New grad leaves UWM with degree and startup company

My name is Alexis Nash. I am a UWM
Student Startup Challenge winner and I’m the founder of Popspace. I knew
that for me, I needed to create opportunity for myself. Knowing about the UWM Startup Challenge, I went ahead and pitched an idea to them that I thought
would help other entrepreneurs like myself. Milwaukee has a lot of underutilized spaces. Giving entrepreneurs access to those spaces in order to increase their
presence among customers, among the market, I felt was beneficial to them
growing their business. And so I pitched that idea
to the UWM Startup Challenge. They thought it was
a really great idea and I became one of nine winners. But, I didn’t really know
how it was going to get off the ground because I had no previous experience in
the area. So, they really helped coach me through that. I think over the past year I’ve learned to just put the pedal to the metal, just go out there, hit the pavement and just do

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