Nikola Tesla’s flying saucer – The elite’s secret suppressed technology

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According to Nikola Tesla we are living in a sea of energy free and abundant
energy forever for all mankind why is it that humanity cannot access this
technology? Nikola Tesla is considered one of the most innovative and
mysterious man who ever lived If Tesla hadn’t invented and researched
everything he did in his time our technology today would be considerably
worse but is there something more to Tesla? did he, in fact, had contact with
aliens as he publicly proclaimed? He is one of the most amazing inventive our
civilization has ever known his knowledge and ideas went far and beyond
what was known and accepted in his lifetime Tesla was just a genius and his
inventions and ideas have no boundaries Over a hundred years ago during the
first decade of the 20th century Tesla filed a request to attend a
peculiar aircraft which he called the world’s first flying saucer
the world’s first man-made UFO the Methods used in the design of the flying
saucer match the descriptions of those who claimed to have seen the UFO from
inside with the discoidal capacitor with sufficient size to provide enough trust
to fly while other small capacitors allowed to control the direction of the
flying saucer to which he added a gyroscopic stabilization system and an
electric drive control Otis Carr who died September 20th 1982
was a protege of Nikola Tesla and emerged into the 1950s Flying Saucer
seen in Baltimore Maryland in 1955 when he founded OTC enterprises, a company that was supposed to advance and apply technology
originally suggested by Nikola Tesla Carr patented a flying saucer and asserted that
he was working on a full-sized version that could fly to the moon and return in
less than a day using two counter-rotating metal plates spinning
electromagnets and large capacitors which when spinning charged and powered
by a battery which became activated by the energy of space. In the next video we
will watch and listen to Ralph Ring who was one of the members of a team of
researchers technicians and scientists who worked for Otis carr. Interesting to
know is that Ralph Ring helped famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau to
develop the Aqualung He also spent a period working with a
government-funded research organisation called Advanced Kinetics in California Nikola Tesla was a great inventor and a great, great humanitarian well Tesla wanted to get
into his field which was free if you will energy that comes from the
surroundings he was hired by JP Morgan to work with s Westinghouse and Edison
companies and the East Coast and Tesla said I’ve got it made I think we can
now chance net electrical power through the earth through the ionosphere without
any wires or telephone poles if you gave a device like a free energy device a
generator that would would service all their needs in their home for free they
could then bring out their creative talents which they were born with and
been suppressed because they’ve had the toil for a living
they could be tremendous artists beyond beyond our dreams tremendous engineers beyond dreams JPMorgan was not buying it he
said no we’re gonna have to tear this stuff down so Tesla kind of pulled back
into himself and decided you know well I guess it’s not time for this well at
that time is living in The New Yorker Hotel actually in New York and there was
a fella by the name of Otis Carr who he’s going to school in to supplement
his his income he worked as a clerk in this hotel and Tesla and him became
acquainted and Carr was a sponge he loved science and every way shape or
form but he was some natural science he believed them the same thing Tesla did
that there’s no limits to natural science and everything should be on a
simple level Tesla said they’re not interested in my my time I want you to
take everything I can teach you and go in your time and see if they’ll listen
to you and if you don’t make it you’re gonna have to pass it on because at the
rate we’re going we’re on a self-destructive course cars that I will
I will and he got his own lab started and started really getting him to a lot
of free energy devices and building them so he built a spaceship mm-hmm he’s
building small spaceships then and he had different sizes different models so
tell us how you met notice car and how you begin working with these flying
saucers there’s a company dance kinetics in Costa Mesa that’s what we were living
in Costa Mesa California and they’re looking for a research and development
laboratory technician they gave me a job they put me in the research lab and I
was inventing ideas all day long I just loved it because I like to indent simple
ways of doing hard things and was it was Ottis Carr working there too no I told
some friends about this and what I was doing and he said well come to our group
we got a group here called understanding it was created by
by the name of Daniel Frye in California we could talk about things that were
unlimited not limited I said my mission is to see that we have habitation and
transportation in one vehicle and it’s a way to sound like a guy that’s back east
getting in trouble right now his name is Ottis Carr and he put in a patent for a
levitation device and they wouldn’t give him the patent they had he said you’ve
got to pull that levitation out and anchor it on the ground and we’ll give
you a patent on amusement device you cannot use levitation they brought him
out to California they say here’s your lab they it’s all built it had living
quarters it had you know machine shops it habits we did most of your work and
this is where you guys worked on the spaceship yeah how long did it take to
develop this crap day and night 24/7 we were building these small prototypes and
they would range anywhere from 12 inches to 3 feet to 6 feet you know in in size
and they actually flew they actually levitate oh yeah what was the source of
power well it was magnetic in nature and you were actually building these for
people to sit it I mean not just models these were these were prototypes just to
prove what we wanted and then graduate up to where human habitation could could
get on board and an operator if you could explain to us very simply how this
device how these craft work in those days we had counter-rotating wheels one
going clockwise and another going counterclockwise
not a capacitor we had small magnets and we had what’s called a neutron it was a
double tetrahedron that’s two ice cream cones put with the open ends together so
that you have a diamond shape and we had 12 of them around the periphery of the
craft and we had magnets horseshoe magnets twelve of those around the crowd
so when you started rotating and counter rotating the had these neutrons went
through the field they would act as a generator and a capacitor and in
themselves and they would generate a lot of power not necessary electrical power
that vibrational power when you get to the resonant frequency of your
surroundings it cancels everything out it goes to a zero point and once you’ve
reached zero point then you can go anywhere you want and
you have your own force field around the craft you control it’s up and down and left and
right movements by how fast it spins or other gyros in there yeah the ones with
the models we had we had remotes you know to operate the models but when when
you get up into the larger craft it’s not necessary because everything then as
Carr was explaining the difference between the brain and the mind is
synergetic you operate the craft like it was a friend it’s like it was a living
thing because that’s what the craft and that’s that’s the only way that our
particular craft would work there’s a mental interface yes thoughts carry out
a vibration as well and you have to go on how many with this shit so some sort
of morphogenetic field was created perhaps some sort of almost a living
feel yeah absolutely Ralph have you had a chance to fly it
yourself flying is an antiquated word when it comes to the type of spaceships
that we were operating because they don’t conventionally fly or levitate
levitate and they teleport they moved through this thing called time and space
they actually traversed through multi dimensions so he created an artificial
gravity field does it safe to say yeah you could say that yeah is this in any
way related to the work of John Hutchinson and his anti-gravity
experiments well it’s along the same lines and I know John he’s an associate
of our group and as I mentioned before there’s all forms of levitation
but where ours differs from John’s is that in order to operate our craft it
takes spirit it takes it takes a synergy you have to recognize the craft as an
entity of life itself it has a consciousness if you will of its own
what John is doing is wonderful I’m glad he’s discovered a tremendous field of levitation and composition of metal and maniculate
structures. Ralph can you tell us about your experience as being the copilot of one
of these disks sure the next stage app was the 45-foot craft it was they had
already designed and built it and they wanted us to test it so we got on board
and near the center of the craft was a giant crystal ball in a kind of a
gyroscopic holder underneath that was a laser that came up through the bottom of
this crystal and as the light came up and dispersed around this crystal it lit
up the crystal from infrared all the way around to ultraviolet then in Carr said
okay guys what I want you to do is just clear your brain and use your mind so
this is an experiment and we’re going to go outside and back in through what’s
known as time and space and all you have to do is concentrate on what I’m what
I’m about to tell you we’re going to go down range ten miles and that ten miles
downrange is equated to the vibratory rate of the color aquamarine the colors
just kind of dissolved and started turning into this brilliant aquamarine
and it lit up the whole ship and then he said okay that’s it boys get out of the
craft and we’re going to the debriefing and we looked at each other like I don’t
think it worked we you know we didn’t go anywhere we didn’t do anything and he
said well it didn’t work did it he said why don’t you guys empty your pockets and
we started pulling out sticks and stones and grass and stuff and putting them on
a table and I know we didn’t have those going in and we’re in a heck this come from and he said well remember I told you
about the brain has a limited capacity it cannot believe beyond its its
jurisdiction it doesn’t want to believe anything beyond that so you travel with
your mind and and it will come back to you and then all these dots will be
filled in as as your life progresses you’ll remember what you did it was in
retrospect I did go back now and I do remember going and getting out of the
craft there was three of us we walked down this ramp we got out and we went
over to a little hillside I could see it right now we picked up rocks and sticks
put it in our pockets when we got back on board I remember it now but I didn’t
remember it then it sounds like this technology is something that we have to
be spiritually advanced enough to be able to use it and Carr explains that as
higher consciousness he said you’ve got to raise the consciousness when you’re
operating disk did you notice what we told that anything changed as far as the
structure of the craft there’s a consistent expansion and contraction
it’s almost it’s almost so instantaneous that it’s unnoticeable and and one of
the smaller demonstrations we had a small model aluminum model and I could
hear this hum and it was just a beautiful beautiful feeling while this
thing was running and I was touching it and then it got it got more and more
intense and then I found like it was jello and I could put my fingers on it
like gel on it I’d looked at the other guys and then I put my fingers inside
this aluminum with my hand I said this is impossible but I’m doing this and I
put it in and out of the craft and Carr was over there because he said
you know I said your energy and that’s energy and when you understand that and
you get a harmonic with energy you get a balance you can do anything there’s no
limit so the next day he had another model and we put it up but he was going
to accelerate beyond he says these retinas are like cameras are flashing at
milliseconds and when you flash fast enough things seemingly disappear so
with that in mind here’s our next demonstration so we fired this one up
and we were all watching it and I was I was getting ready to put my hand in
and the whole thing disappeared right in front of us, he said it’s quite simple
Tesla did this all the time in his laboratory and it’s it’s teleported it
it’s well where did it go it’s a well it might have landed on somebody’s dining
room table I don’t know because I don’t know yet we’re with I don’t know if
it’ll come back maybe it’ll show up someday maybe it’s gone maybe it’s still
there we don’t see it yeah and we it’s out of our dimension and he explained that
the mind when you get when you tune yourself high enough and you get into
the mind space and still with a brain space instead of logic or instead of
reasoning or instead of all those things you just get up to a sense of knowing
you know who and what you are that you’re a created immortal infinite being
and we all are and he said every everybody on this planet is because
we’re gods by comparison and they don’t know it, they’re asleep
and until I wake up this is what our job is we’ve been making these toys trying
to get them to wake up to realize there’s no limits to what they can do
they don’t have to live in servitude they don’t have to live in poverty
they’ve just been told that by people that, unfortunately, want to control
things. Carr explained to us that the brain that we have operates this water
vessel which we live in, but the energy that inhabits the vessel is who and what
we are we are energy we’re not we’re not bodies the energy is all magnetic in
nature it’s free in nature we’re swimming in energy well before we could
get any further with it we were invaded if you will by people with a piece of
paper that said they were at this time closing us down paper read that we were
attempting to overthrow the monetary system of the United States and that
could be construed as high treason and we’re shutting you down and confiscating
all your equipment wait a minute didn’t John Hutchinson say the same
thing about the Canadian government that they confiscated his entire lab at one
time I stayed in touch with car as much as I could but as soon as I contact him
I was contacted by somebody and we told you to stay away from even thinking
about this well what did the energy companies do to Carr? the powers-that-be
namely the power companies weren’t quite interested in anything to do with
Tesla or Carr they didn’t want this information out it was even beyond the
energy company was behind it came down to and it can be traced to this day back
to the international banking system out of England that’s where this all started
the monetary system per se because his inventions were so revolutionary would
it upset the whole banking system yes it would upset everything they had a very
very earnest effort put forward to eliminate Carr and his in his inventions
and his life and that is exactly what they did they suppressed all this new
technology which could release humanity from the grip of the elites and their
enslaving money-making system whole equipment files and drawings
related to cars experiment and crafts were confiscated by government agents Thanks for watching and if you like the content, I invite you to subscribe to my
channel. goodbye

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7 thoughts on “Nikola Tesla’s flying saucer – The elite’s secret suppressed technology

  1. He created massless objects but couldn't control it (steer it), without a computer.

    We are working with attributes of multidimensional energy and custom electromagnetic field patterns that control the flow of quantum energy.

    Everything is frequency, incl. gravity, which is a space-time location frequency of matter. Gravity is the attraction of like-frequencies. Time is also a frequency location.

    Mass is programmable by controlling the frequency of matter (you need a computer to control it). Frequency is not a piston; it's a circle and it's determined by the relationships between, and patterning of, electromagnetic fields.

    The space within the atom is the multidimensional energy that is the information that gives subatomic "particles" their properties. It's the relationship between the particles that hold the information we want to understand. When you can see this energy, you can program it directly.

    There is no missing puzzle piece between Newtonian physics and Quantum physics. It's all about frequencies at and above the speed of light, which are variable, b/c we operate within multidimensional realities, or parallel realities. Nothing is linear.

    FYI Dark matter is entanglement. Stars are entangled to the center of their galaxy. Planets share info via entanglement, but the physics of their motion is based on relationships defined by electromagnetic field patterning.

    If you want to navigate gravity, it's via controlling mass or electromagnetic fields, without heat.

    When you do this, you'll decentralize the electric grid and break humanity from centralized systems of control; energy, economy, food, shelter, water etc. It's coming now that the old systems of control are breaking down.

    Any attempt to manipulate humanity with these technologies will fail for the same reason the old systems are failing now. There are no more secrets in a world of instant global communication… and, the Scheuman Resonances are increasing in frequency, which is one tangible/measurable frequency attribute of our currently repositioning collective conscious awareness. Humanity is waking up…

    One attribute of this shift (the global polarity being a product of this shift) is the Mandela Effect, which proves memory is not held within the brain. The brain is frequency tuner that can match the frequency of more than one memory.

    Tesla's work was spectacular… but it's bigger than that. We are about to enter an age of technology that overshadows AI. It's the difference between the living tech that is our planet, VS a calculator.

    And… the magnetic motor is real and functional, if designed correctly, but electromagnetic field repatterning is far more spectacular.

    One more FYI… big tech will not control this tech. They are currently failing and decentralizing.

  2. I love it Marc, I've watched this many years ago and now it's coming together, well but by bits , and it is true that the government so called confiscated all of their works,just like the guy who created a car that runs on water, he was actually killed. thanks for your great work Marc.

  3. Marvellous Job, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you might like 🙂

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