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Mmm, it’s an orange juice What’s up, everyone? It’s OJ with the 20-win challenge. So modern morale you got you got all these decks Okay, so the biggest things that you’re gonna have to worry about are the wind conditions the wind conditions are gonna be mega native It’s gonna be too much here. It’s gonna be Royal…Royal Giant Larva hound for sure that’s like the only thing and battle and so with all of those in mind. You have the infernal dragon For the lava hound. All right, you got the piglets as the win condition you’ve got the Zappies to take care of the infernal dragon and all the other air and you have Bats they don’t have have zap. Alright, so that’s the thing That’s exactly why I only have snowball to take care of the bats and also snowball plus Royal ghost takes care of the piglets, but What’s this special offer? Oh My What…Oh Why’s it gotta be? $28, they pro tip here if you really like these emotes If you really like them, but you don’t want to drop 28 Canadian dollars on there. What you do is Don’t buy it. All right, that’s that’s a trick. That’s it. Just don’t buy. It’s gonna come back and shop for $3 All right, so good thing I’m running low on gold. I’ve only got a quarter million gold. I know first world problems, right? So we’re gonna go in and buy this chest right now and just like that purchase is set I’ve got a mega minion. I got it. I got to go mega minion. Using the bomb tower. It got buff . 4 elixir bomb tower That’s pretty decent against the piglets. They are super meta right now. I’m gonna go for the elixir collector because i only need one Giant Yeah, definitely because my rares are all getting max Rascals you definitely need that almost all the 13 almost almost 54 away from level 13, please Tomb Stone definitive there because i need to give that to my clan mates Need 5…23 Skarmy 23 poison looks like the only epics that I have max, please supercell Please give me something else but at least I’m gonna go to poison so I can join it to my clanmates and I got 2 Legendaries what is going to be because I have like level 9 everything Except I have a max E-wiz and I have 8 out of 10 magic archers. We’re gonna go for the magic archers anyways That’s looking pretty good we got the nice pigges Ok So you got that you got the tongue sticking out That is obnoxious These are like tier 2 BM. Oh my ohhhhh Okay, so this one’s got a sleeping he’s He’s snoring. Oh That’s better than the Goblin one. Hey, this guy looks like he’s boss. Oh Wow, every single one of these are value. I would pay four dollars for that five dollars. These are value. Oh my oh oh my All right, so we’re at a hotel and that’s screech probably like woke up both of my neighbors If you guys are watching my videos, I’m sorry guys. I’m so sorry. Anyways, let’s get back into the game. We’re gonna be at 17 wins For modern morale using this deck is it is undefeated well technically I’m like 17:2 with this deck. So let’s see if we can get to Okay, if we lose one we didn’t reach 20. But anyway, we’re gonna do it anyways Viva Espana mmm. Yeah Why did I stutter for that but we’re gonna go in for the Zappies a little ..split in the back Remember you leak elixir you lose It’s kind of weird to leak elixir. I don’t like the leak it but sometimes it is good. It’s just weird What’s he doing Okay, you know what I Will take it If you’re lagging you sir, I will take it. No big deal. I Guess that’s gonna bring us to 18. He was scared. That’s exactly what it was. He was scared man Oh, yeah, he he was scared of them piglets it is no coincidence that the strongest win condition not only in this meta but in this Challenge are the piglets and we’d be the secret is to use the piglet emotes. Oh Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about One stab down, yeah i don’t care He’s down one elixir. He’s down one elixir. We’re gonna split the Zappies and chill out I’m gonna put two on the right side just so that it has poison Then it’s gonna be on the tower that has higher health. That cannon cart though. I do want to do that magic Archer I’m gonna wait until It’s locked on Yelp. Maybe what I’m gonna do is gonna be crazy Oh, Cannon cart what cannon cart That’s crazy I’m gonna put down the bats because Yup, and usually have something and that magic Archer is not enough We got to defend with the snowball is the value of the snowball. He’s at full health We’re both at low elixir but there’s not much he can do I’m gonna use the log. I don’t want any damage I’m gonna send a message that you are not allowed to play that goblin gang. Alright, I have the log I’m gonna put down the zappies again and most likely gonna put Two on the right side. It’s gonna be just enough when you plant in the back. I’m not worried about that infernal dragon basically, if he has anything to protect that inferno dragon that I have the My Royal Ghost I have all these things Actually, you know what? I’m just gonna put my royal ghost anyways in that side and then I’m gonna split because I want my ghost to be Supportive of my piglets when I got it exactly on the left side you you can’t do anything what I do need to worry about is like cannon, I’m gonna snowball that and then we’re gonna use bats and … Little bit too early on the Zappies, but Is that it’s basically just Zappies versus the inferno dragon now and if he puts anything infornt of that infernor dragon It’s gonna have to deal with my ghost first. That’s the beauty of this What we do something Do something crazy piglets just to support that I because I need to get rid of that. Uh That golem right now just so I can put down the bats There we go. He doesn’t have poison so I don’t need to worry about like If you’re not running piglets you better be running mega knight in this challenge because those are the two things you either have the strongest card or you have the strongest counter to the strongest card Goes in like that and then magic Archer can get that little Barbarian one more hit. Oh, yeah that is super satisfying Because I’m gonna knock everything back. He has poison for my Zappies baited out Because I got the bats to distract the inferno dragon. That is to be the 19 win. Remember? Piglets use them you don’t have piglets use Mega knight. It might be even so crazy to use both But what happens if they split the piglets you can’t use Mega knight valkyries a little better cos only for Resetor or see if he has anything For my bats because those bats are like minion you got to protect him if he’s got snowball keys notice He’s got an ice golem. It’s gonna chill out a bit. Maybe you know what? You know what Ice golem doesn’t stop ice golem Don’t stop the the split piglets Didn’t even split his 3 M, what’s wrong with him? What is wrong with him? let’s go for the snowball there and Now I can That’s good the geometry right for that let’s get some 3m action going on. Oh, dear Almost almost almost almost. I was nice. See if we can pull the ghost last minute he did a weird swerve and Wasn’t expecting them zappies he’s there all that is so value right there I didn’t mean to use the bats and uh, there we go. We’ve got the got the log for them. I Don’t know why he’s trying to put a Put an ice golem there But wouldn’t that log the princes like that and we’re gonna go in for the snowball boom knock the ice golem own death damage I don’t think so Go for the Hogs go for the Hogs. We need to split them hogs. They’re so juicy and I’m gonna start using the magic Archer for the goblin gang because I want to save my log for the princess I see when he pushes we’re gonna rush the ghost with magic archer he’s gonna tank for the ghost or you know log it so we got that going on for us What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do the infernal dragon. It’s not gonna completely stop the lumberjack but oh My goodness, it does just barely let the inferno dryden going. I I just use it because you didn’t really have like a big tank The biggest tank so far is the ice golem Go in with a free little log on that side now a double elixir or double elixir, that’s where the split Zappies come in I might even need to do the magic Archer on that side Split the bats little bit farther in the back Let’s uh, let’s not let those bats see anything six zappies on the map. Oh dear that you know, it’s not good when that happens We got fours zappies on the lumberjack, and I know that I put my bats on top of that Ice golem But I need to get rid that ice golem like quick because those bats were at full health He doesn’t really have anything. So we’re just we’re just gonna go in like straight up Let’s go in for that. He’s gonna rush me It’s it’s not gonna be quite enough cuz I got too close to splash I used the.. I got the log going on for that and that it’s a really good game because he just went through Yeah, he knew he’s gonna lose from the from the ghost or from the piglet rush. So it was like all or nothing for there But oh oh, oh Okay, I forgot. I completely forgot the BM. Okay, that’s nice. That’s how you end it off You sir Thomas, but he only had the king emotes. All right. So 20 wins 5 3M All right. So to recap the video what’s gonna be really valuable as split-pushing? That’s why you got to have the Zappies with the piglets and you don’t have to always flip push You just have to read the situation for that snowball is gonna be really value in this challenge really really value Especially because there’s no zap it is the best spell for this challenge if you’re having trouble with piglets mega knight gonna be ok, but if they split push It’s not much you can do you might you could hit you can do bowler if you want bowler executioner But if you’re looking for like a more aggressive win condition piglets bandit is gonna be pretty decent especially if you have the log or snowball stuff. They’re gonna have the ice goelm for the bandit They’re gonna have the goblin gang for the bandit If you can take care of that the bandit is gonna connect bandit is definitely stronger in this challenge, but piglets are even stronger So win by using piglets or win by countering the piglets

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100 thoughts on “NEW PIGLET EMOTES | BEST 20 Win Deck Modern Royale | Clash Royale 🍊

  1. oh god
    1: get your friend and make him use the hog emote
    2: you on the other hand use the hogrider emote
    3: your friend puts royal hogs
    4: you put hog riders
    and get a fucking win AFTER A 10 FUCKING LOOSING STREAK

  2. My modern royale deck was amazing

    Hog rider, dart goblin, furnace, mega minion, Magic archer, e wiz, ice wiz, inferno dragon

    It don't sound good but trust me the defence was amazing and the offence was even better

  3. I want to say it long but so late, until now.

    I want to say that deck is so awesome, I seldom lose with it, the most is just one period my luck lost and lose about 3 matches a roll. That deck is really good at push with piglets and zappy, but mega knight counter it very much even has inferno dragon, especially when mega knight with ewiz

  4. OJ be like you dont want spend money on the emote? dont buy it :v best advice ever.

    and OJ favorite phase is "positive elixir trade" follow by "i am going sending a message"

  5. Please read this comment OJ I really love your channel😁:
    I agree a little bit in what they say about that cringe sounds.. and that it's a little bit irritating, but I am not angry at you if you know what I mean…
    Any ways, I did like your video better before because you did learn very much and you always said that it was an elixsir trade and you've got to place it on a specific tile or it won't work.
    So I like the more serious videos better. It might be a few wrong words, but I am eleven and I am from Norway so… Well, I still like your video's, but not as much as I did before 😁

  6. i was playing this challenge about 4 months ago and some guy had your exact deck started out with royal hogs and bats. You inspire others to copy and play just like you.(Note: I won three crowns to one)

  7. Ya know, when OJ said he was running low on gold with a quarter mill part of me died on the inside, just cause im at 5k…

  8. anyone else still get the random tik tok ads all the time with the song that sounds like it’s sung by Justin bieber

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