NEW ROBOT Leech | War Robots Overview

Make others do what you want…
…with Evolife’s next big step to a more civilized future. Overpowering. Insidious. This is Leech. By activating Leech’s ability you can attach
yourself to a chosen enemy. While the link is active, Leech redirects
part of incoming fire to a target and takes significantly less damage itself. That makes everyone think twice before attacking
you. For example, in this clip the rival Ares turns
all weapons away from the tethered Leech, If it kept going, it would deal tons of damage
to itself. You can use the ability in multiple ways. Throw your leash on a robot with stealth
— it will keep taking damage from your ability even after hiding from radars. You can also tether to robots out of sight
and destroy them by luring others into shooting you This way Leech makes people fear even their
own allies. For every breakthrough there must be a fail-safe
As a Leech pilot, be wary of Evolife’s Corrosion weapons Their damage-over-time doesn’t get mitigated
by your resistances Also, your ability makes you shine bright
like a sun Well-coordinated squads may use that to find
a way around you Four medium slots and damage resistances make
Leech a remarkable fighter Take Igniter, Orkan or Corona for brawling
up close Go for Pulsar, Hussar or Wasp to start wearing
enemies down from afar Bring it on, warrior! Unlock the full power of Leech! And together we will grow even stronger.

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100 thoughts on “NEW ROBOT Leech | War Robots Overview

  1. What do you think?

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  2. 4 Medium slots and the ability to shoot through walls?

    I guess I am adding Leech to my list of bots that I leave matches over. The moment I see it, even if it is on my team, I will leave the match.

  3. Thanks god I stopped spending money on this game long long time ago.. the moment pixonic screwed spectre .. now I know that I did the right thing

  4. You should create a bot like superman no damage, invisible, can fly with 8 weapons 2 heavy 4 mid and 2 lights faster than strider strong like falcon can jump like invader .. ability to walk and shoot though walls, air and in water also can give good bye kiss to other bots

  5. Well boys I’m out fk this bot and I really did loved tha game and I was one of the first ppl here but I don’t f’ing care too comment cause I’m out this is just gunna make all my bot garbage all here I thot I had a good runner up team then it happens I get left behind still cause of all the stupid updates and master bots with there skills fk y’all pixie I’m done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What the hell did you done with sound and music?! I got TURN OF MUSIC AND ONLY SOUND ACTIVATED BUT SOME TERRIBLE VERY BAD DRUMSS IS ALWAYS IN BACKGROUND.Even if I am in the docs ! Please fix it. Thank you a lot!

  7. Issn't it funny how they show that you can shoot trugh walls and then later youtube recomends you their video on how to use cover like a pro? Even youtube thinks, that that was a stupid idea? And pixonic. We told you not to give it an ability to shoot trugh walls…. but you clerly do not listen to us. You list my trust.

  8. I swear that if they implement the shield breaker module, I leave this damn game. No entiendo que chingada obsesion por el dinero, no se puedenestar un momento sin que baje su venta.

  9. 5 years of wase of time this game used to be good now its getting close to trash i would give it 2 star now im uninstalling and my whole clan as well peace out pix

  10. When leech hits the live server you can see their no 1 salesman Chong in full swing pilling videos after videos promoting this new bot, they're all nothing but frauds

  11. I’ve been playing WR for years but it’s getting more ridiculous with time. The fun is gone. IMO it started with Shocktrain then to impenetrable shields, then motion blocking, then to avatars, then ghost mode and now leech 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Time to create another WR franchise and go back to basics!

  12. On top of punishing any champion skill players in multiple ways.
    Low silver gain, match making, and punishing ratings on defeats even in top 3 place.
    Pixonic takes it one step further by now punishing anyone not running meta.

    This said, ares certainly needs a nerf.
    But shield breaker is not the way in the slightest.
    Pixonic have already ruined dash and stealth bots, with weapons, modules, and double ability meta bots.
    But now your about to inflict more punishment on any players operating fujin, haichi’ bulwark, carnage, and any bots with ancil and ageis.
    It’s a huge shame what pixonic is becoming, continually not listening to what majority players want, after the most unified our communities ever became, speaking out against shield breakers as just a test idea in the last update.

    I’m making a personal vow to never purchase or use any meta bots past the bulwark update, or use anything bots or modules that targets or unnecessarily hurts old robots abilities, like lock down, quantum radar, ares, ao jun, or traditionalist falchons-being beyond comprehension hard to kill, even with a entire team distracted and focused on it.
    Pixonic keeps illustrating that it is truly without any accountability to its most loyal players.
    By ignoring and making the game nonsense even further, you guys have illustrated many months ago that taking money from loyal players means more then taking their word, and constructive criticisms to make the game better.
    Just take five minutes To read comment threads on all platforms you exist on…
    Even the discontent even from pay to win players is overwhelming.
    Like do you how many players wish, and would actually be content if ares and ao jun did not exist altogether??
    It’s countless how many that currently own these bots and would not care if they just got recalled, or seriously retooled.
    So no upset will come from the skill player collective *that mostly only have these bots to even stand a chance in the current champions leagues, as a fighting fire with fire to stay a little ahead.

    On top of a sea of garbage incentives, and opportunity for new players to become competitive unless they spend literally hundreds of dollars.
    Pixonic makes More things to purchase nearly triple fold, while simultaneously making prizes, supply drops, and league chests abysmal compared to just last year. (With triple the reasons you have to drop gold for pilots, modules, power cells, further operations past 60)

    The shield breaker is about to render thousands of hangers of hard working players useless’ including my own, and I have bulwarks so I can admit I’ll only be slightly ok.
    But this only after realizing I wasted months with fujin, and carnage, which used to be fun bots that actually contended.
    I can’t imagine the hard work and time it’s taken for players to have updated their ancil bots for pixonic to turn them into trash…
    all because you made dopey over powered bots like the ares.
    Where even a large collective that owns them dislikes them very much.

    It’s unbelievable how many known players are unified in their upset.
    I wish we had a little more say so in the lack of checks and balances going on at pixonic.

    Pixonic bringing a shield breaker that effects any but the ares.
    Will surly cause more loyal players quitting permanently.
    Then the past updates when pixonic decided to ruin stealth and dash bots. ( for a fee)
    Just read the feedback on every platform and group the war robots pixonic name is on.
    I’m not some random disgruntled user of this game.
    Which makes this even more frustrating.
    Having so many friends loyal to war robots quit in the last year and a half.
    Sure I’m frustrated, but my sentiments are the same as the frustrated dominating collective currently playing.
    What a shame.

  13. Pixonic:

    I left another game years ago.

    That was a table top game called X-Wing.

    At first it was tactical. Then it started getting rock paper scissors like. It came to a point when you had to own a specific ship to counter another.

    It started getting lame.

    Please don't do this to War Robots.

  14. War robots I have a problem

    When I tap battle it makes me go straight to domination and I never get a battle

    Pls fix this I can’t play wr 🙁😩

    E1L480/ iOS

  15. 😮😮😮😮😯😮😮😯😯😮😯😯😮😯😯😮😯😯😯😮😯😯👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  16. lol at all the comments. Some people still think that any design choice isn't directly centered towards making more cash? Let the whales pay money for the bot that kills the ares, and then they will pay for the bot that will kill the leech, and they will pay money for the bot that kills the leech killer. Anything is better than seeing a billion Au Juns taking flight backed up by a fleet of Ares every game.

  17. I once stopped playing war Robots was really overwhelmed when I returned to the player's weapon too 😣 I wish I could give you a small gift:) give me more motivation to try 🙂
    ID:NUQUTT ios

  18. good day I am poieo and my id is QESOB4 today I played on the facebook gameplay platform against an invincible player they were about 16:50 we shot him in three and we all died we met him again and we shot him in three and we're from new dead all his life bar was cleared but he kept fighting and killing everyone

    the player has id EI3IX0 and the robot was a stalker

    best regards

  19. WR early stage: Let's release a robot that jumps.
    Then…let's release a robot that jumps twice…
    …let's release a robot that jumps and becomes invisible…
    …let's release a robot that jumps, becomes invisible and takes damage when landing…
    …let's release a robot that flies, becomes invisible and takes damage from the air…
    …wait, wait…let's just release a robot that shoot invisible robots and also does it through walls.

    All this makes sense…I've been kidding myself since a year ago that they will finally release a robot that shot through walls some day…next ultimate robot will nuke the whole map every time an enemy bot spawns…? lmao, Pixonic you're a bad joke.

  20. Why don’t you make a robot that kills the entire enemy team in one shot?
    Call it the Dikless Gaped bot.
    That would be sooo cool…

  21. One more indestructible robot …. 6 play is required to destroy a falcon for 5 minutes. are ruining the game. There is no way to improve the arming to combat these new indestructible robots. 45 better to improve the marques to level 11 ??? How to improve 3 Marques like this? Indestructible robors such as jun, aren, falcon, raid and more are making the game good for those who have money to spend on the game.

  22. 0:36 ecactly what i did with my ares he wasted his abiltiy i just shot another enemy my dum teamates were firing at the leech so dum that they even fire at the absorber shield ahhhhhhhh plz stop firing at a lecch or a purple shiled

  23. Um after experiencing the leech and the abilities it has I don't think I'll play for awhile. Leeching life through walls is not fair far as I'm concerned. It ate through 18000 hit points in under 3 seconds on my repair bot and I didnt even fire a shot with it. Until this is fixed i don't think I'll be back for a long time.

  24. DAS IS GOOD YA! Gamer tag is Gladiator8xR I’d like the LEACH please! Y’all are cool either way.. but it would be a lot COOLER if ya did! LOL

  25. what about crowdfunding the clone of WR but how the game was before dash-robots? I did made some of the preliminary things but the amount of work is far bigger than one developer could manage to do.

  26. This is absurd and disheartening …. just played 10 games and encountered 5 of the new leech bots all MK2s.. the game play all changed after they deployed.. no skill needed.. they obliterated and turned the whole balance… its all about pay to win now.. dont waste time guys.. more importantly dont waste your money.. this game is not the same.. is all pay to win.. its all about paying..

  27. War Robots! Yo bros! Please give more time for BEACON MISSIONS. How are we suppose to capture beacons if the there's not enough time? Please look into this. URBOSS1

  28. I mean I get it could get nerfed, but overall I actually think it's a good robot tho some enemy's like the voice said, could ware your robot down.

  29. Leech is OP AF.. phantom really OP too.. but the true fun In this game lies in ao jun.. nothing is more fun as flying the skies while u shoot at ur prey and with stealth.. so thanks alot for giving her to us at the end of last operation pass.. she was totally worth it..

  30. Ohhh and u can balance leech really well by putting a bubble around him like ares so ppl see from far that they should not shoot at it.. and if ppl get it in bubble it does not damage teammates.. nor does his resistance works.. this way they will still b the most OP bot in the game but they’ll keep abit distance and not jus play wrecklessly.. this way they come stick on u with 4 Coronas and there’s nothing u can do bout it

  31. Really war robots what do we think? OMG you guys suck . I stopped playing and just keep writing bad reviews about your updates . You guys just keeps making OP robots for people to buy them and after that you come out with another robot better than the next and OP. F U war robots

  32. 0:35

    Back then you can’t shoot at the absorber shield but now you can’t shoot at leech?

    This game used to be great until the new robots and weapons came to the battlefield!

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