Nike’s HyperAdapt Self-Tying Laces Demo

Nike has been holding a big event over the
past couple of days that’s all about innovation — maybe not the first word that you’d
associate with Nike, but the company’s trying to change your mind with some cool new products. The coolest, particularly for Back To The
Future fans, is HyperAdapt 1.0, which offers adaptive lacing. What does that mean? Basically,
the shoe will tie itself for you — as you stand up, your heel hits a sensor and the
laces will tighten. There are also buttons for loosening and tightening as needed. I
got to try them on myself — I have to admit that I was grinning, but also a little nervous
as I heard the loud whirring. Nike plans to release Hyper Adapt 1.0 during the 2016 holiday
season. Nike also announced a new app called Nike
Plus, which is scheduled for release this summer. Nike Plus is meant to serve as your
smartphone gateway to the Nike world. It can give you recommendations and special offers
on Nike gear, information about nearby Nike stores and events, and even connect you with
live experts. It will also integrate with updated versions of existing Nike apps like
Nike Plus Training Club. And while HyperAdapt and Nike Plus are the
two big headlines from the tech side, there was plenty more at the event, with Nike showing
off a whole range of attire, including gear for this year’s Olympics, and even bringing
out comedian Kevin Hart to endorse the company’s vision that everyone can be an athlete. There you have it. Awesome shoes, tights,
personalized fitness apps. Thanks for joining us at Nike’s Innovation for Everyone event.

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