*NEW* Black Diamond Z4 Cams

so here we are with the new z4 Camalot
there’s a lot of cool new tech in this cam a couple things of note is the
coolest new thing is this rigid flex trigger which is super cool the way it
works there’s these wires inside that attach here to the trigger when you
pull the trigger they’re now under tension and that stiffens up the whole
stem when you release the trigger those wires are now not in tension and it
allows the whole cam to flex see those cables move in there that’s
what’s allowing it to flex is the no tension because they’re independent and
they’re so right now they’re doing nothing but then when they’re under
tension boom now they stiffen up the whole thing so the beauty of this is it
replaces the C3 and the X4 the C3s people really like them because they’re
stiff when you place them and people really like the X4 because it’s allowed
to flex so it reduces walking so this is kind of two birds in one sort of thing
so that’s called the rigid flex stem we also have this twisted cable what that
does is it allows the flex to be equal in any direction so that’s two cool new
pieces of tech the lobes are sandblasted for better bite softer aluminum no anno
better bite in there the sling is dynex and color-coded with a different pattern
than all other cams so you can tell them apart on your rack we’ve even tucked the
tag away so it doesn’t get hung up on like your wire gate sort of thing
shortened up this tack so still stays open but it’s not so stiff one
more thing on these guys if I had a C3 I can show you that big deal 4 cams and
the width of a 3 cam unit so the head width on these is equivalent to the head
with of a c3 so it really does replace the 3 cam c3 which is slightly more
prone to walking because it’s a 3 cam unit and because of the stiffness of a c3 so
narrow head rigid when placed so it’s easy to surgically place and remove and
then the flexibility to reduce walking 4 cam unit the littler guys don’t have
the twisted cable you basically you don’t need two cables for the strength
so it’s just a single so you still get the equal flex with just one cable there
same rigid flex trigger and the new guy the little green the number zero was
smaller than the grey C3 rated to 5kN with 4 lobes and the c3 when
we developed that back in 2007 only got rated to 4 now people whip on it
all the time but in order to be CE certified as a progression piece
it needs to be 5 so we got this rated to 5kNs so smaller than the
grey C3 all the way up to the 0.75 and a complete set of offsets
starting at the 0.1/0.2 available in February of next year
$69.95 boom that’s how you do it right there a lot of speculation about the
durability of this, this cover is a plastic cover which is the same material
that’s used on all our other cams and for sure if you try hard enough you can
break anything but it’s incredibly durable we freeze it and smash it with a
yo hammer like we have some cool tech tests at BD and we also have some
Neanderthal tests, that’s one where we take a cam we freeze it and we beat the
crap out of it with a hammer it doesn’t break this is where we got the name z4
from from the chschschsch of that so it’s really just a protective cover that
houses these two cables that allow it to flex and then get rigid when you pull it
we’ve never had one break in all our field testing with our athletes and
everyone at BD we’ve never had this thing break I would think in the exact
perfect situation you could maybe do a pendy whipper and cause it to grind
I’m not I’m not sure but you know I don’t know if we’ve ever had a plastic
stem on a c4 break and it’s or ultralight and it’s the same material
different geometry of course but yeah it’s pretty durable you guys have been
to BD we do like mad cyclic fatigue and all this stuff testing we haven’t had
any issues with any wire abrasion friction issues or anything like that
and all the field testing we’ve been doing and because we’ve been climbing on
versions of these for a year plus or whatever you know and there’s been no no
issues one thing that’s worthy mentioning here is I don’t believe
you’re going to be able to replace the triggers on these units in the field our
other cams have the trigger replacement kits we’re coming out with a UL trigger
replacement kit but this one it’s just not going to be possible in the field
you’re gonna have to send it back to BD to replace the triggers if they happen
to break so the way this thing started was two years ago when our athletes we sat
down with our athletes with carlo, hazel, sonny, forgetting I’m always forgetting
someone maybe babsi we had all the cams on the
table and we said what do you guys like about this cam when you guys not like
what you guys like about this cam what do you guys not like they liked the way that a C3 placed because it was rigid but they didn’t like the way that
it walked because it was so stiff and then they like the way that x4 was
flexible when it was once it was placed but they didn’t like the way that it was
too floppy to place it so they’re the ones that said hey if we had a cam that
was stiff when you placed it but then flexible once it was placed that would
be super rad and our designers like well wouldn’t that be rad yeah that would be
really rad so I think the hardest thing was basically to get that to work, Jeremy says he went through over a hundred iterations I’m not sure that’s
exactly true but I’ve seen all the samples and once you see it it’s
relatively simple but getting there I think was a challenge
so getting it so that it was stiff enough when you placed it to allow the
easy placement and retraction but flexible enough so and I mean there’s
lots of challenges Jeremy would know more packing everything in, we
really wanted a narrower head with you know we were pretty sure the materials
we were going to use to get the durability we wanted in the plastic
piece but I think trying to pack a lot into this narrow head width and then just
really getting the stem configuration the way we wanted as well getting the flex, I
mean this twisted thing it’s easy once you look at it to go that makes sense
but to figure it out you know it’s a long process
no extendable sling BD we’re not believers in the extendable sling we
don’t have an extendable sling we’re not going to put extendable slings on them
we don’t do it go read the QC report it doesn’t help that much it causes more
problems than it does help you know that’s the deal so yeah pretty excited
pretty exciting some cool new tech in the small cam world, the full
range of course the new 0 which is smaller than the 000 C3 up to the 0.75 and then the full set of offsets and I’m a huge fan of the offsets
I think offsets get a bad rap I think most people think offsets are a
niche piece and more for climbing pin scars and that’s not the case there’s
more irregular cracks on the planet then there are splitters like Indian Creek I
never leave the ground without offsets it is the way, it is the way I’m
gonna make t-shirts and everything yeah and offset stoppers, you see how on the
sling on the offsets blue is on the blue side and gray’s on the gray side so, and
when I run these things on my rack I always run black ‘biners on my offsets
so I can tell the difference from everything else that’s color-coded a
little pro tip for ya it’s true KP pro tip man use a different color
‘biner boom yeah these things are pretty sweet and we’re not done yet
there’s a little teaser yeah we got more stuff coming my Canadian brethren
want it to be called the zed 4 and i’m getting hassled because i say Z4 and
they’re asking me to return my Canadian passport which is true and wondering if
I know who the tragically hip is and all this stuff
it’s the z4 and no if you can speak English properly you should be able to
tell the difference between saying z4 and c4 you know who I am why do
we go through this every time

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13 thoughts on “*NEW* Black Diamond Z4 Cams

  1. Cool tech. But I just bought my new rack though. I would've waited if I knew of this release. But now it is what it is, and I will not ditch my new rack only for cool new tech! #alreadyfieldtestedandiknoweverycamholdsme! Haha😂

  2. Two wire metolius UL with a thumb loop. I can dig it. Edit: bought a UL and c4 to side by side before getting a full run. I returned the c4 because he trigger was sloppy and the machine work on the lobes looked sloppy. I’ll have to check these out.

  3. Well done BD, these look like the future of small cams!! I can't wait to get my hands on these and I'm soooo psyched that you will be releasing these in offset sizes too!

  4. LoL, "You know who I am!" haha, love how he doesn't like to introduce himself. Just gotta have someone introduce him, apparently.. You can just talk from behind the camera, "We are here today with Kolin Powick, Black Diamond's Climbing Category Director…" "Take it away Kolin!" ..idk..

  5. My money says the new thing coming is the Snagless wire gates where the wire is bent to hook a keylock. If ya dig you can find the patent they filled on it!

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