News High tech & Smartphone From China S13 (French With English Sub)

NIHAAAAAOO! I’m GREG LE GEEK! Call me GLG if you’re my buddy! And you’re welcome to watch this recap of the week All the smartphones and PC Tablet novelties and a cool selection of High-Tech devices brought to you from China by! let’s start with the high tech news This week we found the LCD screen to put behind the GoPro and that was very neat But because the GoPro has bad autonomy you’ll prolly need 2battery and a battery charger! If you have 3 battery then 1 in the Cam and 2 in charge that quiet practicle! To protect your GoPro here is an aluminium protection with alot of screwmade to put any kind of external accesories like a flash led! And here it is the flash leds for GoPro, you can put it on it and it’s very efficient as we tried it already wand we’ll prolly do a video next week. Also this week the Speaker DOSS splash proof with a cool design with a clean clear dynamic sound. Also about waterproof device! We found for you an cool PC tab that is waterproof, dust proof under android that we will test next week for you. Also we tested the POMP C6S, a nice smartphone with no removable battery no SD CARD but FHD screen 32 GB ROM 2GB RAM and octacore MT6592 Finally the ZOPO news : with the ZP1000 confirmation for the end of the month, it was already made ina version for India but we’ll have it soon too It’s an hexacore and has a very nice look And also they will announce the ZP5800 and we don’t know so much about it but it will be a low range phone about 120€ with a small chipset MT6572. Because last month it worked pretty well we went in the market and we found for you some macdonald french fries cover for samsung or iphone! Also some cover with an amazing hubcap design! they are quiet big because of all the details! i guess the car tunning fans will love it!… or not ^^ Arrived in China too! The bluetooth gloves with speakers and microphones! unfortunaltely we couldn’t have a price because it’s all new btu we’ll get back at them soon! we found on the market too a remote to take some photo. apparently the compatibility is abit limited to samsung and iphones or other big brands, but still a cool item. Also we found this lil doll..its not a toy but a external battery! it’s useless but well it could get soem of you crazy about it ^^ We found Steve Job small statues! how to say it was out last year but it was forbidden because of apple policy. now it’s back and alot of reseller have it in stock. it’s about 10 and 15 euro and in Europe you won’t see them because it’s forbidden still! Alright my JTGeekers! it’s all for today for this recap of the week from china The more this satruday morning show will be loved the more often we’ll do them adn the more product we’ll show you! i Wish you a good saturday and ill see you monday for the next test! It was “Greg Le GEEK” or GLG for my buddies! Your chinese mate! The most unbrided joker blogger of the web who provide you with high tech video test live from Shenzhen in China ! So cya soon at ! Ba Byyyyyyyyye! vv You’ll find all the usefull links in the video description vv undefined undefined

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  1. Merci, les gants c'est clairs qu'on va avoir l'air de cons mais bon au final les gens avec un kit main libre nous dérange plus ! PEP

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