New Tech News: September 25

What’s up New Tech, It’s your boy, Tony baloney macaroni with a Shetland pony at a military ceremony Falconer. And I’m Kristin bo binstin fe fi fo fistin se si so sistin Kristin Turner. That was awesome. Community service opportunities have begun. The community creek cleanup is going to be on October 7th, 2017. For more information, please talk to Amy at the front office. Or look at one of the flyers posted around
the school. Tortoise Acres Rescue & Sanctuary needs help with their fall festival from 11 am to 3 pm on October the 14th. And if you’re interested in even more community service, check the front bulletin by the stairs. Additional events will be posted there throughout the entire school year. If you’re a senior interested in taking the
SAT, make sure to watch the dates. Students should take it at the December date so that scores can be sent to colleges. Mrs. McWilliams has fee wavers, so if you need any help paying for the test fees, make sure to talk to her. Dates will be posted on Mrs. McWilliams’s window. That’s all we have for this week, thank you for listening! The eeend. Shout out to Julie, um, for handing me this jalapeno. And, uh, I said I was gonna eat it on film,
so… Tony! Tony! Tony! Tony! Tony! Tony! Oh, it’s hot. I can already tell. You should like, cut- like will cut- oh god- OH MY GOD Gottem. Oh my god it’s hot. Speaking of food, Jazz Club is gonna be selling chocolates for quite a while, so if you would like one, they’re $1 a piece. We have milk chocolate, dark chocolate, wafer crisp, almond, aaand caramel. It wont stop. I need more water. My tongue is just BURNING, like, it’s like fi- like if I drink water, it’s fine, but then right when I stop, No I can’t, I can’t. TUNE IN NEXT WEEK for our next episode of New Tech News. I’ll catch you on the flip side. One, two, three. Forgot to mention, you guys, don’t forget to check out the Town Hall meetings on Thursday, September 28th. And where is it? It’s in the portable. Um. Town Hall is intended to allow students to
communicate with the leadership class regarding issues at school and possible solutions. This is your chance for your voice to be heard. Oh, you wanna sign up by the 26th. But it’s on the 28th. So don’t be- fr- Be sure to check it out and voice your opinion. Be heard! New Tech. Get motivated. I’ll catch you guys on the flip side.

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