New I Pad? Tech News ep.1 (12-3-14)

Rumor says that new iPad’s will have a bigger
screen? Welcome to bits and bytes! technology news *Music* The Japanese magazine MacFan recently published some possible
schematics of a new I Pad design there said to have a 12.2 Inch screen and an extra pair speakers to give the I Pad better stereo sound It is also said to have a new A9 processor which is an upgrade from the current A8X processors currently found in the iPad air 2 this new I pad is rumored to be
released between April and June 2015. and for all you PC fans out there
they’re supposedly going to be an update on the future Windows 10 operating
system sometime in January after CES Microsoft has not released a date or location
yet but is something to look forward to. Well
it looks like Samsung might have another metal galaxy phone coming soon. Samsung
may be preparing to release another galaxy
phone with a metal design similar to its Galaxy alpha, Galaxy A3 and A5 phones. An
application for a new Samsung phone with the model number that may belong to an un-released device
called the Galaxy A7 has just appeared on the
FCC website. The FCC’s listing says it will measure 150
by 75 millimeters. which hints the phone screen will
probably be larger than 5 inches diagonally that’s pretty much all we know about the
new phone at this point. and that’s all for today so please give
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2 thoughts on “New I Pad? Tech News ep.1 (12-3-14)

  1. I think this young man has done quite a bit of research.  He also seems to know quite a bit about technology–definitely more than me.

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