud Played by Pat Morita. He’s very pleased well now here is… this explains
Victor’s high energy level dancing around in this poppy field is that in the Netherlands? Well they have clean energy
wherever it is and we always appreciate clean– oh he’s he’s wearing the
deluxe black ninja mask Oh that’s a good mask, too. and that’s the thing is you can combine this with all sorts of thing s
that we’ve got we’ve got all these different masks yeah, kind of mix and match
customize. We like it so here’s the thing
with this thing is if it’s hot it’s mesh so this is very breathable if you don’t put something underneath it but it’s also stretchy enough to put like the super middleweight
karate gi underneath it or sweaters or–
so it’s adjustable in that sense if you’ve got a keen
eye you’ll notice that Victor is now
in the snow now he’s wearing the ninja
half mask on his face so we’re gonna send him
on location to an Asian city [Corbin] Oh watch out those ladies! oh there’s a bus! oh and he barely made it [Ian] run through the train
watch out for the poles… Watch out–oh
[Corbin] disappeared behind a pole Yo, Hold that door! He caught his train and now he’s wearing
the ninja recon mask why don’t you go ahead
and point to your face? there you go that’s the ninja recon mask I feel like he’s at risk for police intervention in this outfit on the train oh and now he’s in the city he’s apparently been released from jail to the mean streets of Big City [Corbin] Big City
with the purple lights this is in the 80s so you can see how it
looks a little bit better [Ian] you don’t know anything about the 80s [Corbin] I was born in the 80s
Oh, He’s got a grappling hook when you’re in the city
because you’re an urban ninja [Ian] we used the grappling
hook and we know how useful it is if you can climb up a rope like this a grappling hook can get
you anywhere in the city we gotta try that out here’s the thing with me doing pull-ups if I was hanging over a pit full of lava and
lava alligators I would just have to give up and this is where my life ends ahh you have less in you than like a geriatric woman who lifts up a car to protect her grandson? that’s correct no amount of snapping
would get me up the rope now that geriatric woman
was in good shape I’m an office worker You work in the back Ok, I do work in the back but also gosh, I love Mexican food back on the mean streets of the 80s so it looks like Victor’s just standing in
the street with the ninja half mask and he’s scared but oh now he’s got Oh, he’s got his little ninja babies those are plush ninja dolls Victor’s very maternal in that way. I don’t know who gave him he feels comforted by these who are those ladies
in the umbrellas? this is a better fit for him than the fighting stuff
[Corbin] he’s got the ninja smoke mask ninja smoke mask right there oh, ninja smoke mask is a good one I actually like the gray on that because it matches the
inside padding on this yeah oh and there goes Jo taking taking the– I guess she had to fulfill an order and she doesn’t play she does not she’s–Jo is delightful, but in a I’ll-cut-you-if-you-cross-me
kind of way oh Victor’s got his other– his other doll that’s good, yeah Oh! Jo’s taking the other one not gonna let it fly no they come as a set.
She needed them both. We lost our connection to Victor, but we did not lose our stock of the urban ninja–
urban ninja armor urban ninja armor [both] at jinx how do I un-jinx you? You gotta punch me okay thanks for watching like, comment, and subscribe click the buttons, the bells, the notification whatever. You know what to do. Come on guys, be active
in your watching this is the 21st century the days of the couch potato are gone the 21st century, woah! He’s dancing. There’s a man showering in the street. Nothing wrong with that. In the streets I feel like he would have
to flap a little harder he’s very low energy

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7 thoughts on “Ninja Armor for Costumes and Cosplay

  1. I have your black ninja outfit, your utility belt, and your awesome mood necklace, and might just have to get this to complete my ninjariffic setup. ^-^ love your guys high energy videos. I also might get a blue ninja outfit soon as well, would those look good with the armor?

  2. hi buyed black otigon sais and i buyed it ofor 39 dollars and i pick 5-3 days. and the house is 3107 west oaks blvrd english oaks kim

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