Nexus 5X Review

The Nexus 5X announced during Google’s hardware
event in San Francisco is the closest thing you’ll get to an iPhone 6 or 6s as far as
form factor. It’s made by LG and is the lower end version of the new Nexus devices. And It sure does feels like it. Google says that the 5X captures the soul
of the Nexus family, whatever that means, but to me it feels cheap. It’s also a bit
thick for the screen size. The previous Nexus 5, also built by LG, felt much sturdier. It
also had a soft back, which I’m missing here. The 5.2″ Gorilla® Glass 3 display isn’t
as vibrant as its larger counter part’s, the Nexus 6P, but it gets the job done. LG
promises fingerprint and smudge-resistant oleophobic coating which sounds fancy and
is probably true…if it means it picks up fingerprints like whoa. It’s fast, which is because it was built
along with the OS, Marshmallow. The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 808 processor is more than sufficient
for what I’ve tried to do with it already, but as I add more apps and games, I might
experience something different. The 2 GB of ram helps it fly. One of the features that Google is touting
is the camera, which LG didn’t skimp on at all. The rear camera is 12.3 megapixels
and shoots 4k video and the front facing camera is an OK 5 megapixels. The new reversible
USB Type-C plug is hopefully the last change made to plugs for a while. The promise of
faster charging is worth it though, and we’ve noticed a quick 4% to 20% jump within minutes
of plugging in. Throw all of your old cords into a drawer somewhere, they won’t help
you here. I really feel like Google should go back to
making its own phone hardware. What we have now are two top tier devices that have
their own quirks but aren’t going to convert a serious iPhone user. While the 5X is certainly
light, it’s not a light that feels great in the hand. I feel like I’m going to loose
grip on it and have it fly out of my hand. The Nexus 5X starts at $379.00, carrier free,
and is available in 16 or 32GB, but not the 128 that the 6P is available in. It comes
in Carbon, Quartz, or Ice. Or black, blue and white for us regular folks. If you’re looking for a better form factor
with this screen size, and have a few hundred extra bucks, I’d go with the latest Samsung
Edge. However, the plus here with flagship devices is that you’re going to get all
of the latest Android OS updates first and fast as well as the immediate Google experience
with its pre-installed suite of apps. The phone is a meh for me, but for the price point,
and the fact that it’s unlocked, it’s a good buy. It’s not an awful phone, but I’ve
definitely have gravitated to its larger friend the 6P.

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31 thoughts on “Nexus 5X Review

  1. my YouTube is full of nexus 5X and 6P unboxings and reviews. For the moment I'm not into the reviews, most of the reviewers have been given the phone just 2 days earlier. I don't think it's sufficient to release a trustable review. I'll wait for +Marques Brownlee , +Pocketnow and others. At least they would have spent a week with it

  2. I just don't get the point of this video. Is it just to tell us that 5X is bad and we should all buy 6P? Well, obviously the bigger one has better hardware and aluminum feels nice, that is why it is more expensive and it's called a flagship and people who have money certainly are going to buy the better one. Duh! LOL! (2:20)

  3. The white and black phones have a different feel to them. The Nexus black 5 and 5x are both soft touch and grippy. The white Nexus 5 and 5x both feel hard and slippery. You compared the feel of the old black one to the new white one. That doesn't bode well for my confidence in your reviewing credibility.

  4. Agreed. The 5X is really awkwardly located in the market as of now. I'd opt for a Moto X pure which is essentially priced the same, also shares the fast system upgrade but just feels like a more substantial phone overall.

  5. This isn't a review. This is just a fat shit complaining about a phone he never got to use for a considerable amount of time.

  6. Complains about the 5X being slippery, recommends S6 Edge a couple of seconds later. Wow, that's one tendentious review there.

  7. Review? This is awful. "4-20% in just a few seconds," "neither are going to switch an iPhone user," "The more apps I install, I might experience something else." It literally looks like 5 minutes of production and editing went into making this review.

  8. ok so phones are either so light that they will fly out of your hand or its so heavy that it hurts ur wrist :l and stfu about iphone, i am a iphone 6+ (i love apple!!!) user and im switching to a 6p

  9. Definitely the worst review I've seen for ANY device. Somebody please pin the blue ribbon on this idiot. I'm not even going to waste time commenting on what he said. It's obvious he is so far up Apples rear that its of no use.

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