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– We’re here today in sunny Girona, at the second ever Sea
Otter Europe bike festival. And we’re going to take
you through the pits and check out some of
the coolest tech around. Come with me! (dramatic jingle) So this is something
especially exciting for me and I know Henry will be
watching this as well, cause he’s a huge Manitou fan, all the way from back in the day. This is their new Mezzer fork, right, so it’s a 37mm stanchion fork,
so it’s super, super stiff. Your travel options go all
the way up to 180 on here, 27.5 and 29″ options. Total weight only 2,000g, so
it’s a super competitive fork. Got high and low speed
compression adjustment on the top there, the IRT
air leg in the inside, and rebound at the bottom there. And I also love, just for old times’ sake, a bit of a nod to the
original Manitou decals from the very first Manitou 1 fork. And just something final else
to note with the Manitou fork, like Pace forks and DT forks
that you’re familiar with now, uses a reverse arch, now
Manitou have one this for years, it makes their forks look a bit different, makes them very, very stiff. But something that they did
suffer from back in the day was cable routing, cause you’d
never get it quite ideal. But now they’ve got cable routing that runs up the front of the leg there, just to make it look a
little neater on the bike. Love those little attentions to detail. Here at the Continental stand,
and I’ve spotted something that makes me very pleased. I’m a huge fan of tan-wall tires, so seeing Continental
making tan-wall tires, in particular the Cross King here, I actually run these tires
on my cross country bike in black-wall, so I think
there’s going to be an order coming in from me any time soon. And I’ve noticed on these ones they’re running the RaceSport casing, so this is Continental’s super
lightweight race technology. So you can feel how
supple the sidewalls are, it’s got very highTPI nylon casing to them. They’re supposed to be
very puncture-resistant for something that’s so light. They look sick, absolutely love ’em! Tan-walls look rad! Marzocchi have made some
incredible products in the past, in particular the Bomber
range and their Roco shocks, but what I’m looking at
here is the CR shock. Now, this is really cool,
and I’ve been tipped off by several different
suspension tuners about this, because this is actually a basic shock, very similar to the old Fox Vanilla shock. And thing that’s so good about this, A, it’s a budget shock, and B, it’s incredibly
tunable really, really easily. You can change the shim stacks in this. So that is a hot tip if you
want a coil shock for your bike and you want to save some
pennies at the same time. Kenda are a brand of tires that might not ring true for everyone, but you’re certainly going
to be hearing more about them now they’ve got names like
Aaron Gwin running the tires. Now this is the Hellkat Pro,
it’s extremely aggressive. Kind of reminds me a bit
of the Maxxis Shorty, which is no bad thing. The casing feels indestructible on these and the rubber compound is so soft. I think these look like
a really, really good aggressive set of tires. Loving this wall art in
the Fox Factory tent here, love to get something like
this in the GMBN tech set , so it’s got volume spacers,
you got air sleeves, you got internal shim stacks, you’ve got dropper remote controls, basically all the components to Fox shocks and forks and seatposts. It just looks really
cool, definitely going to be robbing this idea for
our set, back at base. So I’m checking out something, this is so light I can
barely describe this to you, it’s like I can barely feel it in my hand. This is a seatpost, made
from carbon, weighs just 90g. Well 90g in a full 400mm length, at 31.6. Now check the clamping system out on this. This is ingenious, so
you think how much force has to go into the saddle rails on a bike, on your saddle to keep it in
place while you’re riding. Of course, if you make a clamp too light, it’s not going to be
able to withstand that. They’re using these cables on here. Now these can withstand a 300kg force, but you think they’re wrapped
around about eight times on each run, it’s basically
an unbreakable system. But the smarter thing about using this, is you’re going to be able to adapt this to use at any saddle rail size, and shape as well. So if you think, if you’re a weight weenie and you’re building a super light bike that’s got carbon rails or Ti rails, they’re quite often elliptical or a slightly different shape, and you’re also not
constrained to where you clamp on that saddle rail,
you’ll be able to move it fore and aft quite a lot more than you can on a normal bike. Now that is one of those cables. Now these things, it’s
just absolutely bonkers. Check this weight out, on the scales. And they also have a
760mm reinforced handlebar suitable for enduro and trail riding, and that just weighs 130g. This stuff is insane! I’ll see what I can predict here, we are going to make a super light bike, and I reckon we might have to
spec some of this stuff on it to get the weight right down. What do you reckon,
project super light bike? So I’m stood here, right next
to the latest Trek Top Fuel. Now the Top Fuel previously,
was their 100mm platform, it was their XC race bike, as we’ve seen raced by
Anton Cooper, Emily Batty, and so forth. But now, it’s hard a bit of a revision, it’s a slightly different platform. It doesn’t have the floating
lower shock link any more, instead it’s got the same setup as you see on a Remedy and a Slash, it’s
basically still just got, it’s driven from the top, it’s not a Full Floating shock design. It’s also running 115mm travel out back, 120 up front and just
a bit more aggressive. It still sits in the XC category, but it’s firmly more fun, and
definitely a lot more capable. This is definitely
following on from the trend of what we’re seeing
other manufacturers doing, like Mondraker are doing this as well, having their longer, more
aggressive cross country bikes. They’re going to be a
bit more trail capable. Now this also means,
and what we have seen, is a prototype Trek
will be coming out soon that fits where this used to fit. Now we’ve seen this under Jolanda Neff with the shock housed in some
sort of sleeve on a top tube, so we couldn’t quite see the bike. So keep an eye out for
that one soon on GMBN Tech, cause we are going to
get the scoop on that. A few more little tell-tales
that suggest this is a lot more than just a short-travel bike are the fact that it’s got
some down tube protection here, much more akin to what
you’d see on an enduro bike. Got the fork protector built in to the front of the frame there, you’ve got the Mino chip here for adjusting the geometry on there, of course it’s running a dropper post, that’s pretty much standard these days. And you might notice it’s got
quite a stumpy stem up front, that’s because the reach and
overall geometry has expanded by quite some way, in fact
I think Henry was saying that the size large on this,
being an XC bike effectively, is about the same size
as his NukeProof Mega. That’s a pretty roomy bike! This is the Bird Aeris AM9. Now this is a 150mm travel 29er. And it’s a bit of a beast, there’s a few very cool things about this. So, not only is it designed
and made in the UK, but it’s almost a bespoke service. There’s a whole number of
different specs available, you can get frame sets with
and without the shocks, you can get complete builds
from under 2.5 grand, which is actually staggering, when you consider the
quality of this frame. Now, just going to talk to you
a little bit about the sizing, it’s quite interesting the
way they’re doing this, they’re pretty much doing it
on the length of the bike. So you have the ability,
if you want a longer bike then you can size up. Now I would generally
always ride a size XL, and size XLs I expect to
be around 500mm reach, their size large is a 500mm reach, and their XL is 525,
it’s absolutely massive. But everything is properly in proportion. Chainstays are 440 on the back here, so you’ve got enough traction out back, you’re making sure your
weight is distributed evenly between the front and rear end there. 76 degrees seat angle on this, so it’s great for climbing to
give you that perched forward, over the BB position you need
to load up the rear wheel but to stop the front wheel
from wandering around. Up front here it’s got a
65.5 degree head angle. And I think it just look
absolutely fantastic. It’s quite progressively designed bike, the rear end on here
is a very progressive, so it’s nice and soft and supple, but gives you good support on there. It’s designed for hard hitting riding. They’ve also got 27.5″ models, they’ve got shorter travel models, and they’ve got some
amazing looking hardtails with some of the lowest BBs
I’ve ever seen, in fact. Check ’em out, Bird Cycles. Very cool UK brand. Now we often refer to gravel
bikes here at GMBN Tech cause they’re kind of
blurring the lines between mountain biking and road cycling. Of course, the whole
adventure, bikepacking, it’s getting really big business. Now this is the new Niner, the MCR 9 RDO, and the cool thing about this is, instead of just making a soft tail, or doing things that
most brands are doing, they’ve decided to go
straight to the finishing line and make a genuine full suspension frame. Running 50mm travel out back, I think this looks like a
really cool piece of kit. Now, what I want to know for you guys is, what would you like to see
us do with gravel bikes? Because at the moment, like I keep saying, it’s kind of no mans
land between us and GCM, but I feel like, with bikes like this, we should be doing stuff
on GMBN and GMBN Tech. Let us know in those comments below, and we’ll make some cool
videos with gravel bikes. Not so much in the way of tech, but we’re seeing more and
more tan-wall tires coming out which always pleases me. But that said, WTB tires,
this is Trail Boss, they’re really, really stepping it up, I think everyone should pay
attention to what they’re doing. That new Warden they’ve got is fantastic. Look at the tread design
they’ve got on their tires, really decent shoulders, wide open tread, different casings they’ve got on there, they’re fully tubeless compatible, different compounds available. Think WTB are seriously going somewhere, and that Trail Boss in tan-wall,
I think looks really trick. If you absolutely need to
carry a spare inner tube, or if you don’t fancy going tubeless yet, then check out the Tubolito inner tubes. These are the lightest
inner tubes you can get, and they’re also quite
puncture-resistant too. They’re not made like
a regular inner tube, they’re made from a thermoplastic. Now that, is a 29er tube, weighs 45g and look how tiny that is. If you want to go strapping
a spare tube onto your bike make it one of these, cause it’s
going to be absolutely tiny. You don’t have to have a
whacking great heavy tube on your bike, that can go
under your saddle rails, out the way, you could
forget it’s even there for that occasion when you need it. I think they look absolutely awesome. Perfect as a spare. Just checking out the
Panzer tire inserts here. Now like all tire inserts they’re designed to give your rim protection, to give the tire protection
itself from punctures, and of course to give you that support. And again, if you do manage
to slash a tire sidewall or something you can get home on it, or you can get down and finish your run without damaging the rim. Now they’ve developed
their own tubeless sealant, now this is quite cool
because regular latex and ammonia-based sealants tend
to develop like, the sort of the tire bogeys that you
get, where it all congeals. These are designed
specifically to not do that, so it’s going to continue
working more effectively for longer when you’re using inserts. So it’s specifically designed
to use with those inserts. Now, regular kind of setup
with the inserts themselves, but I notice they’ve got an XC one. Which is insane, it only weighs 70g, so for the XC guys out there, now they’re starting to ride a bit harder, I think we’re going to see them using this sort of stuff a lot more. And if you’re into gravel, they also do the gravel-friendly ones. It’s a slightly different formula, it’s got a bit more rubber in it due to the shape and the size
of it and they weigh 75g. But really impressive to see a full range and especially impressive
to see the sealant actually, that’s designed to not congeal. Very cool. So it’s not often you come to a trade show and you get to see a
prototype as crazy as this, so it’s made from carbon fiber, and it’s tougher than carbon, similar stuff that you’ve
seen on Antidote bikes, so it’s quite good for
absorbing the sort of shock that goes through the frame
and transmits to the rider. It’s got really interesting
suspension platform on the back, it kind of reminds me a little bit of early parallelogram
designs that you see on the Schwinn bikes. You can see this by these big
extended dropouts down here. The idea behind this
is to keep the back end completely floating. You’ll notice this has got a
high pivot with an idler wheel, so to keep that chain line pedaling as if it’s got a low chainline, so there’s now chain growth effectively to affect any compression
of the suspension. It’s also got a completely floating rear disc brake caliper on there. Pretty impressive system, now
we might start seeing these next year, but this stage,
this is the first prototype and the aim is to make it
World Cup ready to race maybe sometime next year. Pretty exciting to see
something like this! So we go, that was some of the best tech we’ve seen here at Sea Otter Europe. For more tech, if you want
to just click down here you’ll go through to our A to Z, so that is a full list, super punchy, and if you want to all cool stuff we saw at Sea Otter Monterey, check out the highlights
reel right down there. As always, don’t forget to
give us a huge thumbs up here at GMBN Tech and hit
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