Nexus 6P Review

Google announced its latest line of hardware
products last month in San Francisco and we finally have them in our pretty little hands.
The Nexus 6P, the counterpart to the iPhone 6S+ if you will, is made by China-based Huawei. First off, is this really a phone? This is
the first time that I want to refer to something as a “Phablet”. At 5.7-inches, the high-resolution
WQHD AMOLED display is big, bigger than the Apple 6S+ screen. The device is also kind
of heavy. But man, is it fast, it sports a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 v2.1 processor
and 3 GB of ram which sings, and boy is the screen bright and beautiful. Back to the size, it’s going to take some
getting used to, especially if you’re an iPhone user. Since it’s heavy, I feel like
I could only hold it for so long before I drop it, which I don’t want to do on purpose.
I’ve been playing with it for a day and its heft is felt by my wrist for sure. It
also got pretty hot on the back when I set it up, which is mostly because it installs
every single app as soon as it was connected to WiFi. More on that in a sec. My favorite part of the new Nexus phones is
the placement of the fingerprint sensor. Apple uses its home buttons as sensors, whereas
the 5X and 6P have the sensor on the back. It’s genius design, because it’s exactly
how you pull a device out of your pocket and use it. It’s also lightning fast to unlock. The rear camera is ridiculous. Shutter speed
is phenomenal. It’s 12.3 megapixels, shoots 30 frames per second 4k video and has a broad-spectrum
dual flash. You’re getting professional-looking photos with this. The front-facing camera
is nothing to sneeze at, which is 8 megapixels and shoots a respectable quality HD video. The Nexus 6P is running Android’s latest
version, Marshmallow, and the hardware definitely takes advantage of all that it has to offer.
What’s great about Marshmallow is that you can access Google’s search functionality
from basically anywhere. With the introduction of Google Now On Tap, processing power is
important, and this thing has tons of it. Make no mistake, this is a Google phone through
and through. You learn that as soon as you connect to the internet and update the pre-installed
Google suite of apps. Even though Google didn’t build the actual
hardware, they provide partners like Huawei guidelines to make sure that it pairs perfectly
with its operating system. It shows. If you bought a Nexus 6 last year, you’re
going to sell it on Craigslist to get this badboy, which starts at $499, carrier free.
You will love it. If you’ve used any other Android phone or have an iPhone? You will
walk right by the 6P. Its design is gorgeous, but for every day use, you’re going to want
something lighter…which is Apple’s specialty. Personally? I’m sold. I appreciate the bigger
screen and after playing around with the iPhone 6S and 6S+ I’m not taken by on the incremental
upgrades enough to get one. Also, I’ve been using the developer version of iOS 9 for months
and Android’s Marshmallow is completely refreshing. Not only does it work in perfect
harmony with your Google accounts, but its customization options still beat iOS hands
down. I carry an iPhone 6 and we’re going to check
back in with you in a few weeks to see if I make the switch.

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93 thoughts on “Nexus 6P Review

  1. Isn't the 6P lighter than the 6S Plus with the exact same dimensions? Seems like you are comparing two phones from two different categories. (6P v. 6S)

  2. Worst review ever…he's so vague… Didn't even show camera samples… Just expect us to take your word for it. And isn't the 6s+ heavier than the 6p?

  3. did this genius just refer to the display as an "amold?" how does a tech reviewer at TechCrunch not know how to pronounce "AMOLED?" that is truly appalling

  4. If TechCrunch are wondering why their subscribers are plummeting right now, it might be because of this review

  5. Looks an ok upgrade but evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Tick big display, fingerprint reader, better CPU, etc. But nothing new so hard to knock the iPhone 6s when the 6p is just a good update. Pricing still gives it an edge against the iPhone but l would go with LG v10 as at least they are trying, with the duel screen, two front cameras, whilst maintaining the SD slot and removable battery. See how the LG is priced and maybe give it a few months as the LG G4 is £280 in the UK which is half the price of the Nexus 6p! Easy choice there.

  6. 0:30 Why would you show an iPhone 6s next to the 6P as you are comparing it to a 6s+? Misleading as it makes the 6P look huge when in reality it is almost the exact size of the 6s+.

  7. Talk about Amateur Hour. . . "Amlod?" Display?. "Apple uses its home button for the Display while ANDROID has it on the back?" Other Android Phones have fingerprint scanners on the front..AND the side when considering Sony. "Android" is a OS not a phone. sheesh

  8. First phablet? Lmao it's the same size as almost all big phones these days. And this isn't a review, is a bad overview.

  9. I initially subscribed and liked before watching the 'review' because I was so happy I'd get to see a review. All I have to say is that this was atrocious and felt insulting to your subscribers intelligence. Why would you even bring up the iphone? I appreciate that you'd compare it since theres many iphone users that might want to make a switch but your 'review' did a horrible job of providing any detail. It was like you were talking to a bunch of kindergardener's lol. Unsubbed!

  10. Apparently the phone is very light for the size according to EVERYONE else on the internet. And "android has it's fingerprint sensor on the back". ahahaha

  11. Needs "getting used to the size if you are an Iphone user"? Hello? Iphone 6s? It's the same size and heavier? Heft felt by your wrist? Hahahah.

  12. For a company as reputable as TechCrunch, this Drew guy should be ashamed by how unprofessional and biased this so called "review" was.

  13. This sloppy hipster has no clue of half of what he's rambling about. "Apple puts the touch ID on the home button, android puts it on the back…" really? ANDROID puts it on the back. Of course he uses an iPhone 6, how predictable. What a joke of a review.

  14. The size takes some getting used to? Why are you assuming one is used to a smaller formfactor? "Especially if you are an iphone user". Did you know the iPhone 6 plus is about the same size? "Bigger than the 6s plus screen" video shows regular iPhone 6s compared to nexus 6P also it's 0.2 inches – irrelevant. Kind of heavy? 1. Who cares. 2. Lighter than the 6s plus, which you love comparing it to. ANDROID places the fingerprint reader on the back? "Shutter speed is phenomenal". That sentence has no meaning. "Professional looking photos". This sentence also has no meaning. The hardware takes full advantage of android 6.0? You just said that for no reason. You have obviously not researched that and have no facts to back it up. Why is processing power important in regards to google now on tap? And why is google now on tap good? I guess you just said that for no reason. Your conclusion of this entire "review" is that the 6P design is "gorgeous" but the weight is a dealbreaker? Wow.

  15. Very stupid review, almost THE WORST review of any kind!

    You just made a very wrong and ultra worst, so fast to just receive bunch of reviewers and subscribers… before any other website uploads review video.

    Google shouldn't even let you guys look at this phone!

  16. Watching this review might have killed some of my brain cells.

    This review if further proof that any idiot/fanboy can write a review without doing any research or being biased and not mentioning the iPhone 6S Plus as a comparable size/weight. Instead he compares it to a smaller phone. BRILLIANT!

  17. The Nexus 6p is litterally only 1cm taller than the iPhone 6s Plus, other than that is the same exact size. also the Nexus 6p is almost 15 grams lighter!
    This guy is insane.

  18. I hate to leave negative comments but that was pure bullshit. if you're going to review a phone at least learn the terms, it's not "amold" but amoled. The nexus 6p is lighter than the iPhone 6 plus so why would you recommend getting a heavier phone if you think it's uncomfortable .
    this is supposed to be tech journalism so get your facts straight.

  19. Quite possibly the worst (if not the worst) phone "review" video i have ever had the displeasure of watching… 0/10 would not recommend.

  20. then he says if you're going to use this phone everyday this is not the 1 for u. Lol, yeah I'm gonna only use it on the weekends cause it's sooo heavy. Lmfao.

  21. "Is this really a phone? This is the first time I wanna to refer to something as a phablet"

    Heard that sentence and it took me no time to press the dislike button. Are you really a tech person who reviews gadgets? The previous Nexus 6 had a larger screen. And the 6p dimensions are almost similar to iPhone 6plus and have a larger screen but you made it sound like a bad thing. And your review is basically just stating the specs of the phone… what the hell??

  22. Who the fuck is this incompetent reviewer? 3 times he said "It's really heavy!".
    6P Weight: 178g.
    iPhone 6s Plus weight: 192g.

    "For every day use you'll want something lighter – and that's Apple's specialty". Except it's not, and you have no idea what people want.

  23. You compared the iPhone 6s to the larger nexus phone… you should be comparing the 6s plus… and an FYI the nexus is lighter than the 6s plus… and almost the exact same size! So many things wrong in this video

  24. "This is the first time I wanna refer to something as a phablet". SERIOUSLY? What, and the nexus 6 was…? The Nexus 6 has a 5.97 inch screen, the Sony Experia Z ultra has a 6.44 inch screen! The Nexus 6P is actually similar to the note 5 and iphone 6S Plus in terms of size. Honestly, he should spend 5 minutes reading up on the phone before filming.

    It's not heavy. Not at all. You can't use ONE PHONE as a reference point and do a review on it!

  25. This is by far the worst review of a device I have ever seen. What a joke for a device that deserves a much better review…

  26. This video genuinely felt less like a proper review and more of a statement to fellow Apple fans users that this mysterious thing called "android" we've all been hearing about is actually half decent.

    Don't get me wrong; a comparison to current popular phones should be made, and the iPhone certainly fits that bill. But the presentation of the video gives the feeling that the reviewer has never even seen an Android device until now.

  27. it's got a bigger screen ratio than the 6s iPhone but sorry to burst your Apple bubble the iPhone 6s plus weighs more and there is not much in size

  28. No No No. ANDROID does not have a fingerprint sensor. The phone does. Android is a Software. Also there are other placements for the fingerprint sensor on other phones don't generalize too much man

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