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6 thoughts on “NEW Instagram Update might HIDE Like Counts From Followers!

  1. since they're going to make the likes invisible, i think a chronological feed would be more reasonable. i just thought that,if the idea behind it is to help users psychologically, seeing a post from a day ago at the top of their feed would still mean that that post got more likes, opposed to if it's chronological, the only reason for it to be on top is because it's new. Idk, just a thought. I guess I missed some points. Please help a brother out… Haha

  2. TELL ME what do you think of this 'hide like counts' feature? Do you think this will work or it is just another business gimmick for Instagram? 🤔

  3. I think Instagram needs to do something more to help promote new accounts, and smaller ones too. The whole reason why people use all these bot services etc. is because it's too difficult for these kinds of accounts to build a stable foundation for their posts to even be able to compete with the bigger, more popular accounts that exist. How can you keep boosting the already popular, well-established accounts while seemingly punish the smaller ones by letting their posts drown? How exactly do they expect to attract new potential users to their platform if they keep doing this? They want people to keep their activities on Instagram clean, but they don't help to alleviate the struggles of getting a new page up and running for success either. What do they want people to do? Go around begging the bigger accounts to help promote them? Like and comment on the platform until the AI thinks you're a bot and lock you? Instagram is starting to become a joke, I think. It's just a shame there's no other platform that matches up quite with them. I wouldn't even consider Snapchat. Social media.. it's ironic how a platform who's sole purpose is to provide networking and communication lacks interest in listening to their users to improve the platform's experience than just out there dishing out more useless features only for more profit. Then again, look at its new owner… Yes, I'm salty. 😒🧂

  4. It's a bad idea. Yeah. You see, facebook and twitter also have like and no one complaints about it. Why IG has to hide it ?? People should be responsible for themself and not let those likes affect on them. And if the like were hidden, IG would be less fun. I mean people scroll their feed and see something virals with many likes and they are like wow so cool and they will leave a like on it. But if they dont see it they wont bother liking any post no more because no one gonna see it. They wont care.

  5. Hello sir, my instagram followers not increase but also decrease everyday. People follow me but m instagram followers count not increases plzz give some solutions

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