New Tech News: September 1

What is up, New Tech Nation? I’m your host, Tony “The New Brady” Falconer. And I’m your other host, Kristin “The New
Monica” Turner. And let’s get roooiiiiiiiiiight into the neeewwwwws. The first Lock In of the year will this September the 8th. There is no admission fee so you can come for free. Also we’re having a theme which is New Tech Night Life™ so don’t forget to wear your school appropriate pajamas. And also there will be a video game room, so if you have any consoles or games you would like to bring, please talk to a leadership student or Amy at the front office. And if you have a console to donate please make sure you have controllers with it because it makes it a lot easier on the staff. AND the cords please. Freshmen. Don’t include that. There will also be a Breakfast Club on September the 8th. GET HYPED KIDDOS. [Snoop Doggy Dog] Cool, that’s enough. The Blood Drive is on October 20th and you must be 16 years or older to donate blood. And if you are not 16 years or older, Ȳ̥̺͉̒̌ͦ̓O͂͒͆̊U̩͚̅’̭ͨͣ̂̇̋͂̅Ľ͊͋̅͏̥̬̝̭Ĺ̩͙̥̱ ͮͥͬ̈D͕̜͔̩̻͕̟̃̃͛̔͌Ĩ̖ͤ̀ͅE͐̏͐̚ Please stay tuned for more info. We have already sold 65 yearbooks, which is a record for this early in the year. Don’t forget we will still be having our early bird special going until the 10th. If you would like to reserve a yearbook or make a down payment, go talk to Amy in the front office. Cross country has started, the season has begun. If you are interested in running, please go
to Julie at the front office and she will give you paperwork to fill out. Be sure to get a sports physical and fill up all the paperwork and turn it in to Anderson High School and you can run at your heart’s content. ♫ I am proud to be an American ♫ ♫ Where at least I know I’m free ♫ Are you interested in robotics? Are you interested in clubs? If so, we have Robotics Club starting soon, and the first meeting will be Tuesday the 5th. Are you a sophomore? Are you a junior? Are you and/or a senior? And you do you think you know New Tech well? Well, go to the front office and talk to Amy to apply to become a tour guide. Mr. Main’s Debate Club will be starting soon so if you’re interested in debating with other students please go talk to Mr. Main for signups. Or if you just like arguing. “You never read your lines correctly!” “YES I DO” “No you don’t!” “They’re always correct-” “YOU ALWAYS MESS UP EVERY TIME” “I’M. ALWAYS. RIGHT.” That’s all we have for this week folks, but tune in next week to see our newest story, the newest meme, breaking children’s dreams.

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