Nice Dragon Deck Savjz!

Doo doo do doo doo doo Tyrande vs. — doo doo doo My dear Malufurion O my god You know what would be really nice? A dragon! DragOnn dragon That’s a strong play right there But I have to play it, for Kabal I got to do it, it’s not a 1/3 I’m playing, it’s a 1/6 All right, this tempo Netherspite is enough to win the game Ooh! Go tempo Netherspite! Best tempo Netherspite you’ve ever seen, right here What would you rate it? Uh, 10 out of 10 — oh, that’s kind of cheese If he has a silence, I just lose. I went all in on this, but I had to A blood twist! Here’s a blood twist for you CHOO CHOO! Netherspite coming through– oh my god, what? He didn’t actually get the I thought he would get taunts, but I I gotta do this, right? This is so stupid, I — What kind of game was that? *laughs* “Nice dragon deck Savjz” I know! I, uh,uh Uh Do I keep this? I like keeping on the coin But I’m not 100% sure if it’s correct Cuz like, if I have a cleric I’m coining this (3/4) out But it might also depend on what I’m playing against Like, it might be a little weaker against rogue, because even if I have cleric it’s more likely to die to Backstab so maybe bad And if I coin this (1/3), I have no follow-up, so I’m not coining uh oh Could also Talonpriest there inner fire, but then he kills his own board, i could just like trade those in, and it would be dead, I would’ve had Talonpriest then, it might’ve been better Just Talonpriest coin inner fire 6, 3, then it’s 6/3 yeah, looks like I’m getting rewarded for my courage No, uh, no weapon oh my god “Missed face” I know, I’m confident in my value game Aw, he put out Bonemare I mean the Keleseth doesn’t actually work shadowstep No, I should use visions right now That’s it? Okay This is the, this is the moment, guys, in the game, where we take control. And I don’t think he can counter this this is too good and his hand seems to suck that right there that was when we did it Barbaric! Barb Eric! Go Bob I’m feeling like we’re getting baited with the with, like the Lich King AoE that’s how I’m feeling, but I, uh I’m actually going to Shadowstep this, because I’m pretty sure he has the Doom Pact Pretty sure he has doom pact, so I can go cairne into operative next turn. This has gotta be doom pact No? sure I think he still has it, though I think he just decided against it Oh, I could steal a vilespine with this (operative). “How can you be sure?” Because he hasn’t played it the Lich King card yet And like, Death Grip would’ve been played, like almost anything else would’ve been played Oh, Anti-Magic Spell, so I was wrong But it’s okay. Still value in getting this cuz we get the vilespine easy vilespine, easy What?? No Vilespine! bug Oh f*ck So I’m thinking very SMOrcy things here I guess I could, trade with this Ha! BritGTX, thanks for subbing

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