New Spun App Makes Video Mashups Easy

Short videos, looping videos and GIFs are
some of the hottest UGC on the web today, and have everyone from Instagram to Twitter
and even Facebook and Google getting involved in offering support and tools for creators. Today, a new app called SPUN wants to capitalize
on this growing trend by allowing users to mash up videos from their phone along with
topical pop culture videos, then personalize their creations using the app’s own library
of animations, cutouts, special effects and text.
The app itself, live now for iOS, is really simple to use – even if you’re not used
to working with video. To create your own mashup in SPUN, you first
select video from your Camera Roll, SPUN’s community, or you can film using your camera.
Once a video is selected, you can trim it, add other videos along with it, then decorate
those videos with text, animation, and cutouts. There’s also a way to cut out people’s
heads from videos and swap in others in a goofy (but thankfully, not realistic) way.
And for those who prefer consumption over creation, the app’s feeds include featured
and new videos which you can tap to “respin” – meaning, make a mashup of your own using
their video as the source material. The process for making a video is roughly
a minute or two, and you’ll get better the more you use the app, we’re told. And it’s
still quicker than using pro-level editing tools like many do today. When your creation is finished, you can share
the resulting 6-second max video back to the community as well as to a number of social
channels, like Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SMS or your can save it to your Camera Roll.
SPUN is a free download on iOS, and plans to launch on Android next year.

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25 thoughts on “New Spun App Makes Video Mashups Easy

  1. Next year? What a joke. Good thing Facebook is starting to treat Android with more respect as the largest mobile operating system.

  2. It's not in the fucking U.K store its for fucking U.S stores only I brought an iPhone for this and it doesn't even fucking work bitch

  3. Unfortunately this app has been taken down for some time now. It was an awesome concept. I hope someone develops something like it.

  4. Is there an alternative app to this in the App Store? I had it on my old phone, replaced it after it got stolen, now I find that it's long since been removed from the store. Searching for an app like this using keywords is a headache…custom sticker photo cutout overlay app. Lol

    Someone search for an alternative or hire someone please!

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