NextBit’s Robin Cloud-First Android Smartphone

When Nextbit launched their Kickstarter campaign
for the Robin smartphone last year, one of the things that really caught users eyes was
its bold design. The campaign went on to raise $1.3 million
from early backers and the first devices are arriving in their hands this week. I’ve
had a couple weeks to test out the cloud-first android device and I’ve had a blast with
it so far. In a world where pretty much every new phone
looks like an iPhone clone, Nextbit went after a much bolder, more unique aesthetic. The
modular mint-colored style of the Robin is totally its own. The hardware may feel a bit blocky to Galaxy
or iPhone users but the overall feel of the phone is very solid. The 5.2 inch 1080p screen is crazy bright
and throughly responsive, the 13MP rear camera is sharp and performs well in low-light situations
and battery life kept me going through a full day of heavy, heavy use. Sometime the cloud-first phone can seem a
bit too design-first. The recessed fingerprint sensor ON button can be a bit of a bitch sometimes.
Like some other Android phones, there isn’t a home button AND the bottom stereo speaker
confusingly looks like one. So you may be fumbling a bit more than you like to turn
it on sometimes. Software wise the Marshmallow Nextbit skin
is pretty much stock Android with a notable exception: heavy cloud integration. I’ve been a 16g iPhone user for years so
even the upgrade it’s standard 32 gigs was welcome. But Robin’s hallmark “cloud-first”
storage solution auto backs-up the device on wifi and archives your unused apps when
you’re low on space so you can just worry about finding awesome content to download
not worry about where to store it. Overall the Nextbit Robin is refreshing, it
puts a lot of effort into making you worry less about things like space management and
with its bold design you won’t have to worry about a lack of attention directed its way

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One thought on “NextBit’s Robin Cloud-First Android Smartphone

  1. Did you really just refer to a fingerprint sensor on a phone as "a bit of a bitch" ?!? Not sure if what bothers me is the lack of professionalism, or just how plain stupid that sentence sounds.

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