New iPhones Are Getting Slower?

So by now you’ve probably heard Apple has
admitted to slowing down old iPhones because they’re old. But, I think there’s way more to it than what
Apple will admit to so far… And it ain’t pretty. So first let’s review very quickly what
Apple has actually admitted to so far. In a statement to TechCrunch they said: Lithium-ion batteries become less capable…over
time, which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down…Last year we released a feature
for iPhone 6, 6s and SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed
to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down. We’ve now extended that feature to iPhone
7 with iOS 11.2, and plan to add support for other products in the future. It’s not a glitch, it’s a feature! Oh, Apple. Now this I have right here is an iPhone 6
Plus. A 2-year-old phone. The model is 3 years old, the actual device
is 2 years old. This device right here had become pretty much
useless since I downloaded iOS 11. I downloaded the latest update this morning
and as you can see now it works fine! I mean it isn’t perfect but it works. I used to be I wasn’t able to like, play some music while like, browsing Twitter. I mean, sure, it’s slow. We can expect that, right? At least now I can play music… While maybe browsing Twitter. It’s going to be a bit slow––okay, okay. It stopped. It stopped playing the music. Okay, nevermind then. Maybe that’s not fair, right? We were launching the application. If we play some music now. There we go. It shouldn’t… Stop playing now–– Dang it. Look, it’s a 2-year-old phone, a 3-year-old model. We can’t expect that much. I guess? Since when is a two year old device an obsolete piece
of technology? I do expect the phone to work, though. And before this morning, it barely did. Even now it’s a little… It struggles. Still. Now, like I said in my iPhone X unboxing video,
the reason I hadn’t updated my phone in 3 years… Is because this had remained a perfectly capable phone. Until a few months ago. When iOS 11 dropped and took a dump on my
phone! Sure there was some degradation over time. Becoming a bit slower, the battery lasting
a bit less. But it wasn’t until iOS 11 came out that
it just jumped off a cliff. Now it wasn’t just me. If you had an iPhone when iOS 11 came out, you probably know what I’m talking about. I would whisper it to friends, Hey man, my
iPhone has been really slow lately. Like, it’s really bad. And they would glance at me with a knowing look. The same thing had happened to them. My IRLFs, people online. In the US, Canada, Mexico, whoever I talked
to, from wherever they were, they seemed to be having the same problems. Now the really messed up thing is that, THIS
thing I’m talking about. My problems with my iPhone 6 Plus and those
iPhones from people I know, have nothing to do with the statements Apple gave recently. That statement had nothing to do with my iPhone
6 Plus or my friends 6S Plus or even the 7 Plus. This was about supposed to be about the smaller
phones with smaller batteries. Yet you have TechCrunch saying things like: “You’re always going to be triggering
this when you run a benchmark, but you definitely will not always trigger this effect when you’re
using your iPhone like normal.” See, if only you were normal. If only you weren’t so weird in the way
you use your iPhone this wouldn’t be happening to you. You know? Sometimes I worry about Tech people. It’s their job to know tech. And as a result they’re constantly exposed to the latest and greatest tech has to offer. But they forget what it’s like to use the products that most people out there actually
use. “I think there’s an argument here that
many people will never, ever see this happening.” Who are you? Editor-in-Chief of TechCrunch? Are you kidding me? Everyone who knows me, knows I am an Apple
fanboy. But even if you give Apple the maximum benefit
of the doubt, even if you think: yes, this is a good thing, it prevents automatic
shutting downs and protects the life of not only your battery, but your phone as well. This problem, where Apple, through software
updates, makes older phones less capable, is not only limited to the iPhone 6, 6S and
7. And even if it were, It’s the freaking iPhone
7. The thing came out last year! If the battery is having problems after a
year you did it wrong! And it doesn’t help this happens exactly
after the warranty has ended. When everyone covered the iPhone X, the incredible
specs, the benchmarks, the raw power of the phone, was one of its biggest draws. In 12 months, is that still going to be a
thing? And if it’s not, is that acceptable? I think this is something we should all the
monitoring very closely from now on. And Apple needs to be way more transparent
about the life expectancy of their batteries AND the phone’s performance. Tell us how much and how fast the battery
will degrade. Let us know how much your phones are supposed to last. Give us a way to see battery health the way
you let us see phone storage. Even if TechCrunch thinks we’ll hang ourselves
with all this knowledge. But anyway, Merry Christmas! I’m sorry this is the video I had for you
today but I did want to share my thoughts on this subject and say hi. I hope you are enjoying your holidays with
your family or by yourself that’s okay too. From me, to you, I wish you happy holidays
and a great new year. I’ll see you then.

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20 thoughts on “New iPhones Are Getting Slower?

  1. Merry Christmas David, and I own an iPhone 6s, AND I ONLY JUST GOT IT ON BLACK FRIDAY LAST YEAR AND IT SUCKS SOO BAD, anyway merry Christmas

  2. like youre gonna change everything, i dont use… trash like google music, i use soundcloud and i don't uptate my phone, its slow, takes up more of my limited space so i don't do it…

  3. Stumbled upon your video and I have to say your points make sense. Apple deliberately slows down your phone so you buy a new one. Simple. After saving for a while, I decided to buy one but the news broke the same day and I deleted that phone out of my cart in record time. #Jamaican

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