Hey guys what’s going on Emma here with yet another video and in today’s video I’m going to be bringing you guys my brand new set up now I did order from two different sites, I ordered my Board from broken knuckle dot com and I ordered my wheels from Roswell’s skateboards and They will be the first two links in the description if you want To order stuff from them, and I did order them on the same day but this is gonna be split into two parts broken knuckle came first and then when Roswell is a skateboard it comes tomorrow I’m gonna be opening that but I’m just gonna be squishing the videos together. I am excited to get into this a 10% off coupon Just use web18 everyone uses this code. It doesn’t matter if you use it, and I don’t What’s different about this time is I got two very large broken knuckle stickers, but that’s just about it That’s it the difference Now I did order two different things. I ordered bushings from them and of course My board it’s a thirty two millimeter board Okay another 10% code is BKF10 if you are wanting to Use that as well of course you get your little and sort of how to put together a Fingerboard stickers, which everyone has seen That top ply is actually Super nice, it’s all tan unlike my other one which is Which was my first board which had to be imprint on it this one that does not have the imprint at all Now I at least right now. I can’t December which one is the Tail and is the nose I’m not sure oh wow. This is actually really different I’m gonna throw up at the picture of how the graphic is supposed to be like it’s supposed to be like this rather than like this But I actually generally like this a little bit better than the other way around and Again, it would have five plies. We have tan, red, tan, red, tan with it the graphic on the bottom, and we have this first block tuna o rings tuning for your trucks Now I am I have the tech deck longboard trucks that I’m gonna throw onto this setup and I’m gonna use those for a while and in addition to the Roswell’s wheels. Okay, so my second package came from Roswell’s now I will just say because I cute little alien right there before I get into it now I’m actually gonna get into it That’s cute!!! A little baby alien!!! And to be honest, I think he actually glows in the dark, too That way you can see him he’s really cute Okay, they give me two extra pieces of fruit Wow okay This really nice soft one and The other one which is this one Okay, this is really awesome Here are my wheels. I got red to match the board and It looks like that. They also gave me Some bolts and some washers as well And here’s the Grip of tape grip tape That’s it very very coarse. I think I might go ahead and put on the foam but not quite sure So now I will go ahead and I will set up the board for you guys. Okay that took unnecessarily forever to set up my board But I have finally set it up and to be honest. I genuinely liked it the red wheels and The all-black look of the trucks with the black bottom and the reason why I went for red Wheels was because there are plies that are red and where it says P Rep Fingerboards I figured that that would Help bring out the red and that and it actually does it looks better in person than it does on here Let me get to look light It looks really good in the light right here I wish that they had and I have I have not come across any gray wheels specifically, but if I do I will slap them onto this board to match it with the dragon and to be honest I genuinely love the dragon we had these wheels coming from Roswell were before tax and before shipping it they were they were like fifteen dollars Compared to broken knuckle which runs about five dollars in the u.s. Now one thing very quick that before I go is the problem with these trucks. Now, these are coming from Tech deck trucks. Well they are tech deck trucks They’re the longboard trucks And I have a feeling I may have to buy risers for them because no matter even if I try and push them I’ve tried to push them up and I Unscrewed them and put them back. I might have to buy risers for them mainly because of the Them coming off the board just a tad But I figured that at least for now they would be the best cheapest option where then having me look around again for actual thirty two millimeter Trucks that don’t have the spacers like the broken knuckle finger boards do but without further ado I will see you guys in my next video. Don’t forget to comment like and subscribe for more

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  1. Hey I know it's late but I personally like to watch your videos they just make me smile and I have I channel it's small but it's what ever

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