Nexmo: Loved by developers. Built for business.

– [Narrator] The digitized world is buzzing with new things to do, new places to be, and
whole new ways to do them. Agile enterprises and fast-growth startups eye-deep in competition, your
customers are expecting you to step up and blow their minds. – [Man] Do something for me
you’ve never done before! – [Narrator] They say – [Man 2] Yeah, now do it faster! – [Narrator] Cloud-based API communication gives digital savvy companies the power to make every interaction count. They know it takes more
than just finding the right API platform to deliver
that kind of wallop. It’s finding the right partner. Developers and business decision makers are discovering Nexmo. Integrated with Vonage’s
carrier grade network, which completes 15 billion minutes of global voice traffic a year. The Nexmo API Platform delivers powerful SMS and chat solutions. And a deeply rich programmable
voice experience worldwide. Nexmo customers have the confidence to deploy business critical
applications in the moment. – [Woman] I texted him, he called me back. He’s right around the corner. – [Narrator] The passenger text her driver from the car hailing service. The driver knows who this customer is and why they’re texting. Why? Because the communication
is built with an API, right into the app. No looking at phone numbers and both phone numbers remain private. The customers make their
brunch date on schedule. Flapjacks still warm and buttery. Who delights in making the complex beautifully simple for you? Nexmo. Loved by developers, built for business. And though blissfully
oblivious, Nexmo is appreciated by your customers because – [Man 3] We want you to
do it all again tomorrow.

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