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NIHAAAAAOO! I’m GREG LE GEEK! My bosom buddies call me GLG You’re welcome for this new summ up of the week because you’re wondering What are the high tech and smartphones novelties this week in China? We tell you everything right after this… This week has been marked with the release of your Trailer for the future SHENZHEN HD show. If you didn’t see it you can click on the LCD screen ^^^^^^HERE WE made for you a little medley of what youwill be able to see in the future SHENZHEN HD starting this month and after that there will be one every month maybe more if there’s alot of demand.. and don’t forget JTGEEKCHINA 😉 Also we tested the SPY GLASSES G3000 yeahhhhh they’re really discreet, the quality of video is not sooo amazing but we went outside and noone noticed them and we really liked this item this week also we had the Zopo ZP5800 a very simple smartphone for the hyper lowcost range so it’s useless to ask him too much regarding his specs because of the price Zopo should sell it prolly around 70€ and you can find it as soon as the definitive version releases Also this week the HUAWEI X1 arrived! finally we can have it in good quantity for selling Thte ROM is only in english or Chinese so far no international ROMfor now but it should come really soon ! WE also got the LENOVO A850+ it’s simply a better A850 and it has an international ROM The Lenovo 880 also arrived this week with international ROM WE got the ZP1000 with silver back cover but better than silver we also have the golden edition! Alot of people were mocking apple when they release their golden styles iPhone but now everyone do the same! it’s really nice finished, with aluminium sober look under 200€ im a big fan of this one. and now let’s finish with the high tech news… Not so much this week apart from the glasses we didn’t see so much amazing things we’ll try to push this more next week in the mean while we entered the Pierre Cardin cases! Pierre Cardin that manufactures his goods in China for export only but here they really don’t care and they still sell it on the market! Usually when this happend and we asked Pierre Cardin Theorically those models have defaults…but when we went to see the firm they said yes it’s abit true but blababla.. and in fact there’s not more default than normal items we saw this… you’ll like it or not, there’s 4 colors it’s a bag where you can put directly your ipad or simply all your other stuff and it’s a real Pierre Cadin , you’ll have the Certificate and all it’s not counterfeit! We put a 10″ Pipo in it easily! there’s also this model in leather with a strap what’s nice with this one is taht the borders are made of aluminium and thatt give a pretty quality look. And it’s real leather from Italia. We weere also looking for a universal holster because we have all the iPhone and Samsung holster and case for Pierre Cardin but we also have this one.. It’s written behind that it’s dedicated for UK design by “Imriss UK” just the package rocks! alright it was all the news from this week that was a bit quiet but we promise we’ll do bettter next week! Alright my JTGeekers! it’s all for today! If you liked this video SHARE IT – COMMENT IT – LIKE IT on youtube It was “Greg Le GEEK” or GLG for my buddies! Your chinese mate live from Shenzhen in China ! The most unbrided joker blogger of the web who gave you a recap of the week… a poor week but i promise next week will be better Peace and Live Prosper! So cya tomorow at ! Ba Byyyyyyyyye!

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  1. Les housses sont vraiment pas mal mais c'est vrai que je préfère quand même de jolis coques pour mon téléphone !

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