Nike Odyssey React Shield SKU: 9097369

Hello everybody, my name is Richard from And today we’re checking out the Odyssey React Shield, it’s from Nike Rain is never going to slow you down again as long as you have these awesome shoes right here It’s very lightweight, very flexible and has a heel-to-toe differential of 10 millimeters The upper is made out of this really awesome material that is actually going to repel water You also have these taped seams throughout so no moisture is going to make its way to the inside And irritate your foot while you are running which is fantastic And you have this really cool lace-up system here Got this little hook so you can attach it to the bottom of the laces so that way when you’re running this will not get in the way But to lace up, it’s actually give this a pull and you are locked and ready to go, Really quick really easy It’s got a stretch lining on the inside, give you a sock-like feel, very comfortable very
breathable too with excellent cushioning into that footbed You actually have that react cushioning in there to give you that energy return with every step And then a really sturdy rubber outsole here on bottom to keep you steady Don’t let the rain get in your way, there’s no excuse for it, not with these shoes they’re from Nike

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2 thoughts on “Nike Odyssey React Shield SKU: 9097369

  1. You didn't say anything about the react foam, the feel, the weight, was it tested…nothing. 1:20 seconds and you said "nike" and "waterproof" with loud music playing…

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