Nike | ACG Presents: An Impractical Guide to Camping and the Outdoors

Welcome, fellow outdoorsians, to the
world of ACG. Here in these visual guides, we’ll teach you how to camp correctly
and master the great outdoors with comfort and ease. You’ll navigate the
terrain using the magnetic pull of the Earth, build a shelter to keep yourself
away from harmful elements, keep yourself warm by building a fire correctly, and
above all, have fun doing it. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this
trumpet solo. Let’s find the perfect walking stick. These are also known as
trekking poles or pilgrims’ staffs. Standing with your arm to your side, the
stick should be approximately six to eight inches higher than your elbow.
I see our campers have found some walking sticks. Incorrect. That’s a tad too tall. Close
but just a smidge too short. Once you have found the perfect walking
stick, you’ll find it useful for balance, for clearing cobwebs or bush from a
trail, or using it as a backrest. There are many different types of walking
sticks, as you can see. Stay tuned for more fun facts on camping with ACG. To be fully
prepared for the elements, let us learn how to layer correctly. This camper looks
like she knows what she’s doing. Let’s see how she layers. Start with
undergarments that absorb moisture. Now let’s cover the first layer with insulated
clothing that keeps warmth in and chill out. The next layer is wind and
waterproof. Now let’s cover that noggin with a hat. Don’t forget, there is such a
thing as too many layers. This camper is demonstrating how not to
layer. She still looks pretty cool in those hats. Stay tuned for more fun facts on
camping with ACG. Today, we will learn the log cabins styler of a fire building. There are three types of fuel you will need
to make a successful fire. These are tinder, kindling, and fuel wood.
Remember to keep a bucket of water handy. You’ll need it later to put the fire out.
Stack the larger fuel wood in a log cabin design. Use space in the middle
for tinder and kindling. Fuel wood burns long into the night and produces coals
for cooking and, most importantly, s’mores. When extinguishing the fire, pour
water over it to make sure the coals are completely cooled down.
Atay tuned for more fun facts on camping with ACG.

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24 thoughts on “Nike | ACG Presents: An Impractical Guide to Camping and the Outdoors

  1. 1:40 I wonder why she took her shorts off and used them as a flag but the big question is was she wearing any panties underneath those shorts? That was my favorite part of the video

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