Nikya of the Old Ways – BEEF – Budget ($25) EDH Deck Tech

Ravnica Allegiance? Yes please! This set
brings quite a few interesting new commanders, but none of caught my eye
more than Nikia of the Old Ways. This new commander lets us do some things that
we’ve otherwise not been able to do without investing in several other combo
pieces to make a whole lot of mana real quickly. Nikia just does it for us and as
long as we’re not trying to cast anything that isn’t a creature, we get
to have all the fun without the headache of wondering how we’re going to get 10
mana to cast for Desolation Twins or Crimson Hellkites. First let’s take a look
at Nikki of the Old Ways for a minute Nikki costs 3 red green for a 5/5
legendary centaur druid that turns off your ability to cast non creature spells
on the other hand Nikki lets you double your mana from lands so it’s just four
lands in a manner dork you have nine men available that seems pretty good so I
ask where’s the beef it’s in the debt let’s take a look at some of the big
fatties Nikki I can let you cast way ahead of curve at the tip top of the
list we have cards like and it the betrays in blight still Colossus at 12
hard casting impervious great worm easy doesn’t mater of provinces no problem
a double ramp with boring clucks just have four lands from Warren clucks and
after that each land tapped for three want to lose your play group all the
land destruction creatures that are usually way too expensive to throw
around are now well within reach Avalanche rider mold sham blur acidic
slime ogre arsonist ravaging horde fault grinder and Terra Don all deny your
opponent’s lands I wouldn’t recommend playing these cards with any regularity
as people tend to really dislike land destruction but playing with a few of
them can help with those pesky non basics such as maze of it
the pop-up sometimes what’s the real game plan it can’t just be to put down
Nikki and cast fatties can it well kind of we really want to be able to ramp to
Nikia to start reaping the rewards of double mana ASAP so let’s play a bunch
of mana dorks granted these won’t double with Nick usability but the sooner we
get Nikki on the board the better and we need some card draw or will be top
decking way too soon beast whisper is the best attorney our creature spells
into more cards abs and Beastmaster lifeblood hydras signal wood readers
coarser of crew fix runic Armus or heartwood storyteller drum hunter oracle
of mold aia Derek’s pack leader Grif llama Aldo
primordial sage soul of the harvest wolven walled observer Garrett’s hoard
regal force sandstone Oracle an artisan of kozilek I’ll give you card advantage
in one form or another what about dealing with your opponent’s
threats say they play some enchantments or artifacts you don’t like well Maggie
move and I’ll get rid of artifact manglehorn reclamation sage gets rid of
artifacts and enchantment so does Conclave naturalist in drinks Tom Palmer
and Chris Sally slingers maybe you’ve just got to get rid of your opponents
good creatures we’ve got ways to do that on a stick as well
flame tongue kava affectionate in drink butcher org Dragon Lord a target siege
dragon kills walls ash and fire beast until one damaged each non flyer
repeatedly blood fire Colossus the six damage to everything bow garden Hellkite
breaker of armies Kingdom makes all the creatures block it magmatic force
ravager worm which is also from a rabbinic Allegiance Crimson Hellkite can
deal X damage to target creature where X is the amount of red man you pump into
it and if you want to kill some Flyers you’ve got whip tongue Hydra and tornado
elemental lots of ways to kill creatures we’ve also got meteor golem which
destroys any novel Anna her ass the dawn can destroy up to three non creature
permanence and would fall Primus destroys non creature permanence and has
persist but what good are the big fatties if they’re just getting chunked
every turn well we can give them trample with
archetype of aggression Gor claw bran mina and den nily ax god of the hunt
aggressive mammoth humbler of mortals kamal fist of crosa
endres forerunners also from rabbinic allegiance Thunderfoot bailiff siege
behemoth cannon gives it pseudo trample crater hoof Mahima ‘the decimator of
provinces and stone have achieved but we got some other tricks too like millstone
gargoyle counters the first non creature spell cast each turn thought about
protecting your team that does it really well there are a few other creatures
that slotted in from there you said what’s the recipe for a budget Nikia
dead let’s start by ramping up the heat we’ve
got things like elvish mystic Chandler and if you copper and iron mer where
bare fertile in and yet my elder one of my favorite cards they added a couple
pounds of beef things like in ringer come
Oh pit fighter gierek’s horn breaker of armies nyah Sol Beast Verdun force and
desolation twin but let’s blend in some removal for those pesky creatures
artifacts and enchantments flame tongue taboo butcher or Crimson Hellkite
manglehorn Luke Toby orangutan sting muggy Conclave naturalist and will
sprinkle it with some card advantage that drum Hunter Derek’s pack leader his
stride on soul of the harvest regal force now we need some ways to protect
our dudes and we’re gonna add an Old Stone gargoyle then we’ll add in about
35 lands since we have so many ramp dorks and this is mattering of non
basics and about 24 bases with the whole deck ring in at about $25 this is a
great budget option for somebody looking to get into commander or just somebody
looking to cast all the big fat creatures they usually don’t get to but
as always the TCG player link is in the description if you go to that link and
order this deck and sports the channel quite a bit don’t forget to like this
video if you enjoyed the video and subscribe for future content you can
tell me what you think about the deck and let me know what cards I missed and
the comments down below that’s all for this time. Enjoy Ravnica Allegiance. I’ll
talk to you guys later, peace!

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2 thoughts on “Nikya of the Old Ways – BEEF – Budget ($25) EDH Deck Tech

  1. This is probably the most confusing title for this video and the fact that you fly through cards in seconds is hard to keep up with. Should provide a budget section than an expensive section for maybe upgrades. Overall I love the speed of it but it might be too fast especially sense deck techs are typically for someone trying to brew something new and budget for new players getting into the game at a cheap starting point. I pulled a lot from it but man I paused multiple times to actually read some of the cards because just way too fast.

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