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NIHAAAAAOO! I’m GREG LE GEEK! My bosom buddies call me GLG You’re welcome for our sum up of the week 19 because you’re wondering what are the high tech and smartphones novelties this week in China ? You’ll get all you need to know right after Pangeek! Today oh yes Today! Today it’s saturday and it’ s the day of the recap of the week! This week we started with an Android Game that we’ve been asked to test for the editor The name is callesd Grappes and you can click on the little preview window to see our test if you haven’t seen it yet… It’s a quiet fun game, that can remind us on Bad Piggies on some aspect but it’s also tottally different ^^ The principle is simple but when you go up in the levels it’s getting harder and harder to save those grappes! This week we also tested the flashlights from the brand Spotlight Thos torch are made for selling in USA and they have a life warranty! The quality is just amazing and it’s tottally unbreakable, they light very good i guess the frenchies will say it’s a bit too expensive ^^ because it’s always too expensive for the frenshies ^^ but thos flashlights are definitely cool adn there’s solution for recharge in cars etc… you can click to see teh test on the preview window Wednesday, there was the return of our show “Shenzhen HD” We brought you at the KK 100, on of the highest building of Shenzhen with 340 metter 85 metter more than the eiffel tower and that was really cool to do this for you and we thanks all our tipers from who will receive their love text message or email that i ow them ^^ i invite you to see the video by clicking here to see the view a shenzhen from 340 metter high! This week has seen the arrival of the Jiayu G4S an evolution of the G4 thanks to the new octacore chipset We really can’t say anything bad about this mobile… a 3000mAh battery, compatible with teh 900MHz 3G frequency octacore MT6592, 2GB of RAM, Micro SD card etc…there’s everything maybe soem will find it not so good looking because he’s a bit thick due to its battery But it’s wether you want a thin phone and get a external battery or you want this kind of phone and for us this one was really flawless to end this recap let’s talke about our last test of the week the test of the bluetooth speaker DOSS DS11.98 A X shaped speaker, and we made a quiet fun video test and you can click on the preview to watch the full test of this cool item we saw some first coment saying: ” ok it’s cool but it’s only 2x 3Watt etc” frankly it’s better to have 2 x 3Watts that sounds like this than some speaker with 10 Watts that just give a shitty jammed sound! Also this week we couldn’t test the Jiayu S2 but we couldn’t get it so far it’s arrived but Jiayu told that it would come this week it’s saturday and they’re not arrived yet as soon as we have it we’ll give you the video test! Aslo we enterred in Sciphone the PipoT9, an Android Tablet with a Octocore chipstet MT6592 It’s one of the first so it’s interesting to see that Pipo score some goog point there Also we enterred the Ramos i12, which is part of the new chinese PC tablet under Android also the DOSS speaker is in the shop! some Mp3 player also branded RAMOS, we put it in our shop but we didn’t get them yet Anyway it’ snot a problem as Ramos is just 800 metter from us it’s useless to put them in as we can buy them straight ^^ We’ll see anyway maybe we’ll get one and buy others… And finally we entereed also teh Back Pack for GoPro camera As you know the Gopro is one of the best sports cam ever but it’s also one which has the worse abttery life! so the back pack it’s soem kind of battey that you clip at the back of the GoPro It’s really practicle adn we’ll do you a tiny test as sooon as possible Now it’s time to thank you all with our viewer rankings! like we told you previously 1st FRANCE!!!!!! 2nd BELGIUM!!!!! 3rd USA!!!!!!! And today we tell you the 4th audience… not the biggest country.. 4th SWITZERLAND !!!!!!! And you’ll see afterwards on the 10th there’s alot of big countries! but we have good audience in Switzerland prolly thanks to our Francophone limitation ofcourse but this will get better and this video for example will get doubled versoin Im just starting with this and i have to work with on my doubling skills but it’s a start So a big thanks you to our frenshies,our Belgian, our American viewer ofcoruse! And now a big thank you to the Switzerland people !! Next week we’ll tell you who comes in 5th in this ranking Alright now it’s time for our Gotofaq of the week! As you can see this week it will be an Aquatic Gotofaq because it’s raining cats and dogs let’s answer the questions we have selected This week tehre wasn’t so much questions on youtube and on the blog So we kept only two important question : the first one was : “Why you don’t open a small warehouse in France? it would be awsome!” The answer is simple is that we already were in France and we had many problems because all the items sold in France must have the CE norm tag Today and noone in the shops here can confess that noone of the Chinese Smartphone have the CE norm tag. Maybe the last Zopo, they start to be with this CE tag but the debate about this is still on But after those all the smartphone dedicated for china don’t have the CE tag except ofcourse all teh bigger brands that sells their device everywhere in the world now like Huwaei ZTE etc… after this if it’s about making fake CE, it’s a responsability that the shops have to take adn we don’t want Even the Xiaomi don’t have the CE tag even when they start to export their product to Asia and maybe soon to europe. It’s same fo the Hightech accesories…often they have the CE tag but it’s a fake one and you can have the fake CE papers if you ask but noone of the smartphone have those norms yet and if the french organism of fraud comes to us we’ll have alot of problems! they’ll take all they can and they’ll give us a fine higher than what we possess! So we decided to not have a warehouse in France. On the other hand we are working on something with and their non electronic accessories where it’s easier to do! Alright now the second question : “Why you don’t deliver in Belgium?” It’s simply because we follow Belgium rules! Before they were really open to everything but now they decided that everything that would come from China and that don’t have the CE tag or papers proof would get destroyed! So all what enter in Belgium Swiss post, DHL, Fedex…everything even if soemtimes it can go threw most of the time the good will get kept by the customs and when it wstarted we decided to stop sending our product there! because they told us that they verfy teh smartphone and the CE tag and also if ther’s a real Android agreement on it! and in the end they destroyed them. first blocked in the customs, then kept and then destroyed And that’s why we decided to not send our product in Belgium because it’s too risky for us and for you! The idea owuld be to pass them threw France ! So wether you know someone there and you can get it delivered there for you Because we can’t do this for you as all the product sent from France to another country is then submished byt he French Laws and we’re back to the first problem we talekd in the first question! Alright it’s over for the GOTOFAQ for thie week Now the TV show that i watched this week! i didn’t wattch so much stuff… it was kinda boring this week for me ^^ i finished Arrow! and frankly it’s a serie for Sissies! im up to date i think i at number 20 now when he decide to go back in town etc pfffff they all have greek apolon bodies making this show tottaly gay friendly… and the story is kinda hard to get into you’l have to be really a big fan of it because it’s getting longer and longer at every episodes I also watched Game of Thrones! Like you i can’t spend a week without watching it i’m at Season 4 episode 5 and it’s getting really hot in there! It’s really one of my fav show I also watched the UFC 172, because i missed it during my vacations UFC it means Ultimate Fighting you know, they are in soem cage and all is permitted or almsot all most of the time it ends by a KO the number 172 was not too shabby but i prefered the 170 i guess with Da Sivla that brobke his leg And next week i wil catch up with House of Cards! because i tottally forgot about the season 2 And it’s available now in french for HDTV downs If you don’ tknow this show it’s with Kevin Spacey about politcal manipulation in the highest spheres of the American government and i love it! I’ve been advised to watch Banshee, the story of a gangster that pretend to be a sheriff I watched the first episode long time ago! just when it was out but then i unhooked my self from it i don’t remmeber why Fringe i tried but i could’nt so i tottally didn’t insist True Detective apparently i ahve to watch this because there’s some buzz about it Person of Interest i stoped at the end of season 2 or 1 i don’t remember , it’s when soemone pick up the phone and is told that he’ll know the secretblabla etc.. and the season starts new on this so that’s tottaly annoying… Vikingsi watched the first season but i didn’t like it so much maybe ill wait that it airs in French or with subtitles… Dracula with the ampoula i didn’t hook to it either so tell me if i really have to try again! And i thank you to all who post a comment about TV shows And next week ill tell you the news i’m still follwoing Mentalist because you don’t need your brain for it ^^ Alright now let’s talk about next week! Tomorow we promise you…. uh lalala you like when i crack my button like this 😉 Sooo tomorow, surprise! we give you the unpacking of the Hongmi 1S and monday we’ll give you the test! We wanted to do soem crazy stuff monday but well do it on tuesday because priority to the Hongmi 1S offcourse we’re always the first on doing the videos, we won’t do it today because it’s saturday, we’ll do it sunday… losing one day but it’s not important as you’re abig fan you’ll wait for it 🙂 So tuesday we’ll do the test of seomthing that we won’t be able to sell because it’s tottally illegal We have another bluetooth speaker shaped like a coffee machine and that’s pretty weird but the sound tottally rocks and im sure you’ll love it after that we’ll have to wait for the smartphones, we hope to have the new Jiayu S2 i don’t think there’s some new phone released these days There’s only a lil pressure on Mediatek so they bring the MT6595 that could be released before and if it’s the case then all the phone makers will upgrade their mobile before And that’s good for us because we’ll catch up on our figures earlier than predicted with this 4G chipset! ^^ Because it’s true that nowadays the smartphone buisness is really down it’s fun because half of the Shenzhai Brand will die ^^ joke but right after the 4G airs it will come back! Alright my JTGeekers! it’s all for this week 19! I hope that the doubling in english wasn’t too bad! I tried my best as it’s a new job for me ^^ It was “Greg Le GEEK”! Your chinese mate live from Shenzhen in China who gives you a recap of the hightech and smartphones novelties If you liked this video SHARE IT – COMMENT IT – LIKE IT on youtube I wish you a good week at and see you tomorow for the unpacking of the Hongmi 1S Peace and Live Prosper! babyyyyyyyyyye

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    Et j'ai une question, comment fais tu pour avoir facebook en Chine? Il me semblait que ce n'était pas accessible depuis ce pays!
    Continu comme ça! 

  4. Greg, si tu veux une bonne série, et française de surcroit.
    Tu va t'éclater en regardant Kaboul Kitchen.

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