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– Do you remember your
first time going from down tube shifters to
brake lever shifters? – Do you remember your first
ride on clipless pedals or indexed gears, electronic, wireless – a light weight bike or a cross bike – or a gravel bike or an
aero bike, do you remember the first time that you
rode an aluminum frame – a titanium frame, carbon, graphene even – do you remember the
first time you totally – nailed your indexing or trued a wheel? – Well I do and the GCN Tech channel is for people like us,
people like you and me – bike riders that love tech. – All of it, we love
working on it, analyzing it, talking about it, riding it. – Although how fast you
ride, how far you ride and how much you ride doesn’t even matter. – We love bikes, we love bike tech, we understand there’s that
thrill that comes with building it, buying, collecting it, – owning, N plus one, right? We want to celebrate it, not test it. That doesn’t mean we’re
going to put up with – crap products or things that don’t work. But some of these have
got an important place in cycling’s history ’cause
at the end of the day, – we want to see innovation. So we will take you to meet – the makers, the engineers,
the builders, the craftspeople to find out how things are made and why they design them that way. – From the sublime to the ridiculous. – The weird and the wonderful, – and everybody is invited ’cause together with our community of like-minded techies – we’re going to fix anything
and solve any problem and most of all, we’re
going to love doing it. – The GCN Tech channel, it’s coming, subscribe now.

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