New Tech News: October 23

If people smell me everyday, I wi- I will smell the same. Hey there, New Tech, I’m Kri- Wait, is it recording? Oh my GOD, Tony. Are you sure that’s recording, because I don’t think it’s… Hey there, New Tech, I’m Kristin “Switchin’ It Up This Week” Turner. And I’m Tony “Wait, That’s My Job” Falconer. And here’s your announcements for the week of October 23rd. The Fall Festival’s coming up on Friday, November 3rd from 7-10. There will be fun games, hot drinks, and prizes, so be sure to show up for those sick deals and sick, cool things. Fall Festival tickets are on sale on Wednesday, so be sure to buy them. Are you interested in acting, working as a stage crew member, or even student directing? There will be an informational meeting on New Tech’s Winter production on Thursday, October the 27th from 3-3:30pm in the cafeteria. Red Ribbon week is this week! This year’s theme is “Your future is key, so stay drug free.” There will be different giveaways and activities throughout the entire week. Advisories will be decorating their door in honor of the theme. Decorating should take place from Monday through Wednesday, and the doors will be judged on Thursday. Be sure to stop by the “Pledge to be drug free” table in the cafeteria during lunch on Tuesday. I think- I think we did it, guys. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to show the judge! This is awful! Ju- this is just terrible! It has NOTHING to do with drug awareness. This was a waste of my time. No no, but we- we put a lot of hard work into it, you know, we- we went outside of the box, can you just like, consider us for the prize? I mean, you guys did have a pretty meaningful message with yours. I MIGHT consider it. Stay lit, New Tech. I’m- Not l- not LITERALLY though because we’re staying drug free, my dude. LITerally? Hah. Vaping’s a drug. Vaping is definit- Vaping is most DEFINTELY a drug.

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