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Hello Community my name is Player IGN, I wasn’t going to make a video on this, but since there is popular demand for it, I’ll show you guys how to get the Winter Soldier skin for PUBG. So the skin is a promotional item between PUBG and AKA Russian Facebook. But you can buy it directly from for $22. So already you can tell that unlike previous promotions, the process of buying this is fairly simple. But keep in mind that you will receive the code once Vikendi comes out on the Live Servers, not directly after buying it. The set can be activated on Steam, but it’s untradeable. While there is no official expiration date on the Code, suggests to activate them within a year. And lastly before we begin, you can buy only up to 5sets per 24 hours. Alright let’s start: So go to the winter soldier website, click Log In on the top right, then sign up.
Sign-up should be pretty self explanatory here, you also use facebook, twitter, and steam for auto logins so that’s pretty good Alright go back, and select how much you want, then Proceed to Checkout. Again, self-explanatory here. You can also use PayPal without problems and And finally, Wait until December 19th (or 20th for some others) and visit the site for the final time. Above the purchase option you’ll see a little button that says “SHOW MY PURCHASES” and it’ll show you how many packs you have purchased. Once they are available on the 19th and it’ll show you the codes for the items. Well that’s all for now and since I made a video on this I might as well make guides on how to get the other skins as well and thanks for watching

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19 thoughts on “NEW Winter Soldier Skin & How2Get | PUBG

  1. Not worth it if you can get it on the store after the vikendi release
    I would only buy it if you can't buy it after the vikendi map goes live

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