New Mountain Bike Tech For 2018 | GMBN At Eurobike

– We’re here at EuroBike 2017. It’s the world’s biggest bike show. And we’re checking out
some of the crazy tech from all around these
massively busy halls. Come with me and have a little look. (upbeat music) Just checking the new
Shimano Ranger shoes. This is the AM9, which is
the flagship downhill shoe as used by Gee Atherton. It’s got the nice lace
flap on the front here, just to keep the crap
away, a nice toggle design. So super lightweight up, and
it doesn’t hold on to water. It’s got a nice flexible
sole for walking off the bike with a decent amount of toe flex. And it’s got toe lugs
and heel lugs on there, and of course, some really good recess that Shimano shoes are known for. And of course, there’s also the AM7 and the cheaper models shoes, we’re just gonna check those out. Now this is the AM7, this is a slightly cheaper model. They’re more affordable. Still got a strap design on there. It’s got a nice gate there to keep out dust and debris. Same decent soles you see on the AM9, and now there’s really the GR9 which can be a really popular model. It’s got the Michelin
rubber flat sole on there. So again, you’ve got heel and toe traction on there. You’ve got this nice
flat pedal specific area, and a nice flat design. It doesn’t have the strap you see on the SPD compatible model. That’s because you’re not going to be pulling up on the
pedal or something so, that’s the shoe for flat footed riders. Calvan cranks are especially popular in mountain biking at the moment with the races out there. Raceface has got the Next SL which is one of the lightest
units on the market, and they’ve also got the Six which is their sort of gravity crank. The problem is it’s a little bit heavier for those enduro races and the hard core trail riders out there. Never been used in SXLs which although it’s a great crank, it’s very strong eventually be smashing the ends out and breaking the crank so it’s not fit for purpose. So what they’ve done is actually come up with the next rally model which has got a far more industrial sort of build. It’s only five grammes heavier but it’s far more fit for purpose for that sort of style of riding. Also available is a power metre axle which is retro fitted to the Next, Next R, and also the Six crank as an after market product. I think you’re going to find that this sort of training aid is going to become far more popular in mountain biking
in the coming seasons. Hiplok can make some
really cool bike locks that are wearable for
use out on your bike. The zed lock’s one of my
favourite little things. It’s essentially like
an industrial cable tie. It’s lockable and comes with a nice little metal key. You run this around the bike, lock it, easy to undo. Pop that back in there, presto. Perfect little thing. Just keep one of these
in your riding pack. Nice and cheap as well. It’s not, by any means, an alternative to a lock but great little product none the less. Muc-Off do a whole range
of bike care product and the latest one is
this suspension grease. It’s good to see a company like Muc-Off making it in a big ol’ tub like this. This will last you a long time and it’s just the sort of thing you want to smear under your fork seals or use when your doing a fork lower leg service. If you don’t need that much they do have this handy little sort of snack sized options. Something else really cool they’re doing is brake oil. It’s DOT fluid and it’s got one of the highest temperature ratings that we’ve seen of any. It’s 320 degrees boiling point. That is a super good brake fluid. Something else nice are these little mechanic’s gloves. Just little rubber
nitro gloves but they’re actually cut proof. Pretty cool things just to keep in your riding pack if you have to repair something out on the trail or just for your workshop at home. Now this is something
quite cool to check out. It’s a turbo inlet inner tube. It’s made from a thermoplastic polymer. And it’s made out of a single piece. As you can see, it’s very small. It’s just got one,
single, overlapping joint over a stem sonically welded. They’re twice as puncture resistant as a normal inner tube and obviously quite cool. They take up far less space in your bag. As you can see by look at the size of one compared to a regular inner tube. This is the light model. You can take the valve out and carry this as a spare in the smallest possible space. Nice take on an inner tube. Classic piece of design but something a bit more improved for modern day use. A couple of years ago at Eurobike we saw this really cool integrated dropper seatpost that’s designed to work straight to the frame. Now, BMC’s got their own version called the Trailsync. Not only is it incorporated
into the seat tube but actually actuates the climb trail descent feature on the rear shock. How cool is that? This is the new Pearl Izumi X-Alp shoe. This is the clipless version. It’s got a duel compound rubber sole made out of vibram. It’s got lugs and they’re purposely designed for traction when you’re walking off the bike downhill. Again, it’s got a really nice skate shoe appearance to it. And even better than this one, in my opinion, is the
new flat pedal model. Looks really cool. It’s got a nice gum rubber sole on there. Again, it’s a duel rubber compound. Super tacky here and there’s not much traction on this. This is something we see on the Five Ten contact and also the Own FR-01 shoe. It just means you’ve got that great adhesion on the pedal but you can actually move your foot around as well which is good. Again, you’ve got the same lugs on the toe and heel for
walking off the bike. The overall look is great, nice and light. Cool shoe, huh? Leatt is another company that’s very safety focused. They’ve got their own sort of form of internal anti-rotation injury device. This is called a 360 turbine technology. It’s essentially a soft rubber disc that deforms on the inside which helps prevent injury when your skull rotates inside the helmet. It also has a slight impact
resistance to it too. So, it’s actually a double impact system. Very clever, very neat. You’re going to see a lot more of this type of thing appearing in helmets from now on. Evoc makes some of the most interesting riding bags around. These new ones here are designed for adventure racing and multi-day bike packing sort of tours. They are 30 litre and 26 litre sizes. They’re full of new features, exclusive for this sort of riding. Starting with the back of the bag, you can see it’s completely off your back so you don’t get a sweaty back. It’s got a huge waistband on there and on the side pockets you can fit ten energy bars in each of these. Turn the bag over to the bottom here you’ve got a rain cover
stashed in the bottom. You’ve got a helmet
carrier stashed in here for when you’re doing a hiker bike. Interestingly, you’ve got a full compartment for your wet clothing at the end of the day. You can stash your kit straight into the main compartment there. In the front of the bag, you’ve got your tool set up, a couple of nice multi-tools stashed in there. You’ve even got a nice little water pouch. Really well thought out. You can see behind me, that is all the kit you can fit inside the 26 litre pack. Just like this. Really cool bitmo kit there. We’re going to turn to checking out the entire new king range of tyres. They’ve got all new carcasses. Excitingly, we’re talking
about the Baron first. This one here’s a 2.6 which is a plus sized tyre. It’s got slightly more streamlined tyre tread on it compared to the smaller sizes like the 2.4. In the regular sizes, the 2.4 is available at 27 1/2 and 29 inch. The brand new casing inflates
tubeless a lot better and it’s a much tighter fit on the rim. It’s also more puncture resistant especially in the side walls where is could have been
prone to slashing before. It’s much improved. They’ve done this through
the whole range of tyres. We’ve got a Trail King
that’s a new improvement and it’s more consistent sizing across all of them. There’s the Mountain King, Cross King, and the Race King as well. Let’s take a look at the Mountain King because that’s a brand new tyre for 2018. The Mountain King tyre
design haven’t really changed for several years. It was a 2.2 and 2.4 and while it was quite a good tyre, it was quite a round profile previously. What they’ve actually done is they’ve now brought out a 2.3 size. It’s actually a slightly bigger carcass and it’s got much more angular shoulders on there and a much more aggressive centre tread pattern. This tyre is really
designed for trail riding, enduro riding, it’s going to hook up really well in most conditions. Just like the rest of
the continental range the casing has been vastly improved from previous tyres. It’s pretty much a 95% sealing. When you do this without tyre sealants you’re only relying on the sub-tire sealant itself just to seal holes. These will inflate tubeless first time on pretty much any rim. Massive improvement and I
cannot wait to ride these. That was part one of our
little Eurobike tour. Checking out the tech stuff
around in the areas here. Hopefully you liked the video. Don’t forget to click on
the globe to subscribe. There’s a brand new
video every single day. If you want to see Gee Atherton’s pro bike, click down here. If you want to see some videos on how to perform basic fork maintenance, click down here. Of course, if you liked the video, don’t forget, give us a thumbs up.

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