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NIHAAAAAOO! I’m GREG LE GEEK! My bosom buddies call me GLG You’re welcome for our sum up of the week because you’re wondering what are the high tech and smartphones novelties this week n°18 ? you’ll get all you need to know right after Pangeek! TOday oh yes today! Today we will give you a sum up of the week that will be really short first because i just came back from vacancy last monday so my week started only tuesday and in China the 1st 2nd and 3rd May were non working day It’s the natinal fest time, the work fest also But you’ll see we will still succeed on filling the empty case This week we tested the iOcean X8 in video Like usual you can see the preview at the top right and you can click on it to see the full test. Without bragging ^^ we were the first to get it in our hands on the web the video made more than 3k views in 2 days so that was great! This is a good quality phone that i invite you to discover because iOcean decided to really take it up a notch with this phone we tested also the Lamborgini Battery, there was a little trap in the video and most of you fell in it ^^ so yes this is just an external battery that has the great style of this super car with some extra features mostly cool and not really expensive, from the point you haven’t seen this by your shops it’s because it just arrived in China and maybe it wil become more popular in the futre Also we tested the Jiayu G5S that is an evolution of the G5 with the 8-Cores Chipset the phone is the same than a G5, very good built quality, style inspired byt the iPhone but ofcourse abit larger and longer with the 8Core it gives a quiet interesting speed to this phone we received as well this week the Jiayu G4S and the Jiayu S2 both new Jiayu that we were eager to get We also entered some SD car USB reader to our shop we wanted to find seomthing cheap and we foudn those for 1€! that’s a good deal for you! Also we started our program : ORDER YOUR PHONE ON DEMAND because you were numerous to ask us about phones that you love but that we don’t have them Because alot of you would prefer to buy at our shop etc.. So we’ve create an item at “SMARTPHONE CHINOIS, TABLETTE OU BOX SUR COMMANDE” there you can make your demand with the name of the phone you would like to get We already got alot of demand and some phone we never header about them !^^ lol but well ok You just tell us what you want and offcourse we can have it in case we can’t have it we will tell you about it and how long it can take to have it and for how much etc.. So don’t hesitate to ask us and then we ask our resellers and we send you back an email with the price. If you’re ok with it then we put it online and if you’re not then we won’t do it and you can find it maybe elsewhere. But apparently from all the emails we recevied already many of you are willing to buy it at our shop and this warms our heart 🙂 About the high tech novelties, this week we don’t have so much things except the mini Hooka! we already tested a bigger one but there’s also a tiny one and we will try to get it to test it for you we know where it is so we just have to buy it next week because Also we have a lot of external battery, on it’s the renewal of the external batteries there alot of different models you can go and check there ‘s alot of choice! Alright now we’re outside to answer our weekly 5 questions We’re not really outside actually… Il show you our building… with the sun in the eyes ^^ 31st Floor and on the 4th floor there’s a hudge patio so under there’s still 3 floors with the Malls. So they pur on this terrasse that take half of the building surface, some benches, some plants, and we can tan etc.. so we’ll stay here this week because as it’s not worked today in China there’s alot of poeple outside and it’s not really nice. Let’s take the phone to check the questions : “”finding the questions”” Binbin84 : the ex gotofaq was a really nice weekly date for us the chinaddict people..question : What do you think about the iNews V3? Answer : we were really enthousisat about the Inews V3 but unfortunately it’s in end of life now because it’s a quadcore mobile and apparently we don’t know if the manufacturer will upgrade it with 8 cores ther’s not so much stock, and we could get one and then maybe never get another so we kinda let this deal down, we prefered to do the Inews 6000 adn there’s teh 8000 that wil prolly release soon if we have them that’s good if not then that’s ok 🙂 it’s not really a brand that we give priority It’s just a Shenzhai brand that starts to show up a bit in China but we don’t feel lik ethey are ready for export. abit like Jiayu before and Jiyau now has changed alot so let’s give this a time. Question: Is it possible to make a test of the N°1 S7? (Samsung S5 clone) Answer : NO, because the brand don’t give themto us for free if we don’t make a demand we won’t have them and i’m not interested in promoting soemthing that is tottally a clone of a Korean phone We don’t want to increase the stereotype and prejudices about Chinese manufacturer since we really proved untill now that in China there’s way more than those mobile maker. Chrysoldgeek’s Question : Shenzhen is the center of the World for an average geek like me, But is there other places like Beijing or Shanghai or oversees that could pretend to take the lead? and with which brands? Answer : i’m not convince that Shenzhen is the center of the WOrld for Geeks it’s not really Geek, it’s more a center of manufacturing but we’re more in teh Shenzhai here.. There’s not so much innovation and the innovation we saw more of it in Taiwan. Ofcourse it’s a big high tech center, ther’s alot of manufacturing firms, alot of SHenzhai, but i wouldn’t say that it’s a big center for geeks regarding our project we would like to open our concept abit we will see this way if we can find other more geeky and cool places. It’s true taht i would love to see other places… Taiwan i don’t think so, we won’t go to the computek this year that’s for sure because we’re building our new Youtube’s channel But then maybe there’s Japan that we wuld like to visit as well as other geeky and hightech places.. “”finding questions”” Question from Stephanerechel : i personally swithced off since the “gotofaq” stoped on sundays! Lik eother you have a great idea and you give it up after a short time! yes the concept is cool and great, but you have to be capable of going threw your ideas and concept! i find this Lame! Answer : I will prove you that i go threw my concept and i ideas! And not only with teh gotoFaq meeting! the gotofaq were a meeting that is really confidential when we were doing 1000views we were happy about it it took me alot of time to make it and then to edit it before posting it on youtbe for a total of 2 or 3 hours depending on if im doing it outside or inside It really eat my saturday mornings to do this GotoFaq.. and we got alot of complaints So i ask you to take my seat abit and to understand that im giving this to you for your pleasure so when it’s never overall enjoyed by everyone and that you are too demanding it’s not really encouraging us as we have other project going on For now we will put the Weekly recap + the news show on saturdays becaus ethis works great with 3000 views each time ish If we can insert 5 questions into this like today then that will be cool aif we can make this evolve again to a show that is closer to teh ex GotoFAQ we’ll see but for now we won’t do more about this and if you don’t like it well too baaaaaaaaaad! ^^ Alright question are over now ill move abit to show you around the Patio. So i can tell you now that from now on you can ask your questions under this post in the blog straight threw a coment Don’t ask them on the youtube page but straight on the blog because i can’t mount all the coment from youtube If there’s alot we will filter them until we arrive to a number of 5 if there’s not so much then we will do them all Alright i go back home to continue our High Tech News SHOW! Alright like every week now we will talk about our TOP VISITORS Number 1 : the Frenchies!!! Allons enfant de la patriieee.. Number2 : the Belgian!!! Belgian Power! bu unfortunately we didn’t get so much comment from the belgian 🙁 we would have hope for more coment but taht’s ok maybe they are shy! NUMBER 3 : the USA! We’re really surprised of this because we only do video in french… it’s true that most of our concureent do video with only music… so you guys from america prolly jsut shut the sound down form our video and just watch it with teh subtitles 🙂 Next week we will tell you who is on 4th position and we find this pretty fun! Now the moment that i prefer in this News Show! the illegal downloading moment!!!!!!!!! ^^ in china it’s allowed , and in thailand where i was in vacation it’s even more allowed^^ So what did i watch this week. We went to the cinema to watch Need For Speed in Thailand.. tough…cars… and efverything blabla…they really didn’t nail it with all their mustang that beats the buggati Veyron taht kinda made me laugh… but well If you saw this movie alreayd you can talk about it for sure becasue there’s no scenario so you won’t spoil it ^^ you got that i din’ tfind this movie amazing! If you really like it you can comment about that! It’s not avaialable for download yet i guess Also this week i saw the movie HER with Joachim Phoenix If you don’t know Joachim Phoenix it’s the vilain in Gladiator! This actor is amazing, and i really loved to hate him in gladiator And this movie is good, it’s happening in the future and it’s the story of a guy who fall inlove with his OS because the OS have become really Smart and responsive in this movie, abiut like Siri now So ok it’s abit long movie, and the machine don’t take over the man but it’s all in the head and there’s a bit some Terminator feeling behind all this but it’s not a real SF block buster adn personnaly i really enjoyed it it’s really abit long with 2 hours, but i love the drama, the story and the concept to fall in love with the OS because we all kinda fell in love already wwith our hightech devices So this movie is really interesting and i reommend it! The Series Show now: I gave up on “the one hundred” some band of kids that bring back on earht… that’s just bullshit i gave up Silicon Valley i kinda give up too, the second episode i watch but i really didn’t hooked up with it I finished the season 2 of the following! and it waz abit disapointing…the season one was really cool but the end of the season 2 is kinda boring just saying bblablabla we will go to a 3rd season.. Also i started OZ because of your comments! alot were talking me into it so yes it’s abit hard and old… i watched the first episode, it’s interesting, i downloaded the first season in french it’s abit hard, and it feels abit like it didn’t pass well the years ^^ maybe it will become better and better …ill see So if you have an idea about soem other Series or Show or movies! or if you have seen the one i talked about to day you can give your commment to participate to this thing! Now what are you gonna have next week!??,? First we got contacted by someone to test an Android Game! A paying game, so they sent it to us, we tested and plyaed abit with it! and i can tell you it’s an intresting game! in teh start i was like muha hahahaha and giving it a sardonic laugh saying it’s too easy! but little by little it really gets hard! So you’ll get the test prolly monday or tuesday to present you this game that it’s really sympatic and i recomend it already for you Also we willl test some torch lamp Spotlight that have a life warrenty! we’ve been told that you can rool on it with a car! so we’ll try to find a car to do this ^^ they sent us some really nice product and they want to have your feedback in order to penetrate the french market! Also next week you’ll finally have the SHENZHEN HD SHOW!! The editing is almost Finished thanks to our cameraman that is still in France! there’s only the comments to add over it, then i send it to him and he’ll edit it so you can have it next week! Alot of you have supported us on we have reached the goal in a finger snap! And we thank you for this very much! For the rest we don’t have so much novelties we hope for the Jiayu S2 and UmiX X1PRO that we’re awaiting for long now And maybe soem other surprise that might arrive next week this way we can have a full week in contrary of this one that was really calm Alright my JTGeekers! it’s all for today! If you liked this video SHARE IT – COMMENT IT – LIKE IT on youtube It was “Greg Le GEEK”! Your chinese mate live from Shenzhen in China who tells you : see you next week!” I wish you a good week at Peace and Live Prosper! Ba Byyyyyyyyye!

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    AprÚs quelques semaines toujours aussi content de mon zp980+ seul problÚme rencontré : facebook plante presque tout le temps!

  4. Salut Monsieur Geek,

    Je dois remplacer a la fois mon pc portable, mon smartphone et ma tablette, est ce que tu pourrais me trouver a shenzen un smartphone chinois avec écran 15 pouces  ?

    Et avec un clavier AZERTY, un lecteur/graveur dvd et un disque dur interne d'1 To intégré ce serait nickel !  et si en plus il fait dual boot Android/window 8 ce serait parfait !  


  5. Bonne vidéo comme d'habitude . pour votre site vous n'avez pas conte a rendre a personne faite comme bon vous semble .est surtout continuer comme ça est merci

  6. Salut Greg, comment est ce possible de te contacter car je voudrais te poser quelques questions, je suis en Belgique et revendeur merci Mike

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