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Hi guys i’m Davide and today we are going to talk about an accessory that is important for all players who play in winter periods And this is: Nike Squad Snood for winter periods If you want to buy it you will find the link in the description below, which will directly access the site of SportIT Football It’s a product that Nike has studied exactly for football and therefore it should satisfy all the needs during the coldest training sessions of the season It is among other things a product that you have seen a long time ago, tested by numerous Premier League players We immediately clarify that Nike offers two versions of this product: Strike Snood and Squad Snood which are both very valid After the obligatory premises, now let’s see in practice how to wear and especially the characteristics of this particular “neck warmer” What are the main features? In practice it is an “advanced” neck warmer as it tries to satisfy all needs and to fight the cold in a complete way In fact, the position completely covers the ears and nose, with a fabric that should remain tight and prevent the cold from “passing” So how do you stay “in position”? Thanks to the structure in the part of the ears, it is fixed and remains still, creating a homogeneous and complete covering Another problem with normal neck warmers, breathing. With the snood of Nike problem reset, as the part of the mouth is breathable Last but not least, the material inside is made in such a way as to always maintain a temperature standard and not to disperse the heat that is created. Now I show you how you are, how you will appear when you go to wear it Basically, now you understand what I wanted to make you understand until now: see how it is fixed and how much it adheres to the head and the neck Obviously then you have the possibility to insert it inside your shirt or sweatshirt to avoid “drafts” of any kind Quality price ratio is a product that absolutely worth the expense, then each of you is free to make your own choice Of course you put a like if you liked the video and do not forget to comment below and subscribe to the channel, see you at a next video, Ciao!

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6 thoughts on “Nike Squad Snood: sei davvero pronto per l’inverno? | Equipment

  1. Ho provato quello da 20 euro. Ottima la respirazione e la copertura dal freddo sopratutto per le orecchie. Lo uso anche in scooter!

  2. Vorrei sapere le differenze fra il Nike squad snood e lo strike snood per lei quale è meglio e quale mi conviene prendere?cambia di vestibilità? E un ultima cosa che taglia consigli per un ventenne ? Veste stretto? Grazie mille in anticipo!

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