Nicol Bolas Planeswalker Deck Upgrade

Upgrading the Nicol Bolas Planeswalker Deck You probably like playing Nicol Bolas against
Nissa. But now you want to play the deck at Friday
Night Magic or the Standard Showdown. It will need a few upgrades to be more competitive. I’ll get Papa Mage to show you some simple,
but awesome upgrades right now. Welcome Young Mage I’m The Rhino. Young Mage is devoted to reaching and teaching
young mages of all ages. Subscribe now to show your support. And don’t forget to tap that bell down below
to get notifications of all the cool stuff coming soon. Before we get started, tell me what card you
want the MOST out of Hour of Devastation in the comments below. I’d really like to know. Nicol Bolas is the reason for the set. And his Planeswalker deck is really cool. But he needs some upgrades to be more competitive. I’m not too great with three color decks. So Papa Mage has this deck tech. Take it away Papa. Let me first start by saying that a three
color deck is tricky for a new player. It’s even tricky for people that have been
playing for some time. When I saw the Nicol Bolas Planeswalker deck,
it looked pretty good. The average mana cost was a bit high, but
the mana curve was pretty good and it looked like it had a reasonable mix of creatures
and spells. But it was lacking. Even though Nicol Bolas is in the deck, he’s
not a major win condition. The creatures are the win condition and if
you happen to get Nicol Bolas out, well that’s nice too. So this is an attempt to make Nicol Bolas
the center of attention in the deck, because he’s a big elder dragon. I’m going to shift the deck to a control
deck. We want to take out any threat our opponent
can bring out and whittle them away with a few creatures and the big guy himself, Nicky. Will this deck win you Friday Night Magic
or the Standard Showdown… Probably not. It will be annoying. It is a lot of fun, but I would classify this
deck as casual plus. So this is what I took out: Khenra Eternal. It’s a simple 2/2 for two with an afflict
of 1. So it will always get in at least one damage. That’s not enough of a benefit to keep in
the deck so this puppy is out. Aerial Guide. He’s an ok 2/2 for 3 with flying. But his added ability to help make one of
your creatures fly is kind of ho hum. We don’t want a lot of creatures anyway. So he’s gone. The Marauding Boneslasher. I’m sure he will be ok in an aggro zombie
deck. But he’s too limiting here. I need something that can block with or without
a zombie on the battlefield. And the last creature, Zealot of the God Pharaoh. Technically I can’t take him out because
he’s a specialty card. I’ll put him in the sideboard, but I don’t
have to like it. He is a reasonable 4/3 for 4. But using his added ability of doing 2 damage
to your opponent for 5,… there’s better ways of doing direct damage. Since we aren’t going to have a lot of creatures,
the Supernatural Stamina doesn’t make sense to keep in the deck. I’m afraid I’ll have it in my hand and
have no reasons to ever cast it. The same is true for the Throne of the God-Pharaoh. This is a great card in a massive creature
deck. Something that will suck life using creatures
that you tap each turn. In this deck it will be a waste of a card
slot. Open Fire can do 3 damage to a creature or
player for 3. I’d rather use something like a shock that
will do 2 damage for 1. So this one is out too. And the last thing I took out is Final Reward. That’s a lot of mana just to exile a creature. I think I would rather make it so they never
get to cast a creature in the first place. With no creatures on the battlefield, I don’t
need this for removal. I have something else planned for the Embalmed
and Eternalized creatures. So you know I’m going to have a lot less
creatures. I’m not going to actually add any more creatures. The Burning Fist Minotaur is actually kind
of neat. First strike is nice and the ability to discard
a card and use a little mana to pump him up is good. And I actually have a card or too I may want
to discard. The Wasp is part of the speciality cards so
I can’t remove it, but it’s not too bad really. You can take out threats when Nicky comes
into play. And a 2/1 flyer for 2 isn’t too bad in the
early game. In this deck the Ammit Eternal is a bit of
a decoy. I want my opponent to focus on trying to take
him out, especially if it causes them to cast a lot of spells unnecessarily. I want my opponent to be top decking as soon
as possible. Since I’m making this more of a control
deck, the Eternal of Harsh Truths should be swinging without any blockers, which will
keep me drawing cards. That’s good. That’s really good. And the final creature is the Manticore Eternal. A 5/4 for 5 that can afflict 3 is really nice. The fact it’s attacking each turn isn’t
much of a disadvantage in this case. On to the spells. I’ve knocked the creatures down to 10 and
pumped up the spells to 24. We don’t want our opponent to have anything
on the battlefield. So we are going to burn or counter anything
that comes out. Magma Spray was already in the deck, but it
fits the bill and exiles the creature to boot. Super annoying. I added two shocks, because why not? The only reason I don’t have 4 is because
I have other ways to take out creatures that will give some better results. I put the Crook of Condemnation in to get
rid of Embalmed and Eternalized creatures. That way they can’t come back to be a problem
for me later. Cut to Ribbons was added as a full playset. The cut portion of the card can take out just
about any creature. It’s like a double shock for creatures at
sorcery speed. If you are doing a good enough job keeping
creatures from entering the battlefield, this can be a card that the Burning Fist Minotaur
can discard. I really want ribbons in the graveyard. Later in the game when you have a lot of mana,
it can do a lot of damage. Now for some of the blue control pieces. Essence Scatter is great for keeping them
from casing creatures. Nuff said. I did put 3 Negates in the deck. This can keep them from playing enchantments,
Planeswalkers but more importantly, it can counter their counter spells. That will protect our few creatures. Riddleform is a nice enchantment to let you
scry. Since we are casting a lot of non-creature
spells, making it a 3/3 flying sphinx is a bonus. So does that make Riddle Form a spell or a
creature? Both. As long as you cast a spell on your opponent’s
turn, he can become a surprise blocker too. Supreme Will allows you to either counter
your opponents spells or you can go digging for a card you may need. In this case I like this much better than
Censor. We need the option for the card draw. Glimmer of Genius allows you to draw more
cards with no real downside. We don’t need the energy it produces, but
card draw is very important in a deck like this. We had to leave in the Visage of Bolas. It’s like having two extra Nickys in the
deck. It will also allow you to get get in an extra
mana which is nice too. So what does this deceiving Nicol Bolas do? Well, he forces your opponent to lose life
or discard cards or sacrifice creatures. That’s useful. He can directly take out a creature and let
you draw a card. That works too. If there’s no creatures on the battlefield,
can can just draw a card… but why? Force them to discard or lose 3 life. And his ultimate is pretty good too. Seven direct damage and drawing cards is nice. If you ultimate him, hopefully you already
have your opponent down to 7 or under. So with all of these changes, you must be
thinking I made a major change to the mana base. Not really. I’m even keeping it at 26 land. Surprise, surprise. We need to make sure we never miss a land
drop. The only thing I’m doing is adding Evolving
Wilds and a couple more buddy lands with the Highland Lake and Submerged Boneyard. I would have loved to put in some faster lands,
but those are a resource that new players will not have easy access to. If you have them, definitely use them. So now what would I put in the Sideboard? Well our Zealots are stuck there for now. And we have a few extras of our blue control
spells. But I’ve added By Force to take out pesky
Artifacts. This includes any vehicles which I think will
have a bigger presence when the Ixalan set comes out. I have 3 Scarab Feast to exile cards from
our opponent’s graveyard. More ways to get rid of Embalmed and Eternalized
creatures. I also have one each of the Defeat cards in
our colors. It’s nice to have these when you are in
a game against any of these Planeswalkers. As you can see our Mana Curve favors 2 drops. And the majority of our cards can be played
using 3 mana or less. This makes it much better, a little bit faster
and a lot more annoying. Wow. I think I’m ready to play this deck. What do you think of Nicky now? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to watch the other videos
on upgrading the Nissa and Nicol Bolas decks. The link is in the description below. Make sure you click like on my videos, it
helps out a lot. Don’t forget to subscribe, if you haven’t
already. And there are a few things here and here that
may interest you. I have more videos coming out soon. And until then, Rhino out.

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21 thoughts on “Nicol Bolas Planeswalker Deck Upgrade

  1. Hey guys just got the cards in the mail thank you so much for the top loader and the signed Elvish Rhino I really appreciate it and I'll be watching your streams soon thank you so much!!!

  2. Great job on these, those little changes go a long way in making decks like this more competitive. The card I want the most is Solemnity

  3. I`m thinking about some Enigmatic Drakes to this deck because of the number of Instant`s and Sorceries this deck has. What do you think?

  4. great guide. Why did you say you had to keep the special specific cards inn the side board? new player here haha.

  5. I pretty much did the same thing with the take outs, God-Pharaoh was in one of the two boosters u get with the deck, was stoked so i added it in, along with Combustible Gearhulk, 2 Nimble Obstructionist, The Scorpion God, Baral -Chief of Compliance and added 2 Throne of the God-Pharaoh. Only tested it once, so far so good and quick.

  6. I want Nicol Bolas, God Pharaoh most. Didn't pull him so he's gonna be the most expensive magic card I've ever bought.

  7. Just ordered the cards I needed yesterday, man I cannot wait to build and play this Nicol bolas deck! Thanks for the pointers and upgrade tips! OuO

  8. put in Nehab one or both eternal is pefferd and atleast one of the 3 dark gods add mana ramp like manalyth or soul rings and take out one or 2 zealots and the open fires replace with things like hour of devastation or hour of glory keep between 60 or 77 cards bec it is a Bolas deck πŸ˜‚ you will give Nicol Bolas a deck to be proud of trust me on that also I'd keep a side deck of things you can swap in and out to change the power speed ratio if needed

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