New Battery technology that lasts decades, Lithium Titanate Oxid – LTO

Hello, welcome in GWL Technical department Today we would like to show you the newest
technology in lithium ion batteries the lithium titanite cells LTO are
carefully packed in to six pieces which makes it possible to build a pack
with the voltage of 10,8 – 15,9 volts. Every cell has a capacity of 40Ah and a nominal voltage of 2,3 Volts. With careful use, you can easily exceed
30 000 cycles during the cell’s life. Maximum charging and
discharging current is 10C which is 400 Amperes for this cell. Last but not least,
it is usable in the environment within the temperature
range from -50°C to + 65°C with a minimal loss of
capacity or performance! To link the cells,
one can use original jumpers or ones designed for Winston cells,
which will work just as well. As with LiFePO4 technology,
LTO cells are not flammable there is no risk of fire,
explosion or leakage of toxic substances. A 40Ah LTO cell is 250g
lighter than a 40Ah LFP cell however, the energy density
is relatively the same because the LTO cell has a 0,9V lower
nominal voltage than an LFP cell. Once connected to the pack,
we have more options of cell arrangement flat, in a pyramid shape or in any
other shape that best suits your needs. When you would like to try this
alternative, look at our website. Thanks for watching!

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100 thoughts on “New Battery technology that lasts decades, Lithium Titanate Oxid – LTO

  1. Note that they don’t quote a specific energy value on their data sheet, they let you work that out for yourself – & then check it once, & then check it one more time because it couldn’t possibly be that low – but it is.

    Might as well try a homemade Baghdad Battery.

  2. LiFe batteries are still the best alternative to lithium ion, this tech is still too expensive, give them another couple years to get the costs down

  3. Madam, your English is extremely difficult to understand ! You should reshoot this video with another person who can converse in the English language more clearly.

  4. Coming from China, and oh yea,, the TRUST ME line… no, I think I will wait and see what the ACTUAL lifetime is and discharge… the last time I purchase a battery made in China it was CRAP! and the seller lied flat out.

  5. ROTFLMMFAO!!!! I JUST watched another video on these exact batteries. They ARE crap!!!! I watched the entire test on them and they are absolutely shit batteries.!!!!

  6. Quite a bit % drop in voltage over the discharge cycle so power output will vary more than lipo or lifpo4 but I'll take that if it means they really last that amount of cycles, I'd love to see smaller cells for e-bikes too.

  7. 30,000 cycles? Is there any independent verification that substantiates this number? How do you define a cycle? 20% discharge? 95% discharge?

  8. Chinese guarantees and claims are like russian promises, only as good until they get in your door and then they destroy and steal everything in site.

  9. The capacity is lower on these cells 40ah @ 2.3v (92wh) Vs 40ah at 3.3v (132wh). Also, you could theoretically get 30,000 cycles from existing lithium batteries if you use a narrow range of the discharge curve (like 60-40%).

  10. Please Convert the measurements for us . On this Video @ 0:50 Minus -50 Celsius to 65 Celsius ( Centigrade and Celsius are the same thing );
    -50 C to 65 C is [ or equals ]; -58 to 149 Degrees Fahrenheit !! Thank you ever so much .

  11. Yes it is a great technology but are people aware the children are forced to mine it? Very unhealthy to mine. It's an environmental catastrophe.

  12. Why oh why oh fukin why these dumb idiots don't use a person who can speak proper english so we can all understand what they're saying ffs aaaaggh! UNWATCHABLE.

  13. I am still waiting for the carbon /carbon batteries to come out. 10x the capacity and close to 0 internal resistance. Charge and discharge at the same rate!

  14. Seeing the YinLong of its name, I am very sure that battery is made in China. Just now I checked it on the Internet. It is a company in Shenzhen China, and the product is printed with full of Chinese instructions. En… don't understand why they pretend to be an European company, and pretend very silly.

  15. My stack of fully charged LiIons is staying charged perfectly. I have a couple of years on them now and they are not changing much.

  16. Would these be good for the RV camper? I'm interested in replacing my two heavy Trojan T145 six volt flooded lead acid batteries ( 150 amp hour each )that I connect in series for twelve volt power with a better battery. I also am shopping for a portable solar kit. Thanks for your helpful video. Prost 🌏👋☀️


  18. Wow. Thanks for sharing this with us. These look very cool and I'd love to experiment with this technology. The form factor looks great. The stats you presented here seem pretty amazing. The temperature range seems amazing.

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