New Apple TV With Motion Sensor Remote

Today Apple unveiled the fourth-generation
Apple TV, which features more powerful hardware, a new OS, an updated user experience and new
developer tools. Notably, Apple TV streams in HD at 60 frames per second and now includes
voice control, Siri support, universal search as well as the much-anticipated Apple TV App
Store. Basically, this means you can load up your
new TV with all your favorite apps, and you can drive your experiences with Siri. Search Apple’s movie library by simply saying
what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s a popular TV show, a Bond film, or a kids movie?
Just tell Siri and she’ll pull up some suggestions for you. Siri can makes pausing, fast forwarding, or
jumping back a scene … super easy. Want to skip ahead? No problem. Siri’s got you.
Blink and miss that important thing that just happened? A simple “what did he just say”
will send you back a few seconds automatically. Siri also allows users to take advantage of
voice-based searches system-wide. Using Apple TV’s new “Proactive” search [a feature
currently available on competing platforms like Roku] you can search for weather, restaurant
suggestions, or maybe a movie title, AND your Apple TV will pull up ALL options from the
apps you’ve installed, not just its built in results. A new remote control includes both a touchpad
and motion control. The top half of the remote is a glass surface, allowing users to swipe
through Apple TV’s interface, or use it to fast forward and rewind through video.
The remote has a build-in microphone and dedicated Siri button, which can be used to control
Apple TV’s new voice search functionality. Icing on the cake, Apple threw in a built-in
accelerators and gyroscope for controlling games built for the Apple TV. The remote works
with Bluetooth 4.0 and the battery lasts 3 months per charge. On the software side of things, Apple TV is
powered by iOS 9 means the user interface had a bit of a makeover. This revamp – Apple
TV’s first notable refresh since the current design was unveiled in late 2010. Apple TV ships this October. The 32 GB base
model for $149 and a 64 GB model for $199.

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4 thoughts on “New Apple TV With Motion Sensor Remote

  1. Of course it also streams live TV, which everyone knows, but Apple refused to say yesterday because they aren't "ready" to roll out their TV service yet. Tired of not hearing anyone ever say that. Thumbs down.

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