Nike x Off White Koleksiyonu

Hi Guys! Welcome to Youtube channel of Turkey’s one and only sneaker community; Sneaker Turkey. Today we are going to talk about the collaboration between Nike and Off White and then we are going to review the collection a bit more. The shoes you see behind me. In 2017 Virgil Abloh who is the founder of Off White and Nike made a new collaboration and re-created ten designs we liked a lot. In this collection there are Jordan and Converse which are the brands already exist in Nike. Let me name the whole collection: Airmax 90, Airmax 97 Vapormax Presto Blazer Air Force 1 Zoom fly HyperDunk now its 9, that’s not right. Wait a minute… There’s also Converse and Jordan 1. Well, why did the collection grabbed that much attention? Do you know why Erhan? I know but i think we should explain it again for our viewers. Yeah, sure let’s explain Virgil Abloh made an incredible PR work by including celebrities and he created a huge hype by sending shoes to celebrities with their names on the Air jordan 1, next to the logo of Air. He sent these shoes to celebrities like singers, athletes, actors, models and all these people we love, posted the shoes on their social media accounts which created a worldwide hype. I guess the founder of Off White Virgil Abloh wondered if they should continue the collaboration because this collection grabbed an enormous attention. Maybe you know, the collection expanded later on. Besides Virgil Abloh created an exclusive collection for Serena Williams. And of course before that he created a collection for Holland National Football Team for World Cup. Actually now there are some shoes behind me from the collection for Holland National Team. These are two shoes from football team collection. Besides these shoes, the collection consisted of one football boots and some textile products. Let me talk about the Serena Williams collection, first let me put these shoes back though. There were Airmax 97 and Blaze from The Ten Collection in Serena Williams collection. Besides of course there were some textile products as well. -Oh Erhan, by the way we forgot dude, 2 Airforce were sold as well at Art Basel and Complex Con. Well one in Art Basel one in Complex con actually the one in Complex con was one of the 5 shoes that Virgil Abloh, Travis Scott, Don C, Roc-a-fella Records and Acronym did exclusively for 35th anniversary of Air Force 1. did exclusively for 35th anniversary of Air Force 1. If we talk about second edition of The 10 Collection, the shoes had a bit more colour. There are some shoes here that I don’t want to show too much because they’re a bit worn off so they don’t look good I love these pink ones. I can’t wear them very much recently, because it’s cold outside and they are see-through. Of course like this you don’t get the vibe very much but on the screen here – Erhan we are going to attach the images, right? -Yes, we will add all the detailed videos. -Of course need the details, details are important. Little details… I’ll move on to the other models but let me put this back and get Jordan 1 if you want, and if you don’t want… then I don’t know. Who wouldn’t want this!? Jordan 1 Chicago is of course the shoe that created the whole hype vibe. They wanted to make this more exclusive and created one completely white, only available in Europe. Now I’ll put this Jordan 1 back in its place and i’ll move on with another brand of the collection: Converse. I really loved this one, Erhan did you like it too? Well it’s interesting, see-through. Yes, see-through is so cool, when you wear it with socks it looks so nice but unfortunately the second version fell flat. What do you think? – I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it either. The close up videos of this one will also be on the screen. Erhan you’re going to add them all right, please dude we are promising everyone. Thank you. Okay then, the last shoe of the series is Airmax 90. Unfortunately I think the quality of this shoe is not like what was expected. Because I think when they do mass production the faults happen more on the shoe and like the glue marks etc really upsets me, you know. – Yeah puts you off. Yeah dude,unfortunately I’m put off. If you want to see the close up image of this by the way except Airmax 97 Off White all the models are here. Of course we can find 97 as well, if you want, why not. If you have any model you want us to review here in detail and make a video for is, we can do that as well. Please write to the comment box down below. I hope you liked our video. If you liked it, please press the like button. Anyway if you have any questions, you can write on the comment box under the video. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts thank you. See you on the next video I hope I don’t know.

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