Nigel Farage praises Brexit as European economies falter

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100 thoughts on “Nigel Farage praises Brexit as European economies falter

  1. Fox Network, socialised medicine, rest of the civilised world Universal Health care..
    Covers all… US system ,feel his wallet before you see him..

  2. Britain has been subsidising the EU economies for decades, so a recession would be inevitable for them after Brexit.

    Now that the UK controls it's own borders the benefits of having that control back helps to manage pandemics.

    I would hate to be in open-border Europe during a pandemic. You would be accused of being 'racist' if you closed your borders.

    These idiots would rather let their citizens die than be called 'racists' … what fools.

    I don't know why people get bothered being called a 'racist' … they are just words which have now lost all meaning.

  3. And when you fools across the pond start shooting at each other,,, again,,, i will applaud the U.S.A. for sitting it out. The USA has changed it's thinking too .

  4. Why does Lou Dobbs sound like he's got a bit of an English accent mixed in there? Mid-Atlantic thing?

  5. Open borders remain in EU as Turkey releases another 100s of thousands of illegals crawling with China Virus into Europe.

  6. Greetings to the UK from San Francisco, CA, USA. Happy for your situation. Now if we can get this Corona Virus thing under control and go back to plain life, we can all be happy. I have community spread going on now all around me. So sad. And you probably know, whats worse, is that some of the "recovered" patients declared cured… are having second infection relaspe. Foot traffic / car traffic around me is really half of what is normal. People are staying home.

  7. With Turkey opening it’s boarders the Coronavirus running rampant and the EU collapsing it’s time to fill in the tunnel

  8. Tourism is well down in London and some business owners I know personally are extremely worried and will have to lay off staff if this continues

  9. Of course the economy is going to falter! Something new is going on. When ever there is change the markets and "Economy" React! All the time every time.

  10. Uk healthcare isn’t as socialist as people think. People pay a hell of a lot of money towards it, probably more than private insurance would be. There’s always the option to go private too, so if you want to do that it really doesn’t affect you. So idk why America has a chip on their shoulder. The proposed social healthcare for America though isn’t great if it forces people to use it over private. We have over 70 years of infrastructure for the nhs. I don’t feel a country today could replicate it

  11. Poor Nigel , scared to stand for election himself after failing the previous 7 times, and his Brexit party didn’t get one person elected

  12. 98% of immigrants going into Europe are fighting age Muslim males between 18-34 years old. If they were truly fleeing oppression why would they leave their women and children behind??? New world order is trying to defeat Europe through multiculturalism and tolerance. Save your people and save your country!

  13. I said that the next thing they will say is coronavirus has mutated into something worse. And I'm sure my comment was deleted on sky news channel.The next day farage mentions same thing!!

  14. It was an mere idea that couldn't be realized. Still, idiots in Brussels Will fight to suspend its false narrative to Keep Frankensteins monster alive

  15. Sadly working in both unions and I tell UK pound is tanking..and the ei is coming minister are just a bravado bunch.. no real leader in the well on the continent.. time you get other podcaster

  16. "Corona Virus" sounds threatening but it's just a fluw.Nothing more Nothing Less.People who died are older people over 80 years old with other health issues .

  17. For gods sake, leave walk away, stay away, accept tariffs and quotas and all will be happy. To be honest no one on the continent is keen on on the next sequel of the Brexit saga or your politicians behaving like rowdy juveniles. People are concerned with corona, economical issues in CN and US, that really affect our economies!

  18. MegaLULZ… what a bunch of potatoes. Brexit effectively hasn't happened yet because of the transition period. And good luck UK getting all those trade deals within a year and on your terms. The UK simply are not that important to the world as a couple hundred years ago. Brexit will hurt the UK MUCH more than it will hurt the EU. Don't be silly, the EU is still one of the largest single markets in the world and make no mistake, the remaining 27 countries will most certainly NOT bow to the will of the formerly only 3rd or 4th largest economy in the EU. Britain just isn't that important or even interesting. The US are a far more interesting and important market but again, make no mistake, not the MOST important market at all. China, India, those are the real growth markets and the EU is in a prime position to deal with those.

  19. If Brexit goes well, he will be certain for Knighthood. But whatever he is an extremely effective human being.


  21. The financial position is all part of the plan going to be an interesting Summer follow X22 Report

  22. If they would’ve let us take control of our borders before Brexit started Brexit would never of happened

  23. Everyone called Britain weak and without power until the day it left the european union, now their economy can barely survive without the UK

  24. Farage must be on cocaine for real there's ZERO growth in the UK we are in a manufacturing recession right now

  25. Farage is a right wing loon who doesn't care about ordinary skill just wants to line his pocket talking to far right media

  26. EU is going to have a real bad time if they keep up this freedom of movement mantra with this virus doing the rounds!

  27. Always great to see Nigel on the 'box and he handled the loaded question well. That would be the loaded question: 'How is the socialised health care system coping?'
    Well actually its coping very well. No panic, just specialist hospitals taking care of people as they report in and specialised teams going around. People are being careful and the Government is reacting to science not Twitter. people brought in from abroad and taken into quarantine and happily no deaths yet (and I hope that continues).
    Our NHS is NOT 'Socialised Healthcare' any more than we have 'Socialised Police' or 'Socialised Military' or a 'Socialised Civil Service' just because they are taxpayer funded.
    Americans need to stop the labelling to protect the Multi Billion Dollar US health care scam.

  28. Brexit will not make much difference to immigration – we have over 200,000 Non-EU immigrants every year ! If not for the massive "White Flight" to Spain, we'd be falling off the edges of this little island. Google it, to reassure yourself it's not fake news.

  29. How would joe biden KNOW whether HE was arrested? Poll tested. Peasants fooled. Words and phrases meaningless.

  30. FINALLY people are understanding that GLOBALISATION is NOT the best idea. There is a reason for the saying:
    "Don't put all your eggs in one basket!".
    Bet the UK naysayers are now thankful they had Brexit with literally weeks in time.

  31. If you believe the demented crap from either of those two plonkers then you're a lost soul.

    Why are Farage supporters so stupid? Europe has been at war more or less continually for the last 2 millennia. Without political unity, what's to stop the next terrible war? All you shitheads that crow about the break up of the EU, do so because you're simply too dumb to understand the consequences.

    The will be another great European war, and it'll be horrible. Congratulations, you fuckwits.

  32. So called preying to any named god will not stop people suffering or dying anywhere on our planet no matter what the cause is,its up to the human race alone to try and sort out our problems cos there is no one else that will..

  33. Who is Joe Biden? Corona Virus is just fear porn to cover for a something major the oligarchs are trying to unravel.

  34. More people die every single day from car accidents on their way to lunch than have died in total from corona virus. Diseases should of course be taken seriously, but the fear mongering is disproportionate to the threat.

  35. England – home and Beauty ! bow to the Queen's crown ! I say bloody sod ! remember Rodger Whittaker, you are so beautiful!

  36. Strangely EU zone still has higher growth than the UK. No advantages to brexit have materialised, only negatives. Of course Farage ignores all that, facts aren't useful.

  37. You should put "business" in airquotes when you ask this idiot about anything.
    Nigel Fartarse has as much knowledge about business or the EU like a donkey about ice skating.

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