Next iPhone SE to Change in Size and Design?!

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100 thoughts on “Next iPhone SE to Change in Size and Design?!

  1. I actually really love the design of the iPhone 8. It's the old classic design but still modern and nice looking with the glass back. It's also still a pretty comfortable size. I would love a refreshed version of the 8 as the internals of the actual 8 are 2 years old now. If it's cheaper I would consider moving back to iPhone for this and just buy it upfront rather than making monthly payments. I'm one of few I guess who actually prefer the home button design. Currently on a pixel 3 but we'll see what 2020 brings as I loved my old iPhones.

  2. Stop talking iPhone SE haimarivera,, stop doing that.. You know what, 150$ phone have 6 inches more screen with 4000 mah 2 days baterey.. N they love it, if SE with 5" screen we will ignore that.

  3. I dont get the point of iphone se anymore, when there is iphone 11. SE was suppose to be the cheaper more budget friendly option, that place is taken by the 11 and was taken by xr.

  4. I think the price will be about 300$ indeed, probably made of recycled baby diapers to provide a structure that doesn't break, scratches at level 1 with deeper grooves at level 2 but so is the competitor's state of the art fold

  5. I know what's going to happen!!
    They are going to sell Mac books with no keyboard, only the touch pad and if you want the keyboard with the laptop you'll need to dish out just $599!!
    Stupid iSheeps will go and buy them as well!!

  6. Jaime, you said it…. iPhone 8 will be re-branded as iPhone SE next year and Apple, as usual, will gloat about entire phone being made with recycled parts 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. The bezels tho. With all of apples budget phone competition, customers might see the older design and look to something with more screen, such as the Moto g7.

  8. Wtf are you even on…. sorry i pick a 3rd option: brand new SE that is small as it is ,but fresh 2020 looks! Or at least like a mini version of iphone X. Even better would be same squarish edged design just the screen of X onwards! Dont care about the price tag , i just want flushed back camera , edged rim, and X style display!

  9. I actually like the way Airpods fit. They're the one type of earbuds that don't hurt my ears or squish out over time. I'd be sorely disappointed if Apple went to tips like every one else.

  10. Why did you say that Randstand targeted homeless people and college students but totally omitted the fact that they specifically targeted BLACK homeless people and college students 🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. Jaime why do u always talk about other products before the actual product on the clickbait is that because of promotion?

  12. Why just whhhhy , we have to think about the coming iphone or samsung , like its a deal breaker . Nothn diff , some speed added and minor upgrades , why all that thinking like its some type of addiction . Its just afuckin phone nothn will be like suuuper waw . I love iphone , but i dont need to keep thinking what will the new iphone gona bring us cause i knw NOTHIN , at its best 15% speed up , third camera which no one use and if u need all the photography profissinality go and buy prof camera , what else more pixels to screen which humen eye dont notice and which will make the phone work slower like every one ask for 90hertz and 120hz for screen which will kill the battery withn 3 hrs and it will be more load on soch , 2% more battery capacity , 1% extra brightness and in case its sndriid phone more 2 gig of ram , wireless charge which i swear i never saw any one use it or reverse wireless charging which damage ur battery faster ,lets get real its not rocket science what to expect in any incoming phone wether its iphone or samsung or what ever it is . Like every youtuber waitin for pixel 4 as its gona be somethin diff , same led screen 3 cam , maybe 2 , bad design , snapdragon 855 . So really for all youtuber , TECH is NOT just about phones stop wasting ur and our time. My addvice to all consumers iphone 6s or samsung s6 is more than enough . 🙂

  13. Actually the iPhone 8 is so fast with the A11 that it don’t even need an upgrade now. But the se definitely needs one with the A9

  14. If they keep the real Home Button and Headphone Jack, i'm in. Honestly i hate the fake Home Button that vibrate on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

  15. Do people still care about the iPhone? My feeling is that iphone is for your non tech grandparents and not for the PocketNow audience. I mean only 11% of the population uses an iPhone?

  16. I want iPhone SE with small bezels in the old form factor. I think navigation gestures are especially intuitive on a small device. I want it to be 1 cm thin with a decent battery (3,000mAh+).

  17. I'm just blown away beyond being blown away of how apple is behind. Yeah a small phone in 2020 with a 5 year old design. Its almost like apple is begging to see its sales decline faster than ever.

  18. People need to get over the iPhone SE 2…technically if u want a iPhone SE u can pick up an iPhone 8 I mean compared to everything else Apple is offering I think the 8 is the unofficial SE replacement

  19. Screw iPhone 8. I would pay flagship price, 1k euros without single regret for iPhone se2 with same design just bezelles screen.

  20. I guess it'll replace the iphone 8 next year. But people like the old school phone size of the original SE. Everyone wants a SE/5/s style size phone, with bezzelessfull screen and a finger print scanner on the back in the Apple logo. They could move the front camera into a corner… and if they really wanted to give people something, extend the one curved corner (with the front camera) into a squared off design so the front camera can be squeezed out of the way of the curved edge front screen, not eating into it.

  21. I wish they can give us a SE In a iPhone 11 pro body. I would pay premium dollars just for that small form factor.

  22. iPhone se 2: 5.2 inch would be good along with dual speakers, dual camera and won't hold my breath a headphone jack.

  23. Iphone SE should have 4.8 inches display with the supposedly bezelless design of new iphone 12 or whatever they are going to name it in 2020.. Dont give the old designs with upgraded specs APPLE

  24. Apple should stop wasting money on "fake" improvements. Sheep really don't care as long as it has Apple logo on it.

  25. I think the original iPhone SE is too small. I’ve own one. Oh, it’s still a very nice lightweight phone, but very easy to lose😏.

  26. I want a metal back.
    Cos nobody cares about the wireless charging outside of USA
    And the metal back makes it much lighter and suitable for kids

  27. China doesn't take care of it's Muslim population and threatens Hong Kong population. I don't support this or Chinese knock off phone companys.

  28. So an Apple 8 like phone in 2020…WTF APPLE…?? Eat my aids infected CULO Apple! Hey Apple buy my iPhone 6s Plus back…I will sell it to you for $500!

  29. If Apple will be making an iPhone SE 2 in the form body of the iPhone 8, we all hope it would have a 3.5 mm headphone jack with. Thanks the video sir

  30. Think of the iPhone SE 2 as an iPhone 8 but with the A13 Bionic SoC, 3 GB of RAM, 64 and 128 GB storage capacities, and a new Qualcomm radio modem chip that supports more LTE bands (including Band 71 600 MHz) and possibly even WiFi 6 support.

  31. 1:04 Everyone : I think Apple will release a “AirPods 3”
    Apple : Hold my “Apple Smart Hairdryer” starting at a cheap price of $999

  32. I just hope they do a plus version for those who like a big form factor but want to keep touch ID and a 4:3 aspect ratio, also in colors would be nice

  33. Honestly if Apple made an upgraded iPhone 8 Plus with the same design and upgraded camera specs and keep Touch ID I'd be sold so fast

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