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one of the most overlooked and annoying pieces of tech inside your home is probably your smoke detector but here in the age of the smart home you can get a smoke detector that not only alerts you only when necessary but actively aims to take care of you and your family today I’m going to show you one of the best smoke detectors you can buy for your smart home in the nest protect what’s going on Tech Squad andru edwards here editor-in-chief of if this is your first time here this channel is all about tech gadgets and games or if you’re into that kind of stuff feel free to hit that subscribe button down below along with the bail notification icons so you don’t miss any future videos as I said today we are taking a look at the nest protect this is a smart smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector for your home by the way big shout out to Lowe’s home improvement for sending over the nest protect and for joining me in this upcoming smart home tech series if you don’t know Lowe’s home improvement sells everything you need to get started with your smart home including smart lights smart thermostats smart cameras and more so if you want to start building your smart home head over to your local Lowe’s home improvement store or Lowe’s calm to check out all the latest gear so as many people think smoke detectors are meant to be in the background something that you just put batteries in and hopefully never take a look at again you’re actually supposed to check them multiple times per year a lot of people don’t do that and what most people don’t know back in the 1970s it took about 30 minutes for a fire to take over a room today that same fire takes less than five minutes to engulf the same room due to the different types of furniture that we use in our homes these days and that is where the nest protect comes in this is the smoke detector that thinks speaks and alert your phone now a couple years ago I gave you look at the original nest protect this is actually the newly redesigned second-generation model and what I have here is the wired 120 volt version but nest also makes a long-lasting battery version as well so if you have wired smoke detectors your home you can just replace them with the wired nest or if you don’t have that and you just want to add extra smoke detectors in other places where there’s no wiring at all you can pick up the long life battery model the new nest protect has been redesigned from the inside out it has an industrial-grade smoke sensor test itself regularly and automatically and lasts for up to a decade it’s also the first home alarm you can hush from your phone without any extra hardware required and just like the original nest Protect’s it tells you what’s wrong and can even alert you right on your smartphone so what sets the nest protect apart and makes it so great let’s go into some of the features of this device and why you might want to pick one up for your home the nest protect speaks in the friendly human female voice that gives you an early warning which is proven to be the most effective at waking people up so the female voice is more effective than a male voice and also more effective than just a loud beeping noise at actually waking people up in the middle of the night if there’s some sort of emergency the nest protect will tell you where the danger is in your home so if you have multiple nest Protect’s in your home let’s just say you have one in your dining room one in each of your bedrooms and one in a hallway no matter where you are all nest Protect’s will speak at the same time telling you where the danger is for example it’ll say something like heads-up there’s smoke in the living room so if you’re in another room it’s not just beeping at you it’s actually telling you where the danger is as I mentioned the nest protect isn’t just for smoke and fire but it’s also monitors carbon monoxide and it has a built in carbon monoxide sensor that should last for about 10 years if you didn’t know you’re supposed to test smoke alarms on a monthly basis but 9 out of 10 people’s don’t so that’s 90 percent of you out there me included who don’t regularly check their smoke detectors to make sure they’re working in prime conditions and that’s protect on the other hand checks its own batteries and sensors over 400 times every day it’s the first smoke detector that uses sound check so quietly test its speaker and horn once a month and with the whole nest ecosystem where everything has a sensor built-in so knows when you’re home and when you’re away it’ll even try to do that monthly test when you’re not home so it doesn’t disturb you the nest protect also can determine the difference between smoke and steam so if you ever had your alarm go off when you were taking a shower and this protect won’t do that thanks to its steam check feature it uses custom algorithms and a built-in humidity sensor to look for steam so you can enjoy that shower in peace and quiet as I mentioned a nest protect does have motion sensors built in so it knows when you’re walking by it and that’s really helpful and convenient in the middle of the night or just in the dark thanks to its past light feature you can enable the path light and when the nest Protect’s senses you walking under it it’ll actually light your way as you walk underneath it so you’re able to better see where you’re going now I mentioned that the nest protect not only thinks and speaks for itself but it’ll also alert your phone when something’s going down so let’s talk about the nest protect smartphone features for a moment the biggest one for me is the fact that you can hush the alarm right from the nest app so if something’s happening and the nest is giving you a warning again let’s say heads up their smoke in the living room and you know while I’m in the kitchen I’m cooking something I kind of burned it a little bit but there’s no danger happening here you can actually go into the app and just silence the alarm right there no need to run over to the nest protect with like a big magazine or some sort of dish towel and like wave at it and open the doors and try to silence the alarm you just do it right from your phone super convenient and easy the other great thing about alerts is that you get them no matter where you are you don’t have to be in your home to get an alert about your home and that’s what smart home technology is really all about so if the nest is putting out warnings or let’s just say there is actually an emergency happening and you’re not home you’ll find out immediately right in the nest app now here’s another pain point that most people would want to eliminate from their lives forever you know when your smoke detector gets low on battery and it starts beeping at you or chirping at you all hours of the day every few minutes every hour whatever it might be you start getting that beep and you know ok I need to change those batteries but I don’t even know which one is beeping another you know I need a ladder in all this with the nest protect there’s no chirping all it does is send an alert to your phone letting you know hey the batteries are getting low you might want to change those so if you have a battery-powered nest protect it’s super easy to know when it’s time to change the batteries and it’s super easy to unhook it from the bracket change your batteries hook it back up and get going with that protection from there now I mentioned that this is the second generation of the nest protect so let’s talk about some of the changes that nest made in Gen 2 that improve upon the original first generation nest Protect’s first of all it is slimmer it’s about 11 percent smaller in volume so it sticks out less from the ceiling or sticks out less from the wall wherever you put it it actually fits in better into the motif of your home the big one is the split spectrum sensor it now uses two different kinds of light to detect smoke from a wide range of fires including both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires a first for home smoke and carbon monoxide alarms the foam and particle board in much of today’s furniture makes fires burn faster the new split spectrum sensor uses two wavelengths of light to detect smoke from both fast burning and smoldering fires which means that the nest protect knows if your room is going up in flames quickly or if there’s a fire brewing but it’s not really going crazy and not going to build quickly so the nest protect can tell the difference between those two different types of situations where other smoke detectors just see there’s smoke there’s fire we need to ring the alarm the built-in microphone is what enables the second generation that’s protected tested speaker and horn as I mentioned earlier that test is called sound check and it will try to perform that when you’re not home using its sensors and the app to know when you’re away what this means is that you can be comfortable in knowing that your nest protects are working at the proper capacity and you don’t have to manually check each one of them on your own on a monthly basis it takes care of it on its own on the battery-powered nest there’s now a battery door that allows for much easier access to the batteries if you don’t buy the wired version the previous nest protect required a little more work to get into that battery compartment where now you flip a switch get in there changing batteries shut the door and you’re good and finally the second generation that’s protected is much more resistant to dust and bugs causing false alarms apparently that was an issue on the original where either dust were to get in there or bugs would actually get in and crawl around and it would cause a false alarm in your nest Protect’s would actually think there was a fire there was smoke when it was really just stuff getting in there and now the nest protect version 2 is much less susceptible to those types of situations now we talked about what makes the nest protect smart and how it protects your home actively but one of the main points about a smart home isn’t just buying all these different devices that can talk to your phone it’s also about getting devices that can talk to each other and the nest protect and the nest ecosystem does just that let me give you a couple of examples of how that works within that’s protect heating systems can cause carbon monoxide leaks or spread smoke throughout your home in the case of a fire so in an emergency the nest protect will tell your nest thermostat to turn the heater off and turn off the fans in the event of emergency so that smoke and carbon monoxide aren’t spread around your home if you happen to have nest cameras in your home the nest protect will activate those cameras in the event of an emergency the nest cameras will automatically record and send you a video clip if it’s connected to Wi-Fi and the entire video will be securely stored in the cloud you can go back and see what happens what caused the accident and anything else related to the incident so those are two ways that the nest ecosystem can watch out for your home through the power of the nest protect that you wouldn’t otherwise have and that speaks to the power of smart home devices it’s not just about convenience it’s also about safety if you want to pick up the second generation nest protect the pricing is the same whether you go with Wired models or battery powered versions it starts at a hundred and nineteen dollars per unit if you want a 3-pack it will cost three hundred and twenty nine dollars saving you twenty eight bucks and a six-pack will cost you six hundred fourteen dollars save me you’ve $100 off the retail price so there you have it guys that was you look at the nest protect smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector if you want to pick one up right now head over to Lowe’s calm again you can go to your local Lowe’s home improvement store so check out this and all sorts of other smart home tech if you enjoyed this one feel free to hit that like button down below and don’t forget you can click or tap on my face when it appears here at the bottom of the screen in order to subscribe for free to the channel so you don’t miss any future videos including the rest of the smart home tech series until next time thanks so much for watching as always guys I appreciate your support I’m Andrew Edwards and I’ll catch you in the next video [Music] you [Music]

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